Executive Offices and Museum Gallery
104 South Fifth Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19106-3387
215-440-3400 | Fax 215-440-3450

105 South Fifth Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19106-3386
215-440-3400 | Fax 215-440-3423


Robert M. Hauser
Executive Officer

Jessica Frankenfield
Programs and Communications Associate

Brunilda Matraku

Marilyn Vignola
Executive Assistant

John Wolfe
Chief Financial Officer


Linda R. Jacobs
Director of Development

Alexis Anderson
Director, Friends of the APS

Jennifer Murphy
Assistant for Development and Meetings


Nikolai A. Goripow
Custodial Supervisor

Jeremy Schoenrock

Todd Schoenrock

Donna Stumm

Grants and Fellowships

Linda Musumeci
Director of Grants and Fellowships


Patrick Spero
Librarian and Director

Brian Carpenter
Curator of Native American Materials

Marian Christ
Assistant Librarian and Head Cataloguer

Tracey deJong
Processing Archivist

Joseph DiLullo
Library Technical Assistant

Anne E. Downey
Head of Conservation

David J. Gary
Curator of Printed Materials

Charles B. Greifenstein
Associate Librarian and Curator of Manuscripts

Layla Huff
HBCU Library Alliance Intern

Adrianna Link
Head of Scholarly Programs

Valerie-Ann Lutz
Head of Manuscripts Processing and Library Registrar

Estelle Markel-Joyet
Assistant Cataloging Librarian

Bayard Miller
Digital Projects and Metadata Librarian

Michael P. Miller
Manuscripts Processor

Alyssa Mt. Pleasant
Program Director, Native American Scholars Initiative

Ann Reinhardt
Processing Archivist

Abigail Shelton
Executive Assistant to the Librarian

Earle Spamer
Reference Archivist and Library Programs Coordinator

Paul Sutherland
Native American Subject Guide Assistant (CNAIR)

Lydia Vazquez-Rivera
Library Access Officer

Renée Wolcott
Assistant Conservator for Library and Archival Materials

Will Fenton
Elizabeth R. Moran Fellow

Madalina Veres
Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital History


Anne S. Westcott
Director of Meetings

Members and Prizes

Nora Monroe
Director of Membership and Prizes

Simon Joseph
Membership Assistant


Merrill Mason
Museum Director

Amy Ellison
Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow

Erin Holmes
Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow

Magdalena Hoot
Curatorial Assistant

Michael Madeja
Museum Education Coordinator

Alexandra Rospond
Museum Education Assistant

Mary Grace Wahl
Associate Director for Collections and Exhibitions


Mary C. McDonald
Director of Publications

Alison Swety
Associate Editor