Officers & Council

Updated May 1, 2019

Officers & Council


The Governor of Pennsylvania

Linda Greenhouse

Vice Presidents
Rowena G. Matthews 2017-2020  
Warren M. Washington 2018-2021 
Elizabeth Cropper 2019-2022

Curator, Fine Arts
Roger S. Bagnall

Curator, Jefferson Garden
Keith Thomson

Richard B. Worley 2019–2022

Julia Haig Gaisser 2019–2022

Executive Officer
Robert Mason Hauser


  2017–2020 2018–2021 2019–2022
Class 1 Stephen J. Benkovic William H. Hooke Stephen J. Benkovic
Class 2 Nina G. Jablonski Leslie C. Aiello Philip D. Gingerich
Class 3 Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham Douglas S. Massey Linda K. Kerber
Class 4 Roger S. Bagnall Caroline W. Bynum

Christopher P. Jones

Class 5 Werner Gundersheimer Babak Ashrafi Kathleen Hall Jamieson

Council consists of the above elected Officers and Councilors, and the Chairmen of the Committees on Audit, Budget, Development, Investment, Library, Meetings, Museum, Nomination of Officers, Publications, Research, and the APS Fund: Michael I. Sovern, Samuel O. Thier, John S. Reed, Barbara B. Oberg, Conrad K. Harper, Jonathan R. Cole, and Benedict Gross; with Clyde F. Barker and Frank H. T. Rhodes by invitation.

Executive Committee

Linda Greenhouse, Rowena G. Matthews

Robert Mason Hauser, Warren M. Washington

Elizabeth Cropper, Richard B. Worley