APS buildings are open to staff and invited guests. The Library is undergoing a renovation project that will make many collections inaccessible. It is expected to be completed in early 2022. 

Officers & Council

Updated July 8, 2021

Officers & Council


The Governor of Pennsylvania

Linda Greenhouse

Vice Presidents
Elizabeth Cropper 2019-2022
Rowena G. Matthews 2020-2023
Jacqueline K. Barton 2021-2024

Curator, Fine Arts
Roger S. Bagnall

Curator, Jefferson Garden
Keith Thomson

Richard B. Worley 2019–2022

Julia Haig Gaisser 2019–2022

Executive Officer
Robert Mason Hauser


  2019–2022 2020–2023 2021–2024
Class 1 Warren M. Washington Dusa McDuff William H. Hooke
Class 2 Philip D. Gingerich Nina G. Jablonski Leslie C. Aiello
Class 3 Linda K. Kerber Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham Douglas S. Massey
Class 4

Christopher P. Jones

Andrew Delbanco Caroline W. Bynum
Class 5 Kathleen Hall Jamieson Margaret H. Marshall Babak Ashrafi

Council consists of the above elected Officers and Councilors, and the Chairmen of the Committees on Audit, Budget, Development, Investment, Library & Museum, Meetings, Nomination of Officers, Publications, Research, and the APS Fund: Alan S. Blinder, Samuel O. Thier, John S. Reed, Barbara B. Oberg, Harriet Zuckerman and Jonathan R. Cole; with Clyde F. Barker and Keith Thomson by invitation.

Executive Committee

Linda Greenhouse, Elizabeth Cropper

Robert Mason Hauser, Rowena G. Matthews

Jacqueline K. Barton, Richard B. Worley