The American Philosophical Society, founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1743, proudly bears the title of the nation's oldest learned society.  Our founders participated in the birth of American democracy. It pains us greatly that all these years later, our nation's promise has yet to be fulfilled.  We join all Americans of good will in deploring the senseless murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police. Over these past months the Society has hosted a number of virtual programs.  Even as we now resume our work with the offering of new programs, our attention remains focused on the senseless loss of innocent lives and our commitment to the difficult, necessary conversations and actions we must all take to begin to ensure that such tragedies end. Read more about virtual programming and resources that can be accessed remotely. Read more about the APS response to COVID-19.

Officers & Council

Updated April 22, 2020

Officers & Council


The Governor of Pennsylvania

Linda Greenhouse

Vice Presidents
Warren M. Washington 2018-2021 
Elizabeth Cropper 2019-2022
Rowena G. Matthews 2020-2023

Curator, Fine Arts
Roger S. Bagnall

Curator, Jefferson Garden
Keith Thomson

Richard B. Worley 2019–2022

Julia Haig Gaisser 2019–2022

Executive Officer
Robert Mason Hauser


  2018–2021 2019–2022 2020–2023
Class 1 William H. Hooke Warren M. Washington Dusa McDuff
Class 2 Leslie C. Aiello Philip D. Gingerich Nina G. Jablonski
Class 3 Douglas S. Massey Linda K. Kerber Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham
Class 4 Caroline W. Bynum

Christopher P. Jones

Andrew Delbanco
Class 5 Babak Ashrafi Kathleen Hall Jamieson Margaret H. Marshall

Council consists of the above elected Officers and Councilors, and the Chairmen of the Committees on Audit, Budget, Development, Investment, Library & Museum, Meetings, Nomination of Officers, Publications, Research, and the APS Fund: Alan S. Blinder, Samuel O. Thier, John S. Reed, Barbara B. Oberg, Conrad K. Harper, and Jonathan R. Cole; with Clyde F. Barker and Keith Thomson by invitation.

Executive Committee

Linda Greenhouse, Rowena G. Matthews

Robert Mason Hauser, Warren M. Washington

Elizabeth Cropper, Richard B. Worley