Phillips Fund for Native American Research

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The Phillips Fund of the American Philosophical Society provides grants for research in Native American linguistics, ethnohistory, and the history of studies of Native Americans, in the continental United States and Canada.

The grants are intended for such costs as travel, tapes, films, and consultants' fees. Grants are not made for projects in archaeology, ethnography, or psycholinguistics; for the purchase of permanent equipment; or for the preparation of pedagogical materials. The committee distinguishes ethnohistory from contemporary ethnography as the study of cultures and cultural change through time.

Deadline: March 1, 2019

Current and Past Phillips Fund Recipients


Barron, Nicholas, University of New Mexico

Assembling Indigenous Community in Southern Arizona: The Pascua Yaqui Indians, Applied Anthropology, and the Office of Economic Opportunity

Bilka, Monika, Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Remaking a People, Restoring a Watershed: Klamath Tribal Empowerment Through Natural Resource Governance

Bliss, Heather, University of Victoria

Translation and Transcription of Blackfoot Stories and Conversations

Craddick, Jordan Lee, University of Washington

The Christian Invasion of Tlingit Dominion: Disease, Sex Roles, and Pseudo-Speciation

Falzetti, Ashley, Eastern Michigan University

Gendering Pre-Removal Miami

Gage, Justin R., University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

We Consider Ourselves as One: Creating a Native American Community and the Spread of the Ghost Dance

Holly, Nathaniel, College of William and Mary

From Chota to Charles Town: The Urban Lives of Cherokees

Kirsch, Taylor, University of California, Santa Cruz

Indigenous Land Ownership in the Praying Towns of the Seventeenth-Century New England Borderlands

Lewis, Robert E., University of Chicago

Potawatomi Discourse Markers

Lozar, Patrick, University of Washington

Behind and Beyond the Line: Indigenous Group Identities and the U.S.-Canadian Border on the Columbia Plateau, 1870s–1920s

Marsh, Diana E., American Philosophical Society

Researching the Digital Turn: Documenting the Impacts of Digital Knowledge Sharing in Indigenous Communities

McMahan, Hilary, University of Chicago

Kalaallisut Demonstrative Usage by Greenlandic Emigrants in Copenhagen

Moran, Mallory L., College of William and Mary

Cultural Landscapes of Canoe Travel: Wabanaki Travel Routes and Toponyms in Maine and New Brunswick

Moss, Meredith, Hamilton College

Grassroots Language Revitalization in the Mohawk Valley

Puyo, Lise, University of Pennsylvania

The 1676 Huron-Wendat Wampum Belt: Indigenous Negotiations With the Divine

Robertson, David Douglas, Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe

ɬəw̓ál̓məš (Lower Chehalis Salish) Dictionary

Shaul, David L., Independent scholar

A Reference Grammar of Eastern Shoshone

Washburn, Jeffrey, University of Mississippi

“Labor in the Field Is Much Changed”: The Chickasaws and the Civilization Plan, 1790–1837

Weber, Natalie, University of British Columbia

Segment Duration and Consonant Deletion in Blackfoot Nouns

Wright, Garrett, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Cycles of Sovereignty: Central Plains Diplomacy and Movement, 1702–1806