Phillips Fund for Native American Research


The Phillips Fund of the American Philosophical Society provides grants for research in Native American linguistics, ethnohistory, and the history of studies of Native Americans, in the continental United States and Canada.

The grants are intended for such costs as travel, audio and video recordings, and consultants' fees. Grants are not made for projects in archaeology, ethnography, or psycholinguistics; for the purchase of permanent equipment; or for the preparation of pedagogical materials. The committee distinguishes ethnohistory from contemporary ethnography as the study of cultures and cultural change through time.

Deadline: March 1, 2024
Notification: May 2024

Current and Past Phillips Fund Recipients


Bland, James Gregory, University of Oklahoma
Enlightenment in the Shadows: Western and Indigenous Lives in the Borderlands of Experience

Curry-Stodder, Emma, University of Pennsylvania
"That I May Become Useful to My Dear People": Catharine Brown, the Brown Family, and Cherokee Christianity in the Era of Removal

Delwiche, Theodore R., Yale University
The Latin Language in Native New England: Education, Piety, and Colonization

Dry, David, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
U.S. Citizenship, the Ottawa Indians, and the Treaty of February 23, 1867

Green, Edward, Pennsylvania State University
Power, Diplomacy, and Interdependent Sovereignty in the Choctaw Nation, 1720–1924

Guise, Holly Miowak, University of New Mexico
Twentieth-Century Alaska Native Oral Histories: Native Activism and Memories

Irvin, Joshua, George Washington University
Contests of Sovereignty: Haudenosaunee Sovereignty After the American Revolution

Ludwig, Mary, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Incarcerated Nations: Removal and Confinement on Indigenous Lands

Mansoor, Yusuf, University of Connecticut
Native Americans in Tangier: Transatlantic Networks in the Early Modern World

Markel, Stacy F., Wayne State University
Femmes Fatales: The Role of Native Women During the Fur Trade in Le Pays d'en Haut, 1534–1835

Marshall, Stuart H., University of North Carolina at Greensboro
"Afraid of What Will Become of Us Daily": Eastern Cherokee Voices From the Civil War

Maska, Richard, University of New Mexico
Building Nakota and Oceti Sakowin Nationhood: Landownership, Development, and Native Sovereignty on the Northern Great Plains, 1850–1933

McCoy, Tess, Florida State University
The Art of Indigenous Storytelling: Abstract Counter-Narrations in the Installation Works of Sonya Kelliher-Combs, Hannah Claus, and Maureen Gruben

McNeill, Darwin Leon, University of Aberdeen
Emergent Awareness: Material Ontology of Nunalleq's Eyes of Awareness and Other Ringed Centers

Nederveen, Ronald A., University of British Columbia
Agent Control, Aspect, and Transitivity in Secwepemctsi'n and N'e'kepmxcin

Price, Casey L., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Given to This Land: Mapping Settler Colonialism in Kituwah, 1682–1810

Reddon, Madeleine, Loyola University, Chicago
The "Man Who Dreams": Edward Ahenakew's Old Keyam Manuscript and the League of Indians of Canada

Rogers, Emily Buhrow, Indiana University, Bloomington
Cherokee Arts, 1973

Running Fisher, Mikalen, University of Montana, Missoula
Niipáitapiiyssin: How Blackfeet Ways of Knowing Impacts Identity and Well-Being

Schillo, Julia, Simon Fraser University
Phonetic and Phonological Topics in Secwepemctsín (Shuswap)

ShieldChief, Reva Mariah S., University of Arizona
Skidi-Pawnee Relationality and the Horse: Kinship Epistemologies of Horse-People to Human-People Found in Skidi Lore Stories, Songs, and Art

Tardif, Cameron, Cornell University
Chasing Canaan: The United States, Canada, and the Quest for an Athletic Promised Land

Waldman, Zoe, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Landscapes of Power: The Meaning of Treaties in Eastern North America, 1750–1790

Wilkerson, John Kabl, Harvard University
Strength of the People: Blood Quantum and the Reconfiguration of Federal Power in Indian Country

Wood, William, University of California, Los Angeles
California Native Title Jurisprudence, 1886–1924


Bauer, Frankie, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Cherokee and Osage Intertribal Diplomacy in the Territories, 1790–1843

Baumann, Dianne, University of Idaho
The Unsettling Entanglement of Settler-Colonialism and American Indian Masculinity and Gender

Bridges, Ben, Indiana University, Bloomington
Southeast Alaska Native Oral Histories of Cedar Bark Harvests

Coates, Alice, University of Manitoba
Effects of Schooling on Attitudes Towards Dene Yati/Zhatié Among Adolescent Language Learners

Engelstad, Bernadette Driscoll, Smithsonian Institution
Helen Kalvak: Inuinnait Artist and Cultural Historian

Grossman, Justin A., University of Rochester
Always a Tribe: The Survival of Wampanoag Identity in Aquinnah From Incorporation to Federal Recognition

Houge, Timothy Lee, Marquette University
Indigenous-Sovereign Education in Alaska: Decades of Change and Activism, 1950–1970

LaBrecque, Annabel G., University of California, Berkeley
The Place and Power of Salt in the Puebloan World

Legg, John R., George Mason University
Roaming Home: Dakota Diplomacy and Belonging in the Canadian Northwest, 1800–1890

McCoy, Meredith L., Carleton College
Moving for the Next Generation: Recovering Indigenous Children's Experiences Under Federal Relocation

Nelson, Dylan G., Harvard University
American Soil: Sacred Geographies and Settler Colonialism in the Central Midwest, 1830–1914

Peterson, Marie, University at Albany, State University of New York
Haudenosaunee Symbols of Sovereignty and How they Speak to Us: Wampum Artwork in Public Spaces

Phillips, Lauren Leigh, University of Aberdeen
Engraved in Our Memories: The Lives of Alaskan Ivory Carvings

Quint, Jonathan, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Competing Sovereignties: American-Indigenous Conflict in the Old Northwest, 1783–1812

Ramage, Noah, University of California, Berkeley
The Phoenix in Flames: Cherokee Nation-Building in the Era of Denationalization, 1879–1907

Saribas, Pauline E., University of Pennsylvania
We Will Again Open This Box of Knowledge for Our Children: Experiencing Southeast Alaskan Native Art and Language Revitalization During Celebration 2022

Smiles, Deondre Aaron, University of Victoria
An Archival Analysis of Settler Representations of Indigenous Burial Grounds and Indigenous Remains in Northeastern Minnesota

Theobald, Brianna, University of Rochester
The Indigenous Clubwoman: Genealogies of Native Activism

Wicks, Caitlyn, Indiana University, Bloomington
Missing and Murdered Oglala Oyanke Indigenous Women: An Oral and Legal History Project of the Sexual and Domestic Violence Realities on Pine Ridge in the Late Twentieth and Early Twenty-First Centuries

Zink, Amanda J., Idaho State University
In Their Own Words: Student Writing at the Chemawa Indian Boarding School


Archer, Seth, Utah State University
Sovereign Immunity: Smallpox and Public Health in Native North America

Corral Esteban, Avelino, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
A Study of Complex Constructions in Cheyenne Within the Role and Reference Grammar Framework

Cruz, Carlos, University of California, Riverside
The Lasting Effects of Mass Incarceration at Sherman Indian Boarding School

Dietrich, Joseph John, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Differential Access to Voting by Mail: How the Structural Racism of the Past Is Still Affecting Native and Non-Native Voters in Three Arizona Counties

Frey, Alyssa M., Kansas State University
Intergenerational Drama Therapy with Native Americans

Hall, Karelle, Rutgers University
Distributed Sovereignties: Nanticoke and Lenape Traditional Futures

Halter, Ian L., University of Oregon
Surviving the Sale, Protesting the Purchase: Indigenous Alaska and the Exchange of Empire, 1850–1884

Kraemer, Michael W., Ohio State University
Reclaiming Sheet'ká: The History of Novo-Arkhangel'sk From 1799–1900

Mueller, Max Perry, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Wakara’s America: A Native and American History of the West

Parker, Jewel Carrie, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
The Intercultural Origins of Health Care in the Antebellum South

Pauliot, Molli A., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Ho-Chunk Black Ash Basketry: A Portrayal of Persistence

Radocay, Jonathan, University of California, Davis
Allotment Geographies in the Cherokee Nation

Schmidt, Hannah J., University of Maine
Captive Positions: Spatial Dimensions of Forced Migration in the Colonial Northeast

Simpson, Michael J., Brown University
The Indigenous Influence on the British Atlantic World Medical Complex

Sobotta, Angel K., University of Idaho
Investigating the Nez Perce People’s Way of Thinking and Knowing

Stoop, Michael, University of Florida
Continuity and Innovation in Mississippi Choctaw Orthographic Development

Tate, Sarah E., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Doing God's Work: "Indian Lace" Missions and American Indian Women's Economic Autonomy

Woodsum, Antonina Griecci, Columbia University
Fiesta Immemorial: Southern California Political Economy and Native Nationhood, 1891–1953


Archer, Seth, Utah State University
Sovereign Immunity: Smallpox and Public Health in Native North America

Bickers, John, Ohio State University
Miami Nation: A Middle Path for Indigenous Nationhood

Britten, Thomas A., University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
The Sentinel: A History of the National Congress of American Indians

Chaves, Kelly K., Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
Paumpágussit's People: Defining and Defending the Ocean in Ninnimissinuok and Wabanaki Country, 1550–1755

Frim, Daniel, Harvard University
Interpretation, Style, and Narrative Structure in Kwakwaka'wakw Oral Tradition

Gellman, Mneesha, Emerson College
Culture Kids: Indigenous Resistance and Yurok Language Survival in Northern California

Gustafson, Bret, Washington University in St. Louis
William "Megasiawa" Jones: A Preliminary Exploration of the Early Life of a Sac-Fox Anthropologist

Jackson, Jason Baird, Indiana University
Historical Material Culture from the Native South: Ethnohistorical Research in the Samuel W. Pennypacker, II Collection

Koops, Christian, University of New Mexico
Cherokee Discourse Transcription

Montenegro, Maria, University of California, Los Angeles
Unsettling Historical Evidence: Acknowledging Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians' Documented and Undocumented History(ies)

Newmark Engberg, Julianne, University of New Mexico
Reports of Agency: Retrieving Indigenous Professional Communication in Dawes Era Indian Bureau Agency Documents

Rohrbaugh, Collin Michael, Texas A & M University
"They Asked for Traders Amongst Them:" Buffalo Robes, Indigenous Women, and State Formation on the South Plains, 1821–1853

Schneider, Lauren E., Simon Fraser University
The Use of Complex Verb Phrases and Noun Phrases in Hul'q'umi'num' Salish Oral Paragraphs

Thompson, Amanda, Bard Graduate Center
Miccosukee and Seminole Patchwork: Craft, Sovereignty, and Settler Colonial Relations

Uchihara, Hiroto, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Cherokee Discourse Transcription

Wapeemukwa, Wayne, Pennsylvania State University
Neither White Nor Ward: Métis Racialization and the Formation of Whiteness in Treaty Era Canadian Prairies, 1870–1920

Wright, Miller Shores, Rice University
The Development of Slaving Societies in the Americas: Expeditions Against Spanish Missions in Guairá and Florida Between 1628 and 1706


Arbesu, David, University of South Florida
Remains of the Apalachee Language in Spanish Colonial Documents

Baker, Megan A., University of California, Los Angeles
From Nation to Company Town: Dispossession and Timber in Choctaw Territory

Clement, Kerri E., University of Colorado at Boulder
On Account of Our Unsettled Borders: Indigenous People, Reservation Borders, Disease, and Animals in Twentieth-Century Montana and Alberta

Dawson, Patricia, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Cherokee Clothing and Identity in Early America

Johnson, Kimberly, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Tense and Evidence in Maskoke (Creek)

Goodin, Dana R., Iowa State University
Comanche Nation Dress and Style, An Ethnohistory, 1911–2000

Guise, Holly Miowak, Yale University
Alaska Native and Veteran Oral Histories of the 1940s

Jahnke Wegner, Joanne M., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Captive Economies: Captivity and Gender in the Northeastern Borderlands, 1630–1763

Olson, Melissa D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln
A Qualitative Study Exploring Attachment for Native American Adults who have Attended Indian Boarding Schools

Klann, Mary, San Diego Miramar College
Wardship and the Welfare State: Native Americans and the Formation of First-Class Citizenship in Mid-Twentieth-Century America

Nelson, John William, University of Notre Dame
Five Miles of Muddy Ground: Indians, Europeans, and the Struggle to Control a Continent at the Chicago Portage, 1671–1836

Nuño, John Paul A., California State University, Northridge
The Wild Ones: Contesting and Negotiating Power in the Southeastern Native Borderlands, 1763–1842

Oakley, Christopher Arris, East Carolina University
Maritime Indians: The Carolina Algonquians of the Outer Banks

Percival, Maida, University of Toronto
A Cross-Linguistic Investigation of Contextual and Perceptual Variation in Ejective Stops

Przystupa, Paulina, University of New Mexico
Structuring Childhood and Building Americans: Enculturation, Assimilation, and Resistance at American Children's Institutions

Rozsa, George, University of Iowa
The Nevada Movement: A Model of Trans-Indigenous Solidarity

Siewert, Lia Morgan, University of Texas at Austin
Metalinguistic Storywork in the Development of a Community-Generated Ottawa Dictionary

Sadlier, Sarah, Harvard University
Why It Was a "Good Day to Die" Over There: Native American Military Service in World War I and the American Indian Citizenship Act

Toll, Shannon, University of Dayton, Winnie Guess
"Progressively-Traditional" Indian Princess: Embodying Sovereignty and Dissent in the Termination Era

Underhill, Rose, University of British Columbia
Composing Motion in Ktunaxa: Location, Deixis, and the Verb

Woodsum, Antonina Griecci, Columbia University in the City of New York
Fiesta Immemorial: Settler and Native Political Economies in Southern California


Arbesu, David, University of South Florida
Remains of the Apalachee Language in Spanish Colonial Documents

Ben Taleb, Baligh, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
The Legacy of American Settler Colonialism: Treaty Claims and the Western Shoshone Quest for Justice

Bridwell-Briner, Kathryn Pewenofkit, Florida Atlantic University
Conversational Comanche

de Pencier, North Davenport, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Western Ontario
The Epidemic Begins: Type II Diabetes Mellitus Among the Indigenous Patients of the Sioux Lookout Zone Hospital, 1969–1996

Engelstad, Bernadette Driscoll, Smithsonian Institution
Inuit Portrait Casts: A Biographical History of the Whaling Era in Nunavut

Hanink, Emily A., University of Chicago
Auxiliaries and the Verbal Complex in Washo

Henke, Ryan, University of Hawaii at Manoa
The L1 Acquisition of Demonstratives in Northern East Cree

Jagodinsky, Katrina, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
An Extraordinary Case: Indigenous Women and Indignant Laborers in Pacific World Empires

King, Roxanna Jane, Washington State University
From Pain to Power: An Ethnohistory of Trauma and Resiliency among the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation

Kokomoor, Kevin, Coastal Carolina University
A Century of Law and Violence on the Southern Frontier

Kracht, Benjamin R., Northeastern State University
Raised by the Chief's Son: Autobiography of a Kiowa Woman

Martinez-Cola, Marisela, Emory University
In Search of Alice Piper

Meyer, Cherry, University of Chicago
Noun Categorization in Ojibwe (Algonquian): Gender and Classifiers

Olson, Greg A., Missouri State Archives
Baxoje in Blue: Ioway Soldiers in the Civil War

Reed, Kaitlin Paige, University of California, Davis
From Gold Rush to Green Rush: Illegal Marijuana Cultivation on Yurok Tribal Lands

Rosenbaum, Bethany Henry, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Promise and Practice: Toward an Expanded, Integrated, Collaborative Narrative on American Indians in our National Parks

Smith, Joshua J., University of Western Ontario
Peoplehood and Polities: Indigenous Expressions of Sovereignty

Toler, Nicholas G., University of Alberta
Documenting Norton Sound Kotlik Yugtun

Wayt, Josh, University of Virginia
Documenting Dakota Language, Kinship, and Verbal Art at Lake Traverse Reservation, South Dakota

Whitebean, Shiann Wahéhshon, Concordia University
Child-Targeted Assimilation: Indian Day Schools in Kahnawà:ke


Barron, Nicholas, University of New Mexico
Assembling Indigenous Community in Southern Arizona: The Pascua Yaqui Indians, Applied Anthropology, and the Office of Economic Opportunity

Bilka, Monika, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Remaking a People, Restoring a Watershed: Klamath Tribal Empowerment Through Natural Resource Governance

Bliss, Heather, University of Victoria
Translation and Transcription of Blackfoot Stories and Conversations

Craddick, Jordan Lee, University of Washington
The Christian Invasion of Tlingit Dominion: Disease, Sex Roles, and Pseudo-Speciation

Falzetti, Ashley, Eastern Michigan University
Gendering Pre-Removal Miami

Gage, Justin R., University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
We Consider Ourselves as One: Creating a Native American Community and the Spread of the Ghost Dance

Holly, Nathaniel, College of William and Mary
From Chota to Charles Town: The Urban Lives of Cherokees

Kirsch, Taylor, University of California, Santa Cruz
Indigenous Land Ownership in the Praying Towns of the Seventeenth-Century New England Borderlands

Lewis, Robert E., University of Chicago
Potawatomi Discourse Markers

Lozar, Patrick, University of Washington
Behind and Beyond the Line: Indigenous Group Identities and the U.S.-Canadian Border on the Columbia Plateau, 1870s–1920s

Marsh, Diana E., American Philosophical Society
Researching the Digital Turn: Documenting the Impacts of Digital Knowledge Sharing in Indigenous Communities

McMahan, Hilary, University of Chicago
Kalaallisut Demonstrative Usage by Greenlandic Emigrants in Copenhagen

Moran, Mallory L., College of William and Mary
Cultural Landscapes of Canoe Travel: Wabanaki Travel Routes and Toponyms in Maine and New Brunswick

Moss, Meredith, Hamilton College
Grassroots Language Revitalization in the Mohawk Valley

Puyo, Lise, University of Pennsylvania
The 1676 Huron-Wendat Wampum Belt: Indigenous Negotiations With the Divine

Robertson, David Douglas, Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe
ɬəw̓ál̓məš (Lower Chehalis Salish) Dictionary

Shaul, David L., Independent scholar
A Reference Grammar of Eastern Shoshone

Washburn, Jeffrey, University of Mississippi
“Labor in the Field Is Much Changed”: The Chickasaws and the Civilization Plan, 1790–1837

Weber, Natalie, University of British Columbia
Segment Duration and Consonant Deletion in Blackfoot Nouns

Wright, Garrett, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Cycles of Sovereignty: Central Plains Diplomacy and Movement, 1702–1806


Barrie, Michael, Sogang University (South Korea)
Prosody and Syntax in Cayuga and Onondaga

Brown, Tracy, Central Michigan University
Pueblo Governance and Sovereignty After the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Den Ouden, Amy E., University of Massachusetts, Boston
Contexts of Violence and Implications of Colonial Law in Indigenous Women's Eighteenth-Century Histories

Green, Denise Nicole, Cornell University
Mapping Haahuulthii (Chiefly Territories) in Hupacasath First Nations' Territories

Guise, Holly Miowak, Yale University
World War II Alaska Native Oral Histories

McNaughton, Laticia G., University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Haudenosaunee Food Traditions Revitalization

Jahnke Wegner, Joanne M., University of Minnesota T
Transformations in Native American Captive Taking in the New England, 1698–1763

Kiel, Doug, Williams College
Oneida Indian Resurgence and Anti-Sovereignty Backlash

Lewandoski, Julia M., University of California, Berkeley
Land Tenure in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1790–1830

Linsenbardt, Brooke K., Texas A & M University
Indigenous Cultural Revitalization Practices as Educational Activism From the 1960s to the Present

McElgunn, Hannah, University of Chicago
The Linguistic Anchoring of "Knowledge" and "Property" in Hopi

McGovern, Allison Manfra, Queens College, City University of New York
Dispossession, Dislocation, and Diaspora: Native American Movement in East Hampton Town

Miron, Rose, University of Minnesota
Rethinking Public History as a Method of Mohican Resistance

Puppe, Ian S. G., University of Western Ontario
Frank Speck, "Salvage Anthropology," and the Continuity of Algonquin Stewardship of the Ottawa River/Kiji Sibi Valley

Ranspot, Tamara, University of Aberdeen
Music and Human-Animal Relations Among Northern Athapaskans

Rogers, Emily Buhrow, Indiana University, Bloomington
Native American Basket Making in the Southeastern United States

Roulette, Roger, Aboriginal Languages in Manitoba
Translating Pauingassi First Nations' Audio Recordings Held by the American Philosophical Society

Saribas, Pauline E., University of Pennsylvania
Traditional Tlingit Healing: Herman Kitka and the Sitka Kaagwaantaan

Toler, Nicholas G., University of Alberta
Documenting Norton Sound Kotlik Yup'ik

Veyrie, Thierry, Indiana University
Documenting and Revitalizing Northern Paiute Oral Tradition


Bliss, Heather, University of Victoria
Deictic Expressions in Blackfoot Personal Narratives

Bloch, Lee, University of Virginia
Muskogee History Making and Living Mound Landscapes in the Eastern United States

Brown, Jennifer K., University of Pennsylvania
Cultural Transformations in a Southeast Alaska Native Tribe After the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971

Cornelius, Samantha, University of Texas at Arlington
Prosodic Phonology in Oklahoma Cherokee

Geliga, Susana, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Dakota Women's Resistance to Colonialism Through Language Retention, 1862–1935

Gish-Hill, Christina, Iowa State University
An Ethnohistory of Indigenous Agriculture in the Upper Midwest

Johnson, Paulina R., University of Western Ontario
Re-Writing Western Canadian History Through Nehiyawak (Plains Cree) Epistemology and Methodology

Kim, Kyumin, University of Ottawa
Animacy in Blackfoot Grammar

King, Farina Noelani, Arizona State University
The Journey of the Dine Students in the Four Directions: Navajo Educational Experiences in the Twentieth Century

Layton, Brandon, University of California, Davis
Children as Intermediaries Between Europeans and the Choctaws and Chickasaws

Manker, Jonathan Taylor, University of California, Berkeley
Prosody and Prominence in Han (Athabascan)

Nicolson, Ryan, University of Victoria
Kwak'waka'wakw Traditional Governance

Roberts, Alaina E., Indiana University, Bloomington
"As Natives, We Are Attached to the People Amongst Whom We Have Been Born and Bred": Chickasaw Freedpeople at the Crossroads of Reconstruction

Roy, Aurelie, Columbia University
Indian Rights Lawyers and the Development of Indian Sovereignty, 1969–1986

Schermerhorn, Seth, Hamilton College
O'odham Walkers and their Staffs: Walking Sticks by Way of Calendar Sticks and Scraping Sticks

Weiss, Joseph J. Z., University of Chicago
Military Presence and Haida Life on Haida Gwaii, 1943–1997

Zimmer, Eric S., University of Iowa
Environment and Sovereignty in Modern Meskwaki History


Akins, Watie, Penobscot Nation
Oral History by Penobscot Elder to Preserve Cultural Knowledge

Allard, Seth, Western Michigan University
Medicine for the People: An Ethnohistorical Study of Youth Suicide in an Ojibwa Community

Anderson, Emma, University of Ottawa
God's Grandmother: Tracing the Cult of Saint Anne

Andrews, Tria, University of California, Berkeley
Education on the Reservation: Extracurricular and Culturally-Relevant Programing, 1886 to the Present Day

Arnold, Laurie, Gonzaga University
A History of Gaming: The First 30 Years of the National Indian Gaming Association

Brucks, Caleb, First Nations University of Canada
Spatial Elements in Upper Tanana Oral Culture

Chan, Amy, Arizona State University
The Sheldon Jackson Collection of Iñupiat Masks: Reconstructing Arctic Traditions of Articulation and Performance

Chee, Melvatha, University of New Mexico
An Introduction to the Acquisition of Navajo Verbs: A Cross-Sectional Study of Children Aged Ten Months Through Ten Years

Dees, Sarah, Indiana University, Bloomington
Restraining the Spirit: The Historical Pathologization of Native American Religious Traditions

Dietrich, Darlynn, Indiana University, Bloomington
Sioux Valley Dakota Nation: Perspectives on Language and Identity

Jagodinsky, Katrina, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Indigenous Women in Imperial Courts: Defending Bodies and Lands in the Sonoran Southwest and Pacific Northwest, 1854-1935

John, Maria, Columbia University
The Seattle Indian Health Board and the History of Urban Indian Health Activism in the United States, 1950-1980

Kasak, Ryan, Yale University
Mandan Documentation: Morphosyntax and Lexicon

McIlwraith, Thomas, University of Guelph
Arthur Nole, Tahltan Hunter and Guide: A Life History

Peach, Steven, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Popular Religion in the Creek Nation, 1867-1909

Sammons, Olivia, University of Alberta
A Multi-Modal Corpus of Spoken Michif

Shriver, Cameron, Ohio State University
Villages to Nations: Rethinking American Indian Political Cultures in the Great Lakes, 1750-1850

Willard, William, Washington State University
San Francisco Bay Area American Indian Relocation and the Indigenous Diaspora


Bauer, Brooke M., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Catawba Indian Women in the Colonial Period

Bell, Katherine, Tulane University
Traditional Language and Ethnic Identity on the Blackfeet Reservation of Montana

Cobb, Daniel M., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Life and Times of Ponca Activist Clyde Warrior (1939–1968)

Hancock, Robert, University of Victoria
Ethnohistory in Two Directions: The Work of Sally M. Weaver

Hill, Montgomery, University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Tuscarora Text Analysis

Huaute, Incamu, University of Arizona
Documenting Naturally Occurring Speech in Cahuilla

Johnson, Khalil A., Yale University
Red, Black, and Brown: Indian Schools and Black Educators After Brown v. Board of Education

Jung, Hyun Kyoung, University of Arizona
The Syntax of Applicatives and Causatives in Hiaki

Kim, Kyumin, University of Calgary
Syntax, Semantics, and Morphology of Non-Agent Subjects

Kruer, Matthew R., University of Pennsylvania
The Susquehannock War: Native Americans, Bacon's Rebellion, and the Forging of the Covenant Chain

Lachler, Jordan, University of Alberta
Alexis Nakota Basic Dictionary and Grammar Sketch

Mack, Dustin, University of Oklahoma
A River of Continuity, Tributaries of Change: The Chickasaw and the Mississippi River, 1736–1836

Manker, Jonathan T., University of California, Berkeley
Systems of Stress in Hän Athabascan

Marr, Alexander B., University of Rochester
Encounter and Exchange at Hopi House, Grand Canyon

Miyashita, Mizuki, University of Montana, Missoula
Documentation and Investigation of Blackfoot Pitch Accent

Nelson, Elaine M., University of Nebraska, Omaha
Dreams and Dust in the Black Hills: Indigenous People, Promised Lands, and National Identity in America, 1868–1968

Redeye, Melanie, University of California, Berkeley
Seneca Language Documentation Project: Seneca Anaphora and the (Semi-)Reflexive Morphemes

Roy, Aurelie A., Columbia University
The Global Indigenous Rights Movement and Its International Historical Context, 1974–Present

Sweet, Jameson R., University of Minnesota
Mixed-Blood Nation: Ethnogenesis, Land, and Nationhood Among Dakota Mixed-Bloods in Nineteenth-Century Minnesota

Toosarvandani, Maziar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tense and Temporal Interpretation in Northern Paiute

Wiens, Jeanette R., First Nations University of Canada
Code Switching in Dëne Suliné (Athabaskan) Conversation

Willig, Timothy D., Indiana University, South Bend
A Path of Honor: The Tumultuous Life and Career of Major John Norton, Adopted Mohawk Leader at the Grand River Reserve

Zuyderhoudt, Lea M., Leiden University, Institute for Cultural Anthropology (CAOS)
Culture Change in Blackfoot Oral Traditions on the Use of Natural Resources


Atkins, Ashley L., College of William and Mary
Changing in Order to Stay the Same: Pamunkey Indian Participation in the Market Economy During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Arndt, Grant P., Iowa State University
"Indian News": Ho-Chunk Media Activism as Ethnohistorical Resource

Bliss, Heather, University of British Columbia
The Syntax of Nominal Expressions in Blackfoot

Button, Emily, Brown University
Homeward Bound: Reimagining Native Communities in the Commercial Whaling Era

Emmons, Nichlas, Ball State University
Adaptation and Sustainability: A Comparative Study of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians of Michigan and the Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

Fortney, Jeffrey L., University of Oklahoma
Race, Identity, and Power in the Choctaw Nation

Haynes, Joshua S., University of Georgia
Theft and Violence on the Creek-Georgia Frontier, 1763–1812

Hinzo, Angel M., University of California, Davis
One People, Two Nations: A Comprehensive History of the Winnebago/Ho-Chunk Peoples

Hutchinson, Corinne, Georgetown University
The Morphosyntax of Child Code-Mixing: Evidence from Bilingual Navajo-English Speakers

Lappas, Thomas J., Nazareth College (New York)
Temperance Movements Among the Haudenosaunee, 1830–1930

Lyon, John, University of British Columbia
Copular Predication in Okanagan Salish

Manzano-Munguia, Maria C., Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
Economic and Social Experiences of Indigenous “Forced Transnationalism” Across Borderlands: Mexico and the United States

Martin, Alexandra G., College of William and Mary
“Teâno wonck nippée am, I will be here by and by again”: Memory and Movement on the Narragansett Landscape

Merriot, Ivy, Montana State University
The History of Indigenous Astronomy (Sky-Earth) Pedagogies Associated with the Big Horn Medicine Wheel and the A'aninin (Gros Ventres) of Montana

Miller, Douglas K., University of Oklahoma
Urban Relocation and American Indian Initiative, 1940s–1960s

Moss, Meredith, Arizona State University
Miss Navajo Nation's English: Variation and Ideology in Heritage Language Role Models and Advocates

Pollak, Margaret E., University of Wisconsin, Madison
An Ethnohistorical Study of Diabetes in an Urban American Indian Community

Rosen, Bryan, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Semantic and Grammatical Relations of Ojibwe Verb Stems

Silverman, David J., George Washington University
Firearms and the Transformation of Native America

Smith, Tash B., St. Gregory's University
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