Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research

Claire Lewis diving in the Maldives (2019 Field Scholar)

The Lewis and Clark Fund encourages exploratory field studies for the collection of specimens and data and to provide the imaginative stimulus that accompanies direct observation.

Applications are invited from disciplines with a large dependence on field studies, such as archaeology, anthropology, biology, ecology, geography, geology, linguistics, paleontology, and population genetics, but grants will not be restricted to these fields.

Graduate students and postdoctoral and junior scientists wishing to pursue projects in astrobiological field studies should consult the program description and application forms for the Lewis and Clark Fund in Exploration and Field Research in Astrobiology.

Deadlines:      November 15, 2023, for applications; letters of support due November 10, 2023
Notification:   April 2024, for work to begin in May and later

Current and Past Lewis and Clark Field Scholars


Andringa, Randall Keith, Texas A&M University
Interactions Between Mercury Exposure and Microplastic Load in Clapper Rails (Rallus crepitans) Along the Texas Gulf Coast

Blebea, Christina, University of California, Santa Cruz
Architects of New Forests? Seed Dispersing Ants in Forest Restoration in Costa Rica

Bos, Jaelyn T., Rutgers University
Landscape Genetics of Coral Symbiont Heat Tolerance in Northern Mozambique

Bowen, Corey, University of Illinois at Chicago
Monumental Waterscapes: Surveying the Urban Canals of Tiwanaku, Bolivia (Circa 500 CE)

Britton, Sarah E., University of Arizona
Comparison of Melanin Plasticity Across Populations of the White-Lined Sphinx Moth, Hyles lineata, in the Southwest United States

Brown, Jordan F., University of California, Berkeley
Ancient Assyrian Hydraulic Engineering and Land Use on the Erbil Plain in Iraqi Kurdistan

Brown, Matthew T., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Excavations at the Late Formative (600 BCE–300 CE) Village of Muyumoqo, Cusco, Peru

Burgess, Emily, Utah State University
Impacts of Warming and Snow Removal on Floral Microbiome Assembly and Function in Northern Utah Wildflowers

Calderon, Elsa, University of California, Santa Cruz
Threats to Black Landownership in the U.S. Southeast as Racial Trauma

Cameron, Asa, Yale University
Laying Down with Dogs: The Role of Canis familiaris During the Xiongnu Period of Mongolia

Cancho Ruiz, Christian Giovanni, University of Virginia
Social Complexity on the Central Peruvian Coast During the Second Millennium BCE: Understanding Monumental Ceremonial Complexes

Carlson, Bailey, University of California, Merced
Exploring Current Genomic, Morphometric, and Stable Isotope Variation in the Island-Like Marine Lakes of Palau, Micronesia

Carolus, Christina M., Yale University
Sowing the Seeds of Empire: Subsistence Transformation and the Rise of East Asia's First Nomadic Polity on the Mongolian Steppe (Circa 1300 BC–200 BC)

Carpenter, Scott, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Examining the Effects of Climate Change and Grazing on the Stability of Big Sagebrush Plant Communities in Wyoming

Castro, Marian, New York University
The Origins of Pre-Modern Turquoise Artifacts in Central Asia: Collection and Analysis of Turquoise Geological Samples from Uzbekistan

Chen, Ran, University of Arizona
Understanding Dynamic Relationships Between Humans and the Environment Through Technology in East Asia: Legacies of Form and Functional Specialization

Clark, Isabelle, University of Texas at Austin
The Development of Territorial Conflict and Group Identity in Wild Chimpanzees

Cowal, Sanya, University of California, Santa Cruz
Uncommon Grounds: Ant-Pest and Ant-Pollinator-Microbe Interactions Through Multi-Scale Contingencies in Coffee Management in Chiapas, Mexico

Craffey, Matthew, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Quantifying Patterns of Turnover and Ecological Change Over the Late Ediacaran in Australia and Namibia

Culbertson, Katherine, University of California, Berkeley
Investigating Novel Secondary Forest Communities and Restoration Efficacy in Eastern Madagascar

Davis, Kathryn, University of Wyoming
The Beaver, the Frog, and the Landscape: Ecosystem Engineering and Functional Connectivity in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

DiPetto, Ella, Old Dominion University
Harnessing an Ecosystem Engineer: Assessing the Potential for Oyster Reefs to Adapt to Sea-Level Rise and Protect Vulnerable Coastal Communities Across the Eastern United States

Drucker, Jacob, University of Chicago
Unpacking Niche Packing: Avian Foraging Behavior and Diet Across an Elevational Gradient in the Ecuadorean Andes

Eensalu, Mariliis, Northern Illinois University
Hydrological Balance of a Northern European Lake Pangodi in Estonia During the Holocene

Estrella, Tony, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Capuchin (Cebus imitator) Behavioral and Vocal Flexibility Across Central, Peripheral, and Overlapping Home Ranges in Costa Rica

Evans, Tomos Llywelyn, College of William and Mary
A Yorùbá Ontological Approach to the Archaeology and Architecture of the Sungbo’s Eredo Monumental Earthwork, Southern Nigeria, AD 100–1900

Everett, Adrian, Yale University
The Implications of Imitation: Ceramic Evidence of a Teotihuacan Colony in Escuintla, Guatemala

Fascinetto-Zago, Paola, Texas A&M University
Bringing the Lab Into the Field: Behavioral Mechanisms Underlying Variation in Mate Choice in Xiphophorus Fishes of the Mexican Sierra Madre Oriental

Finn, Sylvana R., University of California, Davis
From California's Coast to Crest: Exploring Reproductive Phenology in a Widespread Bumble Bee Species

Finneran, Ann E., Rice University
What’s for Dinner? Examining Food Web Stability in Protected and Unprotected Areas with Camera Traps and Acoustic Recorders

Florez Valencia, Camilo, Pennsylvania State University
Effects of Ant Dominance on Ant-Treehopper Mutualistic Networks in the Lowland Colombian Rainforest

Gauriau, Judith, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Documenting the Late Pleistocene-Holocene Incremental Slip Rate of the Wairarapa Fault at the Waiohine River, New Zealand

George, Rachel E., University of Chicago
Sharpening the Honey Adze: Using the Rock Art of Iringa and Mbeya, Tanzania, to Understand the Role of Honey in Catalyzing Cross-Community Connection

Ghosh, Adit, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Roots of the Devonian Carbon-Dioxide Drawdown in Morocco

Gjyshja, Zhaneta, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Craft Specialization at a Late Neolithic (5300–4500 BC) Village in Western Kosova

Gurung, Phurwa, University of Colorado, Boulder
Reordering Highland Territories: State-Building, Indigeneity, and Multispecies Worldmaking in the Himalayas

Hari Haran, Priyanka, University of Florida
Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Does the Adage Hold in Shared Landscapes in the Indian Tropics?

Harryman, Ian A., Stanford University
Social Networks, Environmental Change, and Health Among a Semi-Nomadic Population in Bangladesh

He, John, University of Arizona,
Telltale Signs of Lithosphere Dripping Beneath Miocene and Modern High-Elevation Lakes on the Peruvian Altiplano

Henson, Michelle, University of Georgia
Examining the Impacts of Prescribed Fire Regimes on Soil Microbial Community Composition in the Coastal Plain of Georgia

Hernandez-Corrales, Georgia G., University of Connecticut
Keeping up With the Heat: Evaluating Plants Ability to Acclimate to Local Temperatures Using a Long-Term Survey of Heat Tolerance in a Tropical Plant Community in Costa Rica

Horigan, Sophia, University of Chicago
Can We Save the Madagascan Flying Fox? A Localized Evaluation of Its Population Decline and the Role of Hunting in Its Demise

Iqbal, Azwad, Cornell University
Investigating the Genomic Basis of Rapid Adaptation of Invasive American Shad on the Pacific Coast of North America

Jacobs, Ellen, Georgetown University
Do Bottlenose Dolphins in Shark Bay, Western Australia, Modify Echolocation Behavior While Using Sponge Tools to Forage?

Jarvis, Rebecca, University of California, Berkeley
Investigating Clausal Structure in Atchan, a Kwa Language of Côte D'Ivoire

Jiménez, José Esteban, University of Florida
Understanding the Diversity of the Giant Plant Penus Peperomia (Piperaceae): A Mega-Diverse Group of Herbs in Colombia and Peru

Jolman, Devani L., Old Dominion University
Determining the Ecological Consequences of Hybridization by Analysis of Functional Traits Across Environments in Virginia

Karakehian, Jason Michael, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Specimens of Microfungi From Femsjö, Sweden, for Species Described by E. M. Fries

Kaump, Rebekah, University of California, Davis
Indigenous Global Climate Leadership: Embedding Indigenous Ecological Knowledge with Practice and Governance in Maya Ch’orti’ Territory in the Central American Dry Corridor

Kleinkopf, Joseph, University of New Mexico
Exploration of Alpine Floral Biodiversity in the Southern Rocky Mountains

Lama Sherpa, Tshering, University of Arizona
Tectonic Versus Climatic Controls on Long-Term Erosion Rates in the Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) Region, Eastern Nepal Himalaya

Laterza Barbosa, Julia, Yale University
Evolution Along the Vertical Dimension: Ground-to-Canopy Microhabitat Selection and Physiological Evolution in Neotropical Anurans in Brazil

Lautenschlager Rodrigues, Laís, University of Miami
Dietary Ecological Functioning of Large Mammalian Herbivores in a Brazilian Tropical Forest

Leahy, Ariel, Baylor University
Morphology and Metabolomics of the Thoracic Rete Mirabile in Stranded Odontocetes Across the United States

Leathers, Kyle, University of California, Berkeley
Determining Sierra Nevada Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Vulnerability as a Result of Climate Change

Lee, Juwon, University of California, Irvine
Living Nature: The Politics of Urban Ecologies in Contemporary South Korea

Lussier, Nicole, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Exploring How Ecosystem Functions Recover in the Endangered Chocó Rainforest of Northwest Ecuador

Marshall, Aubree Storm, Michigan State University
Resiliency in the Face of Collapse: Health and Diet in the Late Classic to Early Postclassic Periods at the Coastal Maya Site of Marco Gonzalez, Belize

Mertz, Conner, University of New Mexico
Does the Gut Microbiome Provide Protein to Its Host in the Wild? Year-Long Study Examining Gut Microbial Function Among Herbivorous Small Mammals Living in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert

Milton, Emily, Michigan State University
Salt, Mist, and Stone: Reconstructing the Isotopic Footprints of Four 8,200-Year-Old Burials in Southern Peru

Montoya, Sofany M., University of Miami
The Effects of Ingestion on Seed Germination and the Seed Dispersal Potential of Florida Black Bears

Moreno, Shalimar Giovanna, East Carolina University
Evaluating the Effect of Reef Rugosity on Reef Community Metabolism and Carbonate Budgets in Bermuda

Mortimer, Sebastian, Oregon State University
Who’s Flowering and Who’s Not? The Influence of Extreme Environmental Gradients on Sex Ratio of North America Beach Strawberry Populations in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Mustofa, Adib, University of Southern California
Illuminating Genetic Population Structure and Symbiont Diversity of Acropora millepora Coral in Indonesia

Myers, Tanner Clarkson, Auburn University
Investigating Ecological and Evolutionary Drivers of Speciation and Local Adaptation in the Zebra Longwing Butterfly in Jamaica and Trinidad

Palmisciano, Melissa A., Stanford University
Examining the Mechanisms of Emergent Community Shifts Along a CO2 Gradient on Ischia: From Physiology to Species Interactions

Pham, Kasey K., University of Florida
What Got Swapped? Investigating the Genomic Consequences of Hybridization in Two Species of Eucalyptus in Tasmania, Australia

Phillips, Erin M., Princeton University
Understanding Carnivore Coexistence, Competition and Conservation Through the Restoration of Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique

Roy, Supratik, Johns Hopkins University
Modern Versus Ancient Mountain Building Processes: Comparing the 30 Million-Year-Old Greater Himalayas, India, and the 1.8 Billion-Year-Old Trans-Hudson Orogeny, Canada

Rush, Jessica, University of Colorado, Boulder
Understanding How Carbon Quality Measurements Inform Alaskan Peatland Responses to a Changing Climate

Russo, Nicholas J., University of California, Los Angeles
A Feedback Loop Between 3D Vegetation Structure and Seed Dispersal by Hornbills in Cameroon

Schroll, Andrew, Tulane University
Organization of Lithic Technology in the Late Archaic Lower Mississippi Valley: The Poverty Point Lapidary Industry at the Jaketown Site, Yazoo Basin, Mississippi

Sellke, Sarah, Oregon State University
Understanding the Drivers of Invertebrate Recruitment and Temporal Changes in Rocky Intertidal Ecosystems in the Gulf of Panama

Siegert, Caroline M., Cornell University
Analysis of Angiosperm Reproductive Fossils of Laguna Del Hunco Fossil Site of Eocene Age in Chubut, Argentina

Sims, Jordan A., George Mason University
Biotic and Abiotic Influences on Microbial Community Biogeography on the Reefs of Roatán, Honduras

Srivastava, Bhaavya, Cornell University
Investigating Environmental Effects on Insect Chemicals in Hawaii

Stanley, Richard Collin, University of Florida
Social Networks in a Cooperatively Nesting Bird: The Behavioral Ecology of Palmchats in the Dominican Republic

Tarazona, Fabio L., University of Miami
Evaluating Plant-Frugivore Meta-Population Dynamics Across Defaunated Caribbean Islands

Thomas, Dustin Alec, University of Virginia
As Above, So It Is Below: Contextualizing the Ancient Cypriot Funerary Landscape of the Hellenistic and Roman Periods

Tomazic, Iride, University of Michigan
The Double-Edged Sword: Metallurgical Intensification at the Site of Crna Bara Periamoš, Serbia

Torres Pineda, Patricia, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Morphological and Ecological Diversification of Poeciliid Fishes (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliinae) From the Dominican Republic

Vinod, Nidhi, University of California, Los Angeles
How Will Climate Change Impact the Future of Forest-Atmosphere Interactions in California?

Wagner, Jennifer Dawn, University of California, Berkeley
Eocene Leaf Compressions and Cuticles from Western Kentucky and Tennessee: A Paleoecological Investigation

Washington, Tatjana Monika, University of Chicago
Avian Nests in the Face of Climate Change in the West Himalayas, India

Watts, Jacob Lewis, University of Colorado, Boulder
Lichens: The Final Frontier of Biodiversity in the Extreme Conditions of the Rocky Mountains

Webb, Lucy, Stanford University
Exploring Lateral Variation Within the Pinguicula Group (<1.38–1 Ga) Across the Proterozoic Inliers of Yukon, Canada, to Constrain Paleoenvironmental Conditions During the Mesoproterozoic to Neoproterozoic Transition

Whitman, Taylor N., James Cook University
Understanding the Impact of Marine Reserve Status on the Predation and Survival of Juvenile Corals Seeded to Inshore Reefs in the Southern Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Wildtruth, fern C., University of California, Berkeley
Nitrogen Acquisition Strategies in Major Epiphytic Taxa Across Two Amazonian Forest Types, Reserva Nacional Allpahuayo-Mishana, Loreto, Peru

Wiseman-Jones, Lauren M., Washington University in St. Louis
The Physiological and Behavioral Responses of Virunga Mountain Gorillas, Gorilla beringei beringei, to Social and Anthropogenic Stressors in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Xu, Tianyi, University of Texas at Austin
Snapshots Through Time: Unearthing Reptile Faunal Change in Jamaica and Identifying Future Conservation Strategies

Zilz, Zoe L., University of California, Santa Barbara
The Role of Terrestrial Consumers in Marine to Terrestrial Resource Subsidies on the Remote Southern California Coast


Abraham, Joel Opila, Princeton University
Fire-Flooding Interactions in Parque Nacional da Gorongosa, Mozambique

Baci, Erina, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Hillforts in Western Kosova From 1450–800 BCE

Bennett, Kathryn A., University of Montreal
Shoulder Season Greenhouse Gas Fluxes From Peatland Thaw Ponds in Northern Sweden: A Notable Contribution to Annual Emissions?

Bentley, Nicholas, Texas A&M University
Searching for the First Americans: Geoarchaeological Investigations of Submerged Late Pleistocene Archaeological Sites in the Southeastern United States

Boyd, Anjali, Duke University
Effects of Top Predator Decline and Nutrient Pollution on Coastal Ecosystem Structure in the Eastern United States and the Caribbean

Brandao Dias F. Pinto, Pedro, Rice University
Combining Aquatic Invertebrate Sampling and Environmental DNA to Track the Impact of Genetically Engineered Crops in the American Midwest

Coyle, Carolyn M., Colorado State University
Evaluating Orioles, Wood-Warblers, and Other Songbirds as Novel Pollinators Across the Pacific Flyway, Oregon

Dashzeveg, Bukhchuluun, Yale University
Interregional Interaction and Transfer of Technology in Southern Siberia During the Late Bronze Age (1500–1000 BCE)

Dauda, Deborah, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Exploring the Indigenous Ways of Healing and the Self-Care Practices of Bajju Women in Southern Kaduna, Nigeria, with Experiences of Domestic Violence

Delgado, Alonso, Ohio State University
Is Venom Evolution Fundamentally Different in Sea Anemones? A Survey of the Aiptasiidae Family of Sea Anemones in Spain, France and the United Kingdom

Duckworth, Cory E., University of Pittsburgh
Exploring the Drivers of Pond Microbial Community Variability Across Environmental Gradients in the Eastern United States

Duran, Elena Mae Iacono, Texas A&M University
Impacts of Anthropogenic Mercury Contamination on Avian Parental Health and Behavior, and Direct and Indirect Effects on Offspring Health in Galveston Bay and Matagorda Bay, Texas

Estrada, Gene R., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Coming Down From the Trees: Determining the Influence of Ecological Variables on Terrestriality in an Indonesian Primate Community

Fannin, Luke D., Dartmouth College
In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark: Ecology of Competing Photosynthetic Pathways Across North American Grasslands

Filla, Caitlynn, University of Florida
The Role of Ecotourism in the Transmission of Antibiotic Resistance Through a Protected Ecosystem in Andasibe, Madagascar

Fischer, Silas E., University of Toledo
Tracking Condition and Survival of Water-Supplemented Versus Drought-Stressed Juvenile Gray Vireos at Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico

Fitzgerald, Jacquelyn L., Northwestern University
Disentangling the Ecological Drivers and Consequences of Body Size Variation in Rocky Mountain Bumble Bees

Fleming, Elijah, University of Texas at Austin
Exploring Diet and Death on the Roman Frontier: Bioarchaeological Analysis of Individuals Buried in a Stone-Built Tomb on the Western Coast of the Black Sea

Fleming, J. Morgan, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Examining the Effects of Climate Change on the Body Size and Distribution of Desmognathus Salamanders in the Balsam Mountains of Virginia

Fortier, Riley, University of Miami
Some like It Hot: Changes in Tropical Tree Composition Across a Thermal Gradient at the Boiling River, Peru

Fowler, Katherine, University of Illinois at Chicago
Understanding the Lion's Share of the Lions' Hair: Determining Effects of Human-Wildlife Conflict on Lion Stress Physiology and Reproduction in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area of Tanzania

Frykholm, Soren, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Excavations at Cerro Amole, a Postclassic Mixtec Capital (CE 900–1521) in Oaxaca, Mexico

Garcia Linares, Carlos, Boise State University
Light Pollution as a Driver of Insect Declines in Idaho: An Experimental and Mechanistic Investigation

Genes, Luisa, Stanford University
Regeneration of Tropical Secondary Forests in Costa Rica: Why Is Species Composition Recovery So Slow?

Gerraty, Frankie David, University of California, Santa Cruz
Trophic Cascades Across Ecosystems: Do Sea Otters Influence Spatial Subsidies Along the British Columbia Coastline?

Godtfredsen, Elsa, Northwestern University
Early Snowmelt, Changing Phenology, and Increased Drought Exposure: Exploring Consequences and Responses of Subalpine Plants in Colorado to Climate Change

Greene, Alex, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
People of the Traveling Gourd: The Circulation of Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Practice in the Hmong Diaspora in French Guiana and Wisconsin

Guerrera, Alexa, Florida State University
Rare Male Mating Advantages Inform Conservation Methods in Wild Trinidadian Guppies

Guthmann, Abby, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Niche Partitioning as a Mechanism for Coexistence: Dietary Overlap Between Domestic Cattle and Wild Ungulates in East African Savannah

Hansen, Katherine W., University of California, Santa Cruz
Territoriality and Sociality of African Wild Dogs in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Jódar-Sánchez, Jose Antonio, University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Causality in Srenge, a Torricelli Language of Papua New Guinea

Keim, Rebecca, University of California, Riverside
The Biotic Interactions Between Invasive Plants and Native Ants in Endangered Coastal Sage Scrub of Southern California

Larson, Kara, University of Michigan
Overshadowed by a Tell: A Multi-Method Exploration of Residences Near Tell El Hesi, Israel, 3000 to 2200 BCE

Liu, Kuan-Ling, Texas A&M University
Breeding and Population Genetic Structure of Tapinoma sessile Across the United States

Luna-Celino, Deisi Vanessa, University of Florida
Institutional Arrangements for Fire Management in Quechua Communities in the Peruvian Andes

Malinowski, Halina A., Duke University
Seed to Sapling: Effects of Defaunation on Plant-Animal Interactions and Plant Recruitment in a Tropical Forest, Ivindo National Park, Gabon

Mamadou Yacoubou, Tajudeen, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Tone-Intonation Interactions in Lexical Tone Languages: A Case Study of Dan in Cote d'Ivoire

Maynard, Keely Q., University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Bengal Slow Loris Population Surveys and Hyperspectral Imagery Analysis in Northeastern Thailand

McManus, Catherine, Temple University
Flitting or Fleeting: Are Butterflies Adapting to Urbanization in American Cities?

Meyer, Brett, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Preclassic Sociopolitical Variability in the Belize Valley: A Zooarchaeological Perspective

Morgan, Bryn Elizabeth, University of California, Santa Barbara
Assessing the Vulnerability and Resilience of Riparian Plants to Water Stress Along an Ephemeral River in the Namib Desert

Munsterman, Katrina Sky, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Exploring Optimal Foraging in a Common Reef Fish in the Bahamas

Murphy, Thomas H., University of Florida
Diversity and Ecoregion Shifts in the Neotropics: A Perspective From Climbing Plants in Brazil

Muscavitch, Zachary M., University of Connecticut
Resolving Symbiont Specificity for Endemic Lichens on the Channel Islands of California

Narasimhan, Kaushik, Tulane University
An Experimental, Field-Based Test of an Underappreciated Driver of Tropical Tree Diversity in Ecuador

Nelson, Lyle L., Johns Hopkins University
Assessing the Stratigraphic Relationship Between Neoproterozoic Glacial Deposits and Animal Evolution in the Tien Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan

Nöbel, Kristina, ETH Zurich
The Formation Process of Rhyolitic Super-Eruptions: Insights From Basaltic Intercalations in the Snake River Plain, Idaho

Pagaldevatti, Sumashini Sundararajan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
The Role of Seed-Fungal Interactions in Shaping Tree Species Diversity in the Tropical Forests of the Western Ghats, India

Paiva, Dario Caminha, Florida International University
Ecophysiology of Flowers in a Speciose Neotropical Mountain Ecosystem in Brazil

Pappo, Emily, University of Florida
Evaluating the Effects of Climate Fluctuations on Coffee Quality in Antigua, Guatemala

Poon, Chiu Lok, University of Central Florida
Moon Phobia in Sand-Burrowing Electric Fish in Colombia: Trade-Offs Between Foraging and Predation Risk

Ramananjato, Veronarindra, University of California, Berkeley
Traveling Seeds in Madagascar: How Do They Survive in Human-Modified Landscapes?

Randimbiarimanana, Clara, University of Arizona
Exploring Local Ecological Funds of Knowledge in Southern Madagascar

Rempel, Hannah S., University of Texas at Austin
Quantifying the Critical Role of Grazing by Herbivorous Fishes Across an Environmental Gradient on a Caribbean Coral Reef

Renzi, Julianna J., University of California, Santa Barbara
Exploring the Distribution and Drivers of Coral Disease in Moorea, French Polynesia

Ring, Kacie, University of California, Santa Barbara
Vector-Borne Disease Risk Across Land-Use Gradients in Rural Madagascar

Rodrigues, Patricia F., Louisiana State University
Cross-Continental Comparison of Ant-Following Bird Behavior in Africa to Help Explain Global Declines

Rubinatto Serrano, Juliana, University of Florida
Ethnoarchaeology of Fisherpeople in the Baía De Caxiuanã, Lower Amazon, Brazil

Sibson, Benjamin, Harvard University
Effects of Physical Activity and Subsistence Strategy on Back Muscle Properties and Spine Function in Western Kenya

Sondhi, Yash, Florida International University
Moths and Light: Exploring Moth Phototaxis Behavior and the Influence of Light Pollution on Moth Circadian Activity in Costa Rica

Sperou, Emily Suzanne, Baylor University
Comparing the Adaptive Capacity of an Antarctic Top Predator, the Leopard Seal, Between Polar and Subpolar Environments in the Southern Hemisphere

Thiel, Amanda M., Washington State University
Valuing Gastronomy and Related Plant Knowledge in Southern Mexico

Tierney, Julie, Princeton University
Unearthing Drivers of Biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon

Van Driessche, Jeremy, University of Idaho
The Influence of Tusklessness on Foraging Behavior of Female African Elephants (loxodonta Africana) in Mozambique

von Mayrhauser, Melissa M., University of California, Berkeley, Assessing the Potential for Wastewater Effluent to Restore Riverine Bird Habitat in Southern California Rivers

Waddle, Ellen, University of Colorado, Boulder
Asymmetrical Gene Flow May Inhibit Adaptation in Alpine Plant Systems in South-Central Alaska

Wardle, Joseph D., University of Michigan
Life in a Small Fortified Village After the Collapse of Monte Albán in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico

Webster, Kathleen, University of New Mexico
Assessing the Vulnerability of Island Endemic Herpetofauna to Environmental Change in the Comoros Archipelago

Welsh, Gabrielle, University of Denver
Responses of Female Pacific Field Crickets in Australia, French Polynesia, and Hawaii to Newly Evolved Hawaiian Male Songs

Wuensch, Matthew A., Kent State University
Behavioral Responses of White-Tailed Deer in Ohio and Wyoming to the Direct Chemical Cues of Multiple Predator Species

Wuesthoff, Eric, Rice University
Exploring the Role of Community-Managed Forests in Lemur Spatial Ecology and Seed Dispersal in Eastern Madagascar

Zeitler, Lilly, Pennsylvania State University
Discovering the Spiritual Agroecological Significance of Karen Rotational Farming for a Special Cultural Zone Designation to Protect Biocultural Diversity in Thailand

Zhaxi, Sangjie, University of Colorado, Boulder
Surviving Settlement: An Ethnographic Study of Settled Herders on the Tibetan Plateau


Afolayan, Eniola, University of Virginia
Navigating Religious Pluralism in a West African Landscape: The Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove

Aguado, William, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
The Role of Plant Chemistry in the Foraging Behavior and Health of Bornean Orangutans

Alvarez, Valentina, University of Hawaii, Manoa
A Native Hawaiian Squamate? Timing the Invasion of the Oceania Snake-Eyed Skink to Hawaii

Appiah-Adu, Siaw, Syracuse University
Finding the Gonja Kingdom: Precolonial State Formation in Northern Ghana

Becker, Anna, University of Florida
The Evolution of Hawaiian Blueberries (Vaccinium)

Becker, Naomi, Johns Hopkins University
Plagiogranite Petrogenesis in the Leka Ophiolite Complex, Norway

Couper, Lisa, Stanford University
Will Mosquitoes Adapt to Climate Change? Investigating Adaptation in Tree Hole Mosquitoes in Western North America

Cummings, Brittany M., University of Florida
Coloring Outside the Lines: Reconstructing the Bizarre Evolution of Corophioid Amphipods

Depenthal, Johanna, University of Florida
Roots of Communities' Adaptations in Forest-Based Livelihoods in the Selva Maya: Values, Perceptions, and Identities in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Diewald, Noah, Ohio State University
Anaphoric Properties of Ecuadoran Wao Tededo Classifiers

Drummond, Emily, University of California, Berkeley
Investigating the Loss of Ergativity in Micronesian Nukuoro

Ellis, Mike, Tulane University
Shades of Green: Impacts of Time, Climate, and Fragmentation Gradients on Understory Bird Communities in Northwest Ecuador

Flores-Blanco, Luis A., University of California, Davis
The Roots of Social Complexity in the Lake Titicaca Basin in Peru Four Thousand Years Ago

Gaetano, Madison Q., University of Cincinnati
Forage and Soil Mineral Concentrations as Drivers of Variation in Antler Growth and Consumption by Female Caribou in Newfoundland, Canada

Gamez, Siria, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Cats in the Canopy: Investigating the Arboreal Ecology of Elusive Carnivores of Chiapas, Mexico

Gartner, Samantha M., University of Chicago
Phylogenetic Analyses of Biomechanical Novelties and the Mechanical Properties of Cranial Ligaments in the Wrasses and Parrotfishes (Family Labridae) in Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia

Geisse, Alissa R., Ohio State University
Panamanian Fungus-Growing Ant Species Network Shaped by Volatile Chemicals

Gijsman Kelemu, Finote A., Princeton University
Disentangling Ecological Cascades: How the Loss of Megafauna Affects Dung Beetle Food Webs and Ecosystem Services in African Savannas

Guerrero, Leslie, University of California, Davis
Evolution of Thermal Tolerance in Reef Building Corals in Moorea, French Polynesia

Guisneuf, Nicole Catherine, University of Michigan
The Ontogeny of "Twitter" Calls in Liberian White-Faced Capuchins (Cebus capucinus): Usage and Context

Haberkern, Andrea, University of British Columbia
Trade-Offs of Prey Capture Success, Predation Risk, and Energetic Investment as a Function of Spider Web Architecture in Tropical Ecuador

Hernandez, Adriana I., Cornell University
Identifying Drivers of Diversity and Ecologically Functional Traits in the Hypervariable California Endemic Lily, Calochortus venustus

Holguin, Brian, University of California, Santa Barbara
Reorganization of Mobility and Foraging Behavior During a Period of Intense Environmental Volatility: Adaptations to the Medieval Climatic Anomaly (AD 900–1300) by the Chumash of the Northern Channel Islands

Hoover, Hannah Grace, University of Michigan
Negotiating Difference: Yamasee Coalescence in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century South Carolina

Jones, John Anthony, Tulane University
Determining the Behavioral Underpinnings of Diverse Female Ornamentation Among Seven Closely Related Malurus Fairywrens in Papua New Guinea

Jurado, Alexander Bernard, Tulane University
Lifeways at the Onset of Urbanization in Formative Central Mexico: A View From Tlalancaleca

Kamanzi Shimwa, Axelle, George Washington University
Variation in the Acquisition of Dietary Independence in Wild Virunga Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda

Kaya, Ziya, University of Arizona
Digital Data Farming: The Remaking of Agriculture, Tradition, and Livelihoods in Western Turkey

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Adapt, Move, or Go Extinct: Will Species on the Tops of Mountains Survive Climate Change? A Case Study Using Alpine Plants in the Rocky Mountains of Montana

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Understanding the Role of Mobile Marine Predators in Fostering Reef-Pelagic Connectivity in Palau’s National Marine Sanctuary

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Studying the Effects of Environmental Change on the Prehistoric Settlement of Southwest Madagascar

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Landscape Genetics, Dietary Analysis, and Morphology of a Recolonizing Population of Black Bears in Mississippi

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Analyzing the Role of Violence in Settlement Patterns Along the Northern Frontier of Epiclassic Mesoamerica (600–900 CE): The Case of Cerro de en medio, Mexico

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The Politics of Pickled Tea: Ecological and Ethnic Practice in Myanmar's Laphet Economy

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Ezedin, Zacky, University of Minnesota, St. Paul
Developing the Tree Flora and Documenting Biocultural Knowledge in the Threatened Forests of the Middle Ramu River Basin in Papua New Guinea

Freymiller, Grace A., San Diego State University
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Microbial Silicification in Yellowstone Hot Springs: Potentials for the Interpretation of the Precambrian Fossil Record

Hiller, Anna E., Louisiana State University
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Holzheuser, Chace, Florida State University
Population Genetics of the Disappearing Southern Dusky Salamander in the Southeastern United States

Joyce, Francis, University of California, Santa Cruz
Disentangling Local and Landscape Effects on Vertebrate Dispersal of Large-Seeded Trees in Regenerating Tropical Forest in Costa Rica

Justen, Hannah, Texas A&M University
The Genetics Basis of the Migratory Syndrome in a North American Songbird, British Columbia

Khalil, Sarah, Tulane University
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Kitchel, Zoe, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Trait Variability in Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) From the Mid-Atlantic to Northern New England: Implications for Marine Range Shifts in the Face of Rapid Climate Change

Lapierre, Myriam, University of California, Berkeley
The Study of Nasal Harmony in the Capivara Dialect of Kayabi, Xingu Indigenous Land, Matto Grosso, Brazil

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Assessing Alteration of the Carbon Isotope Record at the Ediacaran-Cambrian Boundary in the Zavkhan Terrane, Southwestern Mongolia

McKeeby, Zachary, University of Virginia
Frontier Political Economies: The Socioeconomic Context of Iron Production and Exchange in the Machili Valley, Zambia, 700–1500 CE

Mendoza Becerra, Ana Patricia, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Unexplored Diversity of the Canopy: Herpesviruses of Spider Monkeys in the Southern Peruvian Amazon

Millar, Jane, University of Texas at Austin
Archaeobotanical Investigations of Food, Economy, and Environment in a Punic-Roman City, Western Sardinia

Morriss, Matthew, University of Oregon
Geomorphology of the Burnt River, Eastern Oregon: Topographic Adjustments to Tectonic and Dynamic Deformation

Muteti, Samuel, University of Minnesota
The Emergence of Crown Hominoids From the Middle Miocene (16–11 Ma) of the Nyanza Rift, Western Kenya

Nelson, Lyle, Johns Hopkins University
Calibrating Integrated Records of Evolutionary and Environmental Change Across the Ediacaran-Cambrian Boundary in Northwestern South Africa

Nemes, Claire, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Impacts of Free-Roaming Domestic Cats (Felis catus) on Nonbreeding Birds in South Florida

Okhai, Disha, Purdue University
Fingerprinting a Fossil Magma Chamber: Magmatic Processes in an Oligocene Pluton in the Stillwater Range, Nevada

Orrick, Katherine, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Socio-Ecological Landscape of Predators, Prey, and Humans Between the Makgadikgadi National Park and Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana

Osborn, Jo, University of Michigan
Archaeological Survey in the Unknown Topará Valley, Peru

Ou, Suzanne, Stanford University
Digging Deep: The Role of Mutualistic Soil Microbes in Shaping Tropical Forests in Borneo

Price, Seth, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Raised Fields and Sustainable Agricultural Trajectories in the Late Chimu Empire (1300–1470 AD) in the Casma Valley of North Coastal Peru

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Toward Improved Forecasts of Rare Species? Geographic Ranges Under Climate Change: The Case of a Mountain Endemic Salamander in North Carolina’s South Mountains

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Hiding in Plain Sight: Unlocking the Potential of Historical Data to Inform Spatial Range Dynamics of Birds in the Western Ghats, Southern India

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Predation Risk Promotes Biodiversity in a Kenyan Savanna

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Octopus Says It With the Skin: Status Signaling and Individual Recognition in the Reef Octopus, Abdopus, Lizard Island, Australia

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Shipibo-Konibos Recontextualization in the Peruvian Amazon of Social Intimacy From Face-to-Face to Social Media Interaction

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Characteristic Scales of Drainage Reorganization in Cascadia

Tolentino Ramos, Giovanni, University of Oklahoma
Source or Sink? Evaluating population Structure in Collared Pikas in Alaska

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The Relationship Between Color Signals and Retinal Color Sensitivity in Dendrobatid Frogs: A Comparative Approach, Gamboa, Panama

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Ancient Roads of the Chaco Phenomenon: The Dating, Use, and Meanings of Monumental Avenues in the U.S. Southwest


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Lichen Symbiont Diversity Across Environmental Gradients in the Mojave Desert

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Constructing the Cosmos: An Archaeology of Sacred Landscapes in the Tewa Basin, New Mexico, AD 1325–1700

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Interaction of Reproductive Costs and Elevation on Hibernation Energetics in Townsend's Big-Eared Bats of California's White-Inyo Mountains

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Temperature Effects on the Stability of the Alternative Reproductive Tactics of Dimorphic Centris pallida Male Bees in Arizona

Basham, Edmund W., University of Florida
Step Aside Wildebeest: How the Seasonal Micro-Migration of the Small Panamanian Yellow-Bellied Poison Frog (Andinobates fulguritus) Can Shed Light on the Evolution of Habitat Fidelity and Chemical Defense

Birkmann, Joseph Manuel, University of New Mexico
Early Farming in the Southern Southwest: The Middle Archaic and Early Agricultural Period Occupation of the Fishhooks Wilderness Area, Arizona

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Huaca La Meseta: Exploring a Monumental Stone Complex in a Peruvian Cloud Forest

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Evolution, Divergence, and Speciation in a Fragmenting Landscape in the Greek Cyclades Islands

Butler, Brett O., Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
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Dashzeveg, Bukhchuluun, Yale University
Bronze and Early Iron Age (1500–700 BC) Mortuary Practices of Pastoral Nomads of the Southern Mongolian Gobi Desert: Interaction, Technology, and Social Changes

Deans, Susan Malia, Northwestern University
The Influence of Pollinators and Floral Antagonists in an Evolutionary Shift of Floral Traits in Eight Hawaiian-Endemic Hibiscus (Malvaceae)

Diamond, Alex, University of Texas at Austin
Experiences of Pacification: Post-Conflict Transition in Colombia's Peace Laboratory

Donn, Leila, University of Texas at Austin
Using a LiDAR-Based Machine-Learning Method to Study Karst Formation and Search for a High-Resolution Stalagmite Climate Record in Guatemala's Tropical Forest

Doyle, Colin, University of Texas at Austin
Ancient Maya Wetland Agriculture as Adaptation to Environmental Change in Northwest Belize

Earle, Julia Elizabeth, University of Texas at Austin
Technological Variation, Material Selection, and Labor Organization at Inka Quarries in the Sacred Valley, Peru

East, Grace Marie, University of Virginia
Belonging Out of Place: Hausa Linguistic Practice in Accra's Immigrant Neighborhoods

Eshleman, Sara, University of Texas at Austin
Soil and Microclimatic Influences on Vegetation Distribution in Belize

Fillion, Elizabeth, New York University
Using Dental Microwear Texture Analysis to Examine Vegetation Change Associated with Pliocene Hominin Turnover at Laetoli, Tanzania

Fiocca, Katherine, Drexel University
Understanding Developmental Timing and Flexibility of Caste Determination in a Tropical Eusocial Wasp: Implications for Reproductive Plasticity and Social Cooperation

Forrister, Dale L., University of Utah
Does Leafing Phenology Drive Insect Seasonality in Yasuní, Ecuador, an Aseasonal Rainforest?

Gilbert, Anthony, Ohio University
Adaptation to Global Environmental Change: Interactions Between Thermal and Hypoxia Adaptation at Extreme Elevations, Pyrenees Mountains, France

Golden, Abigail, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Tracking the River Wolf: Establishing a Baseline of Pre-Hydropower Habitat Use by an Endangered Salmonid in the Eg-Selenge Watershed, Northern Mongolia

Gonzalez, Sara Tasse, University of California, Santa Cruz
The Future of Kelp as a Natural Resource: Environmental and Genetic Drivers of Chemical Variation in Giant Kelp of Chile

Gross, Collin, University of California, Davis
Interactive Effects of Predator and Prey Functional Traits and Phylogenetic Structure on Assembly of Faunal Communities Associated With Central California Eelgrass Beds

Grupstra, Carsten G. B., Rice University
The Ecology of Coral Viruses: Establishing a Link Between Coral Predation and Viral Infection in French Poylnesia

Haba, Yuki, Princeton University
Urban Evolution: Behavioral Evolution in Culex pipiens Mosquitoes in Major Cities of the Eastern United States

Hansen, Kimberly M., Washington State University
Phylogeography and Species Delimitation in the Neotropical Kohleria spicata (Gesneriaceae) in Colombia and Panama

Hodgskiss, Malcolm Stewart William, Stanford University, Searching for Global Signals in the Orosirian δ13C Record at Lakes Mistassini and Albanel, Quebec

Howe-Kerr, Lauren, Rice University
Viral Contributions to the Degradation of a Host-Microbe Symbiosis in French Polynesia

Krause, Johannes, Academy of Natural Sciences
Blue Carbon in a Mexican Lagoon: Understanding Organic Matter Cycling Across Dynamic Habitat Boundaries

Larios, Jennifer, University of Michigan
Ungara Mapping Project, Canete, Peru

Lau, Tyler, University of California, Berkeley
Bilingualism and the Development of Tonal Languages in Northeastern Thailand

Lewis, Claire J., University of Hawaii at Manoa
Does the Indian Ocean Harbor Ancient or Recent Cryptic Species of the Coral Genus Pavona?

Machado, Mario Reinaldo, Clark University
Sustainable Landscapes, Sustainable Communities: Landscapes, Livelihoods and Ecology Through Cuba's Agricultural Transition

Macias, Diana S., University of New Mexico
Testing the Trade-Off Between Reproductive Output and Vegetative Growth for Mast Seeding Pinon Pine (Pinus edulis) in Semi-Arid New Mexico

Milici, Valerie, University of Connecticut
How Precipitation and Plant Disease Influence Species Diversity in Panama

Millikin, Alexie, Yale University
Timing, Tempo, and Drivers of Tonian (1000–720 Ma) Eukaryotic Diversification: Insights From the Radiogenic Isotope Record of Nordaustlandet Svalbard

Monk, Julia, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Predator-Prey Interactions and Nutrient Cycling in the High Andes of Central Argentina

Montgomery, Graham, University of Connecticut
A New Ecological Cascade: Insect Declines and Consequences for Insectivorous Birds in the Eastern United States

Mustapha, Mohammed, University of Florida
An Archaeometallurgical Investigation of Nasia: Implications for the Socio-Technical Development of the Mamprugu Kingdom of Northern Ghana

Nachman, Lev, University of California, Irvine
From Sunflowers to Suits: Movement Party Formation in Taiwan and Hong Kong

Napolitano, Matthew F., University of Oregon
Colonization of the Islands of Stone Money: Archaeological Excavation on the Remote Islands of Yap, Western Micronesia

Olya, Najee, University of Virginia
Constructing the African in Ancient Greek Vase Painting: Images, Meanings, and Contexts

Packer, Michelle, University of Texas at Arlington
Evolutionary Insights From Endemic Predator Reintroductions: Linking Daphnia Evolution to Stickleback Phenotypes in Alaskan Lake Ecosystems

Pomerantz, Aaron, University of California, Berkeley
Unraveling the Development, Genetics, and Evolution of Wing Transparency in Panamanian Butterflies

Powell, Emily A., University of Miami
The Role of Variable Visual and Olfactory Mate-Recognition Signals in Reproductive Isolation Among Populations of the Reef Gecko (Sphaerodactylus notatus) in Florida and the Bahamas

Rahman, Tariq, University of California, Irvine
Liquid Land: A Diasporic Market and the Making of Lahore, Pakistan

Ramirez Amaya, Sebastian, Arizona State University
Male-Female Relationships in Ugandan Ngogo Chimpanzees and the Evolution of Pair-Bonding in Humans

Ridge, William Patrick, University of Illinois at Chicago
Investigating Large-Scale Settlement Decline During the Bodrogkeresztur Period (4000–3500 BCE) in Eastern Hungary

Rosen, Noah, American University
Maximizing a Window of Opportunity: Collective Organizing in the Colombian Peace Process

Rouvier, Ruth, University of California, Berkeley
Yurok Language Revitalization in Northwestern California: Affective Stance and Language Learning Outcomes

Rubin, Juliette J., Boise State University
Testing an Anti-Predator Sensory Illusion in the Wild in Florida: Next Steps in the Bat-Moth Arms Race

Smith, Annika L., University of Florida
Have Whole Genome Duplications Driven Transitions in Pollination Syndromes in the Chilean Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum sect. Chilensia)?

Smith, Maria G., Princeton University
Division of Labor and Its Fitness Implications in a Cooperatively Breeding Bird in Panama

Spicer, Michelle Elise, University of Pittsburgh
Assembly in the Air: Experimentally Testing Alternative Hypotheses of Epiphyte Community Development in Neotropical Forest Canopies in Panama

Stager, Maria, University of Montana, Missoula
Drivers of Variation in Seasonal Physiological Flexibility Among Junco Populations of the Western United States

Tribble, Carrie Malina, University of California, Berkeley
Evolution and Domestication of the Pre-Columbian Crop Plant Bomarea edulis in Brazil

van den Bold, Mara Gabrielle, Clark University
Greening Energy: The Politics of Solar Power in Senegal

Vigar, Robert J., University of Pennsylvania
My World, My Earth Is a Ruin: Dispossession, Repossession, and Archaeology in Egyptian Nubia

Wang, Shujing, New York University
Power Construction and Exchange Networks in the Borderlands: A Unique Late Iron Age Elite Burial Assemblage in the Periphery of the Bukhara Oasis in Uzbekistan


Atwater, Montana, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Fluttering Above the Forest Line: Flower-Settling Moths of the Colombian Paramos

Bodensteiner, Brooke, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Assessing Local Adaptation and Physiological Plasticity to Predict Range Expansion in a Montane Lizard, Pyrenees Mountains, France

Breeden, Benjamin Thomas, University of Utah
The Toarcian Biotic Turnover in East Asia: New Geochemical and Paleontological Insights From the Lower Jurassic Nishinakayama Formation of Southwestern Japan

Budd, Kiristin R., University of Missouri
Current Connectivity and the Effect of Habitat Disturbance on the Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) in Central Lao Peoples Democratic Republic

Busch, James, Dartmouth College
Disentangling the Environment, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of the Shuram Carbon Isotope Excursion and Ediacaran Fossils in Northwestern Canada

Choi, Noori, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Signal Diversification of a Multi-Species Assemblage of Schizocosa Wolf Spiders in Mississippi: A Novel "Vibrational Soundscape" Analysis for Animal Communication Study

Cornejo, Fanny M., Stony Brook University, State University of New York
Unraveling the Evolution of Panama Night Monkeys for Taxonomy, Phylogenetics, and Conservation

Cutler, Joseph, University of California, Santa Cruz
Running the Ogooue River: Ichthyologists Race Hydroelectric Developers to Protect Gabon's Freshwater Biodiversity

Dawson, Virginia, University of California, Berkeley
Strategies of Disjunction in Tiwa, Umswai, India

Diamond, Kelly M., Clemson University
Do the Best Come First? An Examination of Migration Performance Over the Course of Migration Pulses Among Hawaiian Stream Fishes

Dillon, Erin M., University of California, Santa Barbara
Reconstructing Historical Shark Communities on Pacific Reefs in Panama

DiNapoli, Robert J., University of Oregon
The Evolution of the Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile) Monumental Landscape

Freund, Cathryn, Wake Forest University
The Role of Landslides in Tropical Montane Forest Diversity and Species Responses to Climate Change in the Peruvian Andes

Gibson, Joshua Caleb, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
The Evolution and Functional Morphology of Australian Trap-Jaw Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Herman, Jordan M., University of Utah
Do Ecologically Distinct Argentine Parasites Have Interacting Effects on Host Fitness?

Hoequist, Ida, University of Virginia
The Use of Language, Music, and the Speech Surrogates Between Them in Wamsok, Papua New Guinea

Hollarsmith, Jordan, University of California, Davis
Deep Sea Kelp Ecosystems: Quantifying Marine Biodiversity at Unexplored Depths in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Hutter, Carl, University of Kansas
The Impact of Co-Occurrence and Acoustic Partitioning on Mating Signal Evolution in Replicate Assemblages of Frogs From Madagascar

Jackson, Margaret S., Dartmouth College
Constraining Cosmogenic Helium-3 Production Rates Over Time Using Lava Flows From the Valley of the Volcanoes, Peru

Jantzen, Johanna, University of Florida
Diversification and Niche Evolution in Neotropical Tibouchina s.s. (Melastomataceae) in Brazil

Lado, Paula, Ohio State University
Unravelling Tick-Borne Disease Dynamics Across the United States: An Integrated Approach

Lana, Justin Thomas, Duke University
Assessing Disease Risk in Humans and Domestic Dogs Using GPS Tracking Devices: A Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Case Study in Peru

Lin, Yi-Ling, Washington University in St. Louis
The Environmental Effect of Bronze Production During the Shang Dynasty at Anyang, Henan Province, China

Loy, Xingwen, Emory University
Impacts of Pollination Network Structure on Pollination Function in Colorado

Medina, F. Nicolas, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Fig-Stranglers Hybridize: Testing the Significance of Hybridization in New World Ficus in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Guatemala

Palefsky, Gina, University of California, Merced
Building a Biogeochemical Baseline for the Khao Wong Prachan Valley, Central Thailand: Contextualizing Mobility, Migration, and Social Inequality During the Iron Age (c. 600 BC– AD 500)

Patton, Colleen, University of Arizona
Investigating the Impact of Language Ideologies on an Endangered Language of Scotland: Language Variation and Use in Scottish Gaelic

Perret, Daniel, Brown University
Assessing Climate-Driven Extinction Risk by Measuring Population Performance of North American Pines

Pinilla Buitrago, Gonzalo Enrique, City University of New York
Predicting Communities of Small Mammals on Mexican Cloud Forest Islands: The Role of Connectivity Based on Environments of the Past

Porten, John, University of California, San Diego
Civil Society, Civil War: The Use and Abuse of Civilian Networks in Conflict Zones in Nepal, 1996–2006

Postemski, Megan, University of Pennsylvania
Cultivating Communities: An Archaeology of Agrarian Landscapes and Life on the Eastern Frontier, 1760–1820, Maine

Povilonis de Vilchez, Natalie, New York University
Beyond the Monolith: Documenting Ideologically Conditioned Variation for Chanka Quechua Language Maintenance in Present-Day Peru

Ravary, Riley, University of Florida
Governance in Transboundary Protected Areas: Analyzing Community Experiences at Mount Elgon National Park in Uganda

Reid, David, University of Illinois at Chicago
Exploration of Desert Roads and Prehistoric Waystations: Mapping Wari State Expansion in the Majes-Ocoña Valleys, Southern Peru (AD 600–1000)

Roberts, May B., University of California, Santa Cruz
Evolutionary Potential for Adaptation Among Coral Reef Fish Species in the Philippines

Ronkos, Danielle, City University of New York
Tone Features and Contact Effects in Sikles Gurung in Nepal

Savagian, Amanda, Princeton University
Coordinated Vocalizations and Decision-Making in a Cooperatively Nesting Neotropical Bird in Panama

Scheckel, Kelsey, University of California, Berkeley
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? The Chemical Ecology and Deceptive Strategies of the Slave-Making Ant, Formica aserva, in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, California

Sevastakis, Ekaterina Eleanor, University of Virginia
Social Differentiation in Early and Middle Minoan Crete: A Zooarchaeological Approach to Regional and Temporal Variation

Sitek, Matthew J., University of California, San Diego
Community Networks at the Edge of Ancient Andean States: A View From the Tiwanaku Frontier, Locumba, Peru (ca. AD 500–1100)

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A Spirit of Remembrance: Investigating the Mnemonic Nature of Niitsitapi Personal Names

Mattison, Siobhan, University of Washington

The Behavioral Ecology of Sex-Biased Parental Favoritism Among the Ethnic Na (Moso) of Southwest China

Meyer, Matthew, University of Virginia

The Influence of Globalization on an Amazonian Ayahuasca Church

O'Neill, Eric, Utah State University

Evolutionary Potential and Penotypic Plasticity of a Frog in Its Native (Puerto Rico) and Introduced (Hawaii) Ranges

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A Stage-Based Population Model for a Non-Symbiotic Coral in the Galapagos and Implications for Conservation

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Impact of Forest Changes in the Emergence of Tick-Borne Diseases in Inner Mongolia

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The Sound Patterns of Hidatsa, a Siouan Language Spoken in North Dakota

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Diatoms of Ancient Lakes Ohrid and Prespa, Macedonia

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Major Histocompatability Complex, Ornaments, and Mate Choice in the Kansas Dickcissel

Tripp, Erin, Duke University

Systematics and Pollination Syndrome Transitions in the Mexican Form of the Species-Rich Genus Ruellia

Tsai, Howard, University of Michigan

Archaeological Survey of the Quebrada Del Caracol in the Jequetepeque Valley, Peru

Urbani, Bernardo, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Study of the Spatial Memory and Foraging Strategies of Capuchins (Costa Rica)

Vary, Laura, University of California, Irvine

Factors Promoting the Maintenance of Monoecy in the Malagasy Sapindaceae

Vinueza, Luis, Oregon State University

Conservation Ecology of Galapagos Rocky Shores in the Face of Human Disturbance and Climate Change

Whitfield, Steven, Florida International University

Spatial Scale, Determinants of Abundance, and Demography in a Collapsing Tropical Herpetofauna, Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Wise, Erika, University of Arizona

Investigation of a Unique Hydroclimatic Transition Zone in Wyoming

Young, Kristin, University of California, Irvine

Facilitation of Succession in Tropical Pasture by an Al Hyper-Accumulator in Costa Rica

Zacher, Melanie, University of Illinois, Chicago

Violent Transformations in the Late Iron Age of Western Kenya



Cannariato, Kevin, University of Southern California

Thai Stalagmites and Regional Rainfall Prediction and Hypotheses of Future Global Climate Change

Choo, Juanita, University of Texas at Austin

Tritophic Interactions Between Humans, Palms, and Weevils with the Hoti Peple of the Venezuelan Amazon

de la Sancha, Noé, Texas Tech University

Study of the effects of habitat fragmentation on small marsupials (Didelphidae) in Paraguay

Dominy, Nathaniel, University of California, Santa Cruz

Characterization of the stable isotopes and mechanical properties of putative hominin foods through a sampling of a variety of plant underground storage organs, such as tubers, roots, rhizomes, and corms

Endonino, John, University of Florida and SEARCH, Inc.

Reconnaissance survey and test excavations within the Lake Monroe Conservation Area, St. Johns River, FL, to understand the relationship between, and integration of, what might be the earliest burial mounds in the Southeastern U.S. and the places of everyday habitation of the hunter-gatherers who built them between 4000-2000 B.C.

Fichtner, Elizabeth, University of California, Davis

Investigation of ecophysiological factors mediating pathogen survival in forests infested with Sudden Oak Death in Sonoma County, California

Fisher, Carolyn, City University of New York

Growers' Views of the Fair Trade Coffee Commodity Chain

Glaser, Amelia, University of Pennsylvania

Study of rural markets in the Ukraine and interviews about changes in the markets during the Soviet period as part of a study of the cultural significance of local marketplaces to historical relations between Jews, Russians, Ukrainians, and Poles

Grace, Tony, Kansas State University

A worldwide study of the population genetics and breeding structure of the Indian meal moth to provide information on genetic variability, gene flow, and migration patterns within the United States and across continents

Guo, Zibin, University of Tennessee

Interviews with local historians, Asian American scholars, and community leaders in selected cities to gain an in-depth understanding of the social and cultural development of six Asian American populations and their contributions to the social, economic, cultural, and political landscapes of the American West

Hale Gallardo, Jennifer, University of Florida

Exploration of transformations in indigenous healing modalities and the emergence of new forms of expertise at an intercultural hospital in Cuetzalan, Puebla, Mexico

Hock, Andrew N., University of California, Los Angeles

The Physical and Chemical Nature of Three Lakes in Bolivia as a Proxy for Ancient Mars

Janz, Lisa, University of Arizona

Initial archaeological survey of sub-sites at Bayan Dzak in the Gobi Desert-one of the most significant sites in Mongolia, containing artifacts from occupations ranging from 5 to 15,000 years ago-using a GPS and a topographic base map

Mahdi, Leena, University of Hawaii, Manoa

First Fungi and Yeast Samples from Several Hawaiian Islands

Miles, William, Northeastern University

Gathering of oral testimony from elderly informants and community leaders in Southeast Asia along the Upper Mekong River dividing Laos from Burma to study the contemporary implications of French versus British colonialism for partitioned peoples

Nelson, Stewart, Project Nautilus

Documentation of the world's first Arctic submarine, the Nautilus, scuttled in 1,100 feet of water near Bergen, Norway, using a manned submersible

Riihimaki, Catherine, Bryn Mawr College

Pilot study in Glacier National Park to look at environmental change near Grinnell Glacier by collecting and analyzing several lake sediment cores, which record changes in ecology and climate over hundreds to thousands of years

Russello, Michael, Yale University

Exploratory study to examine ecological, behavioral, and genetic mechanisms underlying the successful invasion of North America by the Monk Parakeet; observational and non-invasive genetic data will be collected to study breeding biology, behavior, an social structure within and among colony nests

Tamir, Orit, New Mexico Highlands University

Study of the rise and spread of the Navajo Sun Dance, in the context of social-cultural changes

Vanden Brooks, John, Yale University

Collection of 500 alligator eggs from Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana for an examination of the effects of varying the partial pressure of oxygen on their development

Watson, Adam, University of Virginia

Analysis of faunal remains and a pilot study of Outram's fracture freshness index at the Neolithic village site of Catalhoyuk, Turkey

Zaspel, Jennifer, University of Florida

Investigation of the evolution of blood feeding and disease transmission potential in the vampire moths of Nepal(Lepidoptera: Catocalidae)