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2021-2022 Library & Museum Fellows

The American Philosophical Society’s Library & Museum is excited to announce its 2021-2022 Fellowship recipients! This year, the Society has awarded eight long-term fellowships and ten short-term fellowships for scholarly research in the history of science, Native American studies, and early American history. 

Three of these fellowships are underwritten by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support Native American and Indigenous research. An additional two-year fellowship for a recent Ph.D. graduate interested in gaining curatorial skills is also supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. 

This is the inaugural year for two additional long-term fellowships and a new short-term fellowship in conjunction with the launch of the David Center for the American Revolution at the American Philosophical Society’s Library & Museum. These include a new 2-year postdoctoral fellowship and a yearlong  predoctoral fellowship supporting research on the American Revolution and Founding Era (1750-1800). The APS is also pleased to launch a complementary short-term research fellowship in collaboration with The Swan Historical Foundation, Inc. in Titusville, NJ on revolutionary-era material culture.

Learn more about the American Philosophical Society's Fellowships and how to apply on the APS website. Congratulations to all recipients!

2021-2022 Library & Museum Fellows, American Philosophical Society

Long-Term Fellows

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow

  • Caroline Johnson (2021-2023 Fellow), University of Texas, Austin, “Women in Science”

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Native American Scholars Initiative (NASI) Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Anna Antoniou, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, “Living off the Bay, Past & Present: Revitalizing Chinookan and Lower Chehalis Foodways”"

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Native American Scholars Initiative (NASI) Predoctoral Fellows

  • Anabelle Rodriguez, Rutgers University, “Curating Xunantunich: Conserving Ancient Maya Art and Architecture & Preserving Natural Heritage in an Urban Cultural Landscape of Western Central Belize” [12 months]
  • Jarrett Chapin, University of Wisconsin, Madison, “Settler Democracy: The Thematics of Indigenous Government in Post-Revolutionary American Literature, 1766-1830” [6-months]

The David Center for the American Revolution Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Sean Gallagher, University of California, Davis, “Slaves of the Revolution: Enslaved Public Labor in the War for Independence”

The David Center for the American Revolution Predoctoral Fellow

  •  Nicole Breault, University of Connecticut, Storrs, “The Night Watch of Boston: Law and Governance in Eighteenth-Century British America”

Friends of the APS Predoctoral Fellowship in Early American History (to 1840) 

  • Molly Nebiolo, Northeastern University, “Constructing Health: Concepts of Well-Being in the Creation of Early Atlantic Cities”

John C. Slater Predoctoral Fellow in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

  • Rebecca Jackson, Indiana University Bloomington, “Measuring Well: Clinical Measuring Practices and Philosophy of Measurement”


Short-Term Fellows

David Center for the American Revolution Short-Term Resident Research Fellows

  • Kieran O’Keefe, George Washington University, “Suffering for the Crown: The Hudson Valley Loyalists, Violence, and Forced Migration in Revolutionary North America”
  • Adam McNeil, Rutgers University, “‘I Would No Go With Him’: Black Women, Liberty, and Loyalism in the Revolutionary Era Mid-Atlantic, 1775-1815”
  • Keely Smith, Princeton University, “Communicating Power and Sovereignty: Creek and Seminole Communication Networks, 1715-1880”
  • Helena Yoo Roth, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, "American Timelines: Imperial Communications, Colonial Time-Consciousness, and the Coming of the American Revolution"

Swan Foundation Short-Term Resident Research Fellow for Revolutionary-Era Material Culture

  • Alexandra Macdonald, The College of William & Mary, "The Social Life of Time in the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1660-1830"

Indigenous Community Research Fellows

  • Gertrude Smith and Reba Franco, “Yavapai-Apache Nation Language Revitalization”
  • Abelardo de la Cruz de la Cruz, “Nahuatl Voices in Nahua Communities in the Huasteca Region of Mexico”

Daythal L. Kendall Fellow in Native American Studies

  • Baligh Ben Taleb, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, “Reckoning with the Legacy of American Settler Colonialism: Treaty Claims and Western Shoshoni Quest for Justice”

Leon and Joanne V. C. Knopoff Library Resident Research Fellow 

  • Marion Alexander, Houston Community College, “The Status of Continued Fractions in the Late 18th & Early 19th Century Atlantic World”

Isaac Comly Martindale Fund Fellow

  • Kathleen Burns, Duke University, “Vegetal Forms: How Plants Cultivate Life in Literature and Science”

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