2021-2022 Mellon Foundation Native American Scholars Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow
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Anna Antoniou is an anthropological archaeologist and a recent Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Native American Studies Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow at the American Philosophical Society’s Library & Museum. Through community-based participatory research, she uses an archaeological understanding of past subsistence practices to serve Indigenous groups in their efforts to revitalize traditional foodways, reclaim legal rights to culturally relevant resources, and improve dietary health. The National Geographic Society, Rackham Program in Public Scholarship, and the American Philosophical Society have funded her research. She has conducted fieldwork in Arizona, British Columbia, California, Cyprus, Michigan, North Carolina, Romania, and Washington.

Research Project: “Living off the Bay, Past & Present: Revitalizing Chinookan and Lower Chehalis Foodways”