Treasures of the APS

Online only

Among the thousands of linear feet of manuscripts at the APS, a few individual items stand out for the extraordinary stories they tell about the history of this nation, the workings of science, or the culture in which we live.

In this exhibit, the staff of the Manuscripts Department has assembled a few of the more compelling items from the APS collections to share with the public, ranging from one of the oldest manuscripts in the collections to a few dating from the dawn of the information age. Although these items do not reflect a single theme, in aggregate they sketch out the history of the APS as seen through the activities and interests of its Members, and present a perspective of the development of this nation over the past two and a half centuries. The circulation of social and scientific ideas, the tastes and aesthetics of American citizens, and the conflicting desires for the future of the United States are all reflected in the items in this online exhibition.