Mildred Cohn: Trailblazer


Mildred Cohn (1913-2009) was a biochemist who advanced the study of metabolic processes, research that contributed to the development of medical technologies like the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). She started her career in physics, reaching new frontiers in understanding chemical reactions at the atomic level. Using innovative technologies -- mass spectrometer, nuclear magnetic resonance, and electronic paramagnetic resonance -- to elucidate organic reactions. Her research included metabolic studies, mechanisms of enzymatic reactions, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and electron spin.

The image galleries below highlight some of the important work done by Cohn and offer a glimpse of of what this valuable collection has to offer. To learn more about Mildred Cohn, and to use the collection, visit the finding aid here. 

This exhibit was written and curated by Ann Reinhardt.