Members Bibliography and Biography Project (1775–1785)

APS Members were a who’s who of thinkers during the rise of natural philosophy and science, medical inquiry, and native ethnography; as politics boiled over into an Age of Revolutions across the Atlantic World, many Members put themselves at the heart of the Revolutions in Americas and Europe. Their ideas, explorations, experiments, and musings were the Enlightenment: scientific, philosophical, and political, put into print—into black and white—for all to see.

Thanks to support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, we were able to focus on constructing a database for all of the major print works—books, pamphlets, and other standalone texts—published by the one hundred and one men elected to the APS around the American Revolution. The final project spans the Society’s founding in 1743 to the Civil War in 1865, around 1,600 people, with about 800 elected before the year 1800.