Jefferson Garden Installation

Jefferson Garden installation, "A Peculiar Craft," on view through December 2021.

A Peculiar Craft in the Jefferson Garden 
The newest artist installation in the Jefferson Garden, A Peculiar Craft, is now on display! The installation speaks to themes in the exhibition Dr. Franklin, Citizen Scientist

The installation brings to life a set of sketches found in the Franklin-Bache papers held in the Society's Library. Artists Ben Neiditz and Zach Fay used sketches of “boat for pleasure or fishing parties on the Delaware River” and information gleaned from APS staff to construct A Peculiar Craft. The installation prompts viewers to think about Franklin’s connections to the water, the sciences of studying it, and the labor and economics behind understanding its rhythms. 

We hope you have time to sail by the Jefferson Garden and catch a glimpse of the installation. A Peculiar Craft will be in the Garden until the end of December 2021. The Jefferson Garden is only open to the public during certain public programs. To learn more about APS events, visit this page.