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2018-2019 Fellowship Cohort

Congratulations to the American Philosophical Society Fellowship recipients for 2018-2019! Each year, the Society offers two long-term, two digital humanities, and twenty to twenty-five short-term fellowships for scholarly research in its archival collections, particularly on topics relating to the history of science, Native American studies, and Early American history. The Society also awards six fellowships and three undergraduate internships underwritten by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support Native American and Indigenous research. The APS Museum awards one two-year Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellowship each year for recent Ph.D. graduates interested in gaining curatorial skills. Find out more about the American Philosophical Society’s Fellowships and how to apply on the APS website.

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Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellowship

  • Janine Yorimoto Boldt, College of William & Mary, "The Art of Plantation Authority: Domestic Portraiture in Colonial Virginia"

Andrew W. Mellon Native American Scholars Initiative (NASI) Fellows and Interns

  • Predoctoral Fellow

    • Christopher Green, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “This Feeling of Being Together with Your Own: Competing Indigeneities in 20th Century Philadelphia”

  • Postdoctoral Fellow

    • Tiffanie Hardbarger, Northeastern State University, “Sustainable Communities: Through the Lens of Cherokee Youth”

  • Digital Knowledge Sharing Fellows

    • Patrick Burtt, University of California-Los Angeles “The Waší·šiw World Under Fire: State Sanctioned Genocide & the Washoe Tribe of NV & CA in the California Gold Rush and Nevada Silver Rush, 1848 – 1868”

    • Ashley Cordes, University of Oregon, “Currency as Communication in American Indian Communities and the Strengthening of Tribal Sovereignty”

    • Maria Montenegro, University of California-Los Angeles, “Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians’ acknowledgement petition”

    • Saul Schwartz, University of California-Berkeley, “Digital Database of Chiwere Texts”

  • Undergraduate Interns

    • Ashton Dunkley, Temple University

    • Mowana Lomaomvaya, Northern Arizona University

    • Ian McAlpin, Northeastern State University

Long-Term Fellows

  • Friends of the APS Fellowship in Early American History (to 1840)

    • Nicole Schroeder, University of Virginia, “Incurable Defects: Welfare, Medicine, and the Disabled Body in Philadelphia, 1790-1840”

  • History of Science, Technology, and Medicine Fellowship

    • Lauren Kapsalakis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Pedagogy, Practice, and Place: Field Schools as Laboratories in American Anthropology, 1929-1975”

Digital Humanities Fellows

  • Loren Michael Mortimer, University of California-Davis, “(re)Mapping Kaniatarowanenneh: A Digital Atlas of Native American Political Ecology on the Upper St. Lawrence River, 1603-1850”

  • Serenity Sutherland, SUNY Oswego, “Visualizing 19th and 20th Century Women in Science”

Short-Term Fellows

  • Barra Foundation Fellowship

    • Ann Daly, Brown University, “Hard Money: The Making of a Specie Currency, 1828-1846”

    • Andrea Nero, SUNY Buffalo, “Beggars and Kings: Early American Scientific Societies' Discourses about Marginalized Peoples”

  • Leon and Joanne V.C. Knopoff Fellowship

    • Theodora Dryer, University of California-San Diego, “Designing Certainty: The Rise of Algorithmic Computing in an Age of Anxiety, 1920-1960”

  • Eugene Garfield Fellowship

    • Emily Herring, University of Leeds, “Philosophical Biology: The Reception of Henry Bergson’s Creative Evolution in French and British Biology”

    • Andrew Robbins, Rutgers University, “Mutating the Social: Afterlives of Darwinism in Liberal-era Italy”

  • Isaac Comly Martindale Fund Fellowship<

    • Luis Alberto Arrioja, El Colegio de Michoacán, “Under the Insects' Twilight: Climate, Plagues and Disasters in Central America (1769-1890)”

    • Alison Laurence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Deep Time in the Modern United States: Extinct Animal Encounters and the Ethics of Exhibition”

  • William T. Golden Fellowship

    • Pollyanna Rhee, Columbia University, “Designing Natural Advantages: Environmental Visions, Civic Ideals, and Architecture for Community, 1920-1970”

  • Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship

    • Catherine Denial, Knox College, “Mother of All Living: Motherhood, Religion, and Political Culture at the Ojibwe Village of Fond du Lac, 1830-1840”

    • Cordelia Frewen, University of British Columbia, “Redefining, Crafting, and Re/Presenting Contemporary Ethnicities: Honduran National Identity, 1994-2006”

    • E. Bennett Jones, Northwestern University, “The Indians Say: Settler Colonialism and the Scientific Study of Animals, 1772-1860”

    • Michelle Lelièvre, The College of William and Mary, “Unsettling Mobility: Mediating Mi'kmaw Sovereignty in Post-Contact Nova Scotia”

    • Valentina Mann, University of Cambridge, “Theories of the Mind and the Disciplining of Anthropology, c.1880-1911”

    • Laurel Waycott, Yale University, “Patterns of Creation: Organic Forms in the Science of Life, 1880-1930”

  • Friends of the American Philosophical Society Fellowship

    • Jason Chernesky, University of Pennsylvania, “The Littlest Victims: Pediatric AIDS and Children's Health in Twentieth-Century Urban America, 1945-2015”

    • Julia Grummitt, Princeton University, “The Great National Work: Visualizing Territory and Race in 19th Century North America”

    • Dawn Odell, Lewis & Clark College, “Andreas Everardus van Braam Houckgeest”

    • Rachael Pasierowska, Rice University, “Beasts, Birds, and Bondsmen: Animal and Slave Interactions in Atlantic World Slavery”

  • François André Michaux Fund Fellowship

    • Alyssa Greene, University of Utah, “In the Field: Women and the American Eugenics Movement”

    • Sunguk Jung, University of Toronto, “Genetics on the Border Zone: The Role of Harvard’s Bussey Institution in the Development of Modern Genetics”

  • Daythal L. Kendall Fellowship

    • Angie Bain, Union of BC Indian Chiefs, “Reinterpreting Collections, Revitalizing Knowledge: Examining and Contextualizing the James Alexander Teit Manuscripts of the ACLS Collection”

  • Nancy Halverson Schless Fellowship

    • Carrie Glenn, University of Delaware, “The Revolutionary Atlantic of Elizabeth Beauveau and John Joseph Borie: Commerce, Vulnerability, and U.S. Connections with the French Atlantic, 1780-1820”

  • APS-Jack Miller Center Fellowship

    • Donald Johnson, North Dakota State University, “Thirteen Clocks: Popular Statecraft and the Coming of American Independence”

    • Nicole Mahoney, University of Maryland, “Liberty, Gentility, and Dangerous Liaisons: French Culture and Polite Society in Early National America, 1770-1825”

  • Edward C. Carter II Fellowship

    • Katalin Straner, University of Southampton, “Darwin in Hungary: The Translation and Reception of Evolution in Habsburg Central Europe”

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