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Proceedings Volume 163: Number 2

Proceedings Volume 163: Number 2 Cover
June 2019

From the Symposium
Democracy Today: Ancient Lessons, Modern Challenges
27 April 2018

Democracy Today: Ancient Lessons, Modern Challenges—Introduction
Jack N. Rakove

Two Concepts of Freedom (of Speech)
Teresa M. Bejan

Democracy When the People Are Thinking: Deliberation and Democratic Renewal
James Fishkin

How Russian Hackers and Trolls Exploited U.S. Media in 2016
Kathleen Hall Jamieson


How Art Works: A Conversation between Philosophy and Psychology
Ellen Winner

Dionysus’s Enigmatic Thyrsus
Edward Olszewski

Biographical Memoir

Otis Dudley Duncan
Leo A. Goodman, Robert M. Hauser, and Yu Xie