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Proceedings Volume 161: Number 2

Proceedings 161:2 Cover
June 2017

Reflections on the "Natural Born Citizen" Clause as Illuminated by the Cruz Candidacy
Laurence H. Tribe

Why Odysseus Was Right about Persons
Edward Mendelson

The Herman Heine Goldstine Lecture

The Magic Inside Your Cell Phone and Its Broad Societal Impact
Irwin Mark Jacobs

Biographical Memoirs

Martí de Riquer
Lola Badia

Georges Le Rider
François de Callataÿ

Ray David Owen
Jeffrey Frelinger, Tommy C. Douglas, Elizabeth P. Blankenhorn, Lee Hood

David Malcolm Raup
Andrew H. Knoll

Meyer Howard Abrams
Jonathan Culler, Paul Sawyer, Roger Gilbert