The Mendel Newsletter, No. 14

No. 14, March 2005
American Philosophical Society Library

In this issue:

"The Correspondence of the Tring Museum at the Natural History Museum, London"
Kristen Johnson
Arizona State University

"The Cyril Dean Darlington Papers"
Oren Solomon Harman
The Hebrew University

"Joseph Henry Woodger (1894-1981) Papers at University College London"
Joe Cain
University College London

"Where to Look Next? Agricultural Archives as Resources for the History of Genetics"
Barbara Kimmelman
Philadelphia University

"Foundations of Genetics at the Electronic Scholarly Publishing Project"
Michael R. Dietrich
Dartmouth College

"A Cultural History of Heredity"
Jenny Marie
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

Review: Plants, Patients, and the Historian. (Re)membering the Age of Genetic Engineering, Paolo Pallodino. Rutgers University Press, 2003.
Vassiliki Betty Smocovits
University of Florida

"A Dunn (Re)Discovery"
Charles Greifenstein
American Philosophical Society Library