Five Hundred African Voices: A Catalog of Published Accounts by Africans Enslaved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, 1586-1936

Aaron Spencer Fogleman and Robert Hanserd
Five Hundred African Voices Cover
Lightning Rod Press
Volume 11

The importance of published accounts by African slave ship survivors is well-known but not their existence in large numbers. Fogleman and Hanserd catalog nearly five hundred discrete accounts and more than 2,500 printings of them over four centuries in numerous Atlantic languages. Short biographies of each African, print histories of the complete or partial life story, URL and QR code links to the full text, maps, images, and more make Five Hundred African Voices an invaluable resource for scholars, teachers, students, and others wishing to study transatlantic slavery using African voices.

"An invaluable inventory of published biographical details on 500 Africans from the era of slavery."
–Paul E. Lovejoy FRSC, Distinguished Research Professor of History, York University

"Fogleman and Hanserd have assembled five hundred African voices in an amazing, digital-friendly compilation—a first-rate starting point for studying African perspectives on the Diaspora."
–John K. Thornton, Professor of History and African American Studies, Boston University

"Five Hundred Voices is a remarkable achievement—an indispensable resource for scholars of Atlantic slavery and abolition, as well as student researchers."
–Randy J. Sparks, Professor of History, Tulane University