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Past, Present, and Future of Libraries Papers

"The Past, Present, and Future of Libraries," September 27-29, 2018

Conference papers can be found below.  You will be required to enter a password provided by conference organizers to access them. Please contact the APS at conferences@amphilsoc.org if you are attending the conference but have not yet received the password.

Papers are not to be cited or circulated without the written permission of the author.


Thursday, September 27

Foundations: Reading, Collecting, Discovering

American Philosophical Society
Benjamin Franklin Hall
427 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

2:00–3:00 p.m.: Panel 1: Reading Communities

“From Literary Salon to Library: The Female Mind and the Art of Reading Across the Color Line”
Ariel Silver, Columbus Ohio Institute of Religion

“Women of the Roxburghe Club: Bibliomania, Country Houses and Bridges to the 21st Century”
Sharon Prado, University College Dublin

“New Frontiers in Library History”
Jonathan Rose, Drew University

Comment: John Van Horne, Director Emeritus, Library Company of Philadelphia

3:30–4:30 p.m.: Panel 2: Building Collections

“Ushering in the Era of Expansion: Academic Libraries Supporting Change in American Higher Education, 1860-1920”
Katy Mathuews, Ohio University Alden Library

“Harvard's Public Library: What the Birth of the Harvard Map Collection Can Tell Us about the Changing Meanings of Library Collections”
Lena Denis and David Weimer, Harvard University

“From Wastebasket to Library: Creating the Twentieth Century Literary Archive”
Alison Fraser, University at Buffalo

Comment: David Gary, American Philosophical Society

Friday, September 28

Present: Access, Preservation, and Representation

American Philosophical Society
Benjamin Franklin Hall
427 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

9:30 a.m.–10:30 a.m.: Panel 3: Voices in the Library

“Decolonizing Special Collections: Collection Development for Diversity and Inclusion”
Michael Kelly, Amherst College

“Racial Imaginaries of the Catalog”
Laura Helton, University of Delaware

“Transforming Trapped Audio: Digitization in Indigenous Contexts”
Sarah Dupont, The University of British Columbia

Comment: Guha Shankar, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress

11:00–12:00 p.m.: Panel 4: Access and Accessibility

“Take me Into the Library and Show Me Myself: Towards Authentic Accessibility in Digital Libraries”
Dorothy Berry, Houghton Library

“Changing Attitudes toward Access to Special Collections”
Jae Rossman, Yale University Library

“Preservation of Electric Government Information: An Urgent National Priority”
Scott Matheson, Yale Law School

Comment: Bethany Wiggin, University of Pennsylvania

Saturday, September 29

Future: Virtual Libraries

American Philosophical Society
Benjamin Franklin Hall
427 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

9:30–10:30 a.m.: Panel 5: Tools and Technologies

“The Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts: A Special Collections Research Tool for the 21st Century”
Emma Cawlfield, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

“Expanding Access to Library Collections in Three Dimensions”
Zachariah Lischer-Katz and Matthew Cook, University of Oklahoma Libraries

“The New Wave of Digital Collections: Reimagining Library Curation for Multi-Faceted Data-Sets”
H. Alexander Wermer-Colan and James Kopaczewski, Temple University

Comment: Scott Ziegler, Louisiana State University

11:00–12:00 p.m.: Panel 6: Networks, Collaboration, and Community

“The Collection is the Network: Collection Collaboration and Cooperation at Network Scale”
Daniel Dollar and Sarah Tudesco, Yale University Library, with Jeff Kosokoff, Duke University Libraries

“Refworld: Future Frontiers for Special Collections Libraries”
Rachael Dreyer, The Pennsylvania State University

“Library Metadata as Linked Data: Transition, Transformation, and Accountability”
Philip Schreur, Stanford University

Comment: Will Noel, University of Pennsylvania