Helen Quinn on Doing and Teaching Science

Helen Quinn

How do we understand the things we cannot see – the tiniest building blocks that make up our physical world? And then how do we teach about them? On this episode, Dr. Patrick Spero talks with leading particle physicist Dr. Helen Quinn. They discuss the theory and research behind particle physics and how such complex science can and should be taught in K-12 curricula.

Dr. Helen Quinn is Professor Emerita and Former Chair of the Department of Particle Physics and Astrophysics at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. In theoretical physics, she has made contributions to how we understand the interactions between particles and what this can teach us about matter and antimatter. After Dr. Quinn retired from Stanford, she translated her scientific expertise into leading a National Research Council study that produced a new framework for K-12 Science education.

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Clip on the National Accelerator Courtesy SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.