November 2014

Glenn D. Lowry, Marina Abramović, Doug Aitken, J. Craig Venter, Paul Freedman, Danny Meyer, Krishnendu Ray, Barbara Ketcham Wheaton, Dana Small, Kay Kaufman Shelemay, Rosanna Warren, Regna Darnell, Anthony F. C. Wallace, Timothy B. Powell, Jack Rakove, John V. Fleming

Thursday Afternoon, November 6, 2014
1:15 p.m.

Clyde F. Barker
President, in the Chair

Induction of New Members

A Conversation

The 21st century has seen a number of new initiatives that have pushed the boundaries of how we experience and engage with art. Marina Abramović and Doug Aitken are among the most daring and innovative artists to explore new ways of thinking about art and museums. They will be joined by Glenn D. Lowry in a conversation about their work, which has ranged from long-duration performance to a nationwide rolling “museum,” and the different ways contemporary art and the museum can, and must, engage each other.

Glenn D. Lowry, Director, Museum of Modern Art

Marina Abramović, Performance Artist

Doug Aitken, Multimedia Artist


Life at the Speed of Light
J. Craig Venter
Founder, Chairman and CEO, J. Craig Venter Institute
Co-founder and CEO, Synthetic Genomics
Co-founder and CEO, Human Longevity, Inc.


Friday Morning, November 7, 2014
9:15 a.m.

Linda Greenhouse
Vice President, in the Chair


What’s on the Menu in Food Culture?
Paul Freedman, Moderator
Professor of History
Yale University

Restaurants Past and Present
Danny Meyer
New York City Restaurateur
CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group

Food Culture as Youth Culture: The Assumed Triviality of Cooked Food and Its Contemporary Cultural Significance
Krishnendu Ray
Associate Professor of Food Studies
Chair, Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health
New York University

Cookbooks and Reality
Barbara Ketcham Wheaton
Honorary Curator of the Culinary Collection, Schlesinger Library
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University

On the Psychology and Neurobiology of Taste, Flavor, and Feeding
Dana Small
Professor of Psychiatry
Fellow, The John B. Pierce Laboratory
Yale University

Friday Afternoon, November 7, 2014
1:15 p.m.

Barbara J. Grosz
Vice President, in the Chair

Presentation of Society Awards and Prizes

Songs That Speak
Kay Kaufman Shelemay
G. Gordon Watts Professor of Music
Professor of African and African American Studies
Harvard University

Poetry Reading
Rosanna Warren
Hanna Holborn Gray Distinguished Service Professor
The Committee on Social Thoughts
The University of Chicago


Students From the Curtis Institute of Music
3:00 p.m.


Saturday Morning, November 8, 2014
9:15 a.m.

John W. O’Malley
Vice President, in the Chair

A Framing Introduction
Regna Darnell
Founding Director
The University of Western Ontario’s First Nations Studies Program

How to Buy a Continent: The Protocol of Indian Treaties as Developed by Benjamin Franklin and Other Members of the American Philosophical Society
Anthony F. C. Wallace
University Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus
University of Pennsylvania

Steering a Course Set by Thomas Jefferson: New Developments in Curating the Native American Collections at the American Philosophical Society
Timothy B. Powell
Director, Center for Native American and Indigenous Research
American Philosophical Society

James Madison’s Dilemma – And Ours
Jack Rakove
William R. Coe Professor of History and American Studies
Stanford University

Sanative Contagion Among Cambridge Platonists
John V. Fleming
Fairchild Professor of English
Professor of Comparative Literature
Princeton University