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November 2005

Jean Bennett, Paula Tallal, Fernando Nottebohm, Phillip A. Sharp, Drew G. Faust, John B. Holcomb, Jeremy A. Sabloff, Victoria R. Bricker, Paula Varsano, Pauline Yu, Kenneth Pomeranz, Dwight H. Perkins, Judith Resnik, Dennis E. Curtis, Rita R. Colwell, Richard S. Dunn

Thursday November 10

Gene Therapy for Congenital Blindness
Jean Bennett
Professor, Ophthalmology, Cell and Developmental Biology
University of Pennsylvania

Improving Language and Literacy: Moving Research from the Laboratory to the Classroom
Paula Tallal
Board of Governor's Professor of Neuroscience
Rutgers University

Neuronal Replacement in the Adult Brain
Fernando Nottebohm
Rockefeller University

The Surprising Biology of Short RNAs
Phillip A. Sharp
Institute Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Friday, November 11

Counting the Dead: Historical Reflections on the Casualty List
Drew G. Faust
Dean, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Lincoln Professor of History, Harvard University

Research Issues Related to Combat Casualty Care
John B. Holcomb
Commander, United States Army Institute of Surgical Research
Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston

It Depends on How We Look at Things: New Perspectives on the Postclassic Period in the Northern Maya Lowlands
Jeremy A. Sabloff
Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Endowed Term Professor in the Social Sciences
University of Pennsylvania

Literary Continuities Across the Transformation from Maya Hieroglyphic to Alphabetic Writing
Victoria R. Bricker
Professor of Anthropology
Tulane University

Enduring Pleasures: Classical Chinese Poetry in a Visual Age
Paula Varsano
Associate Professor of Chinese Literature
University of California at Berkeley

Chinese Poetry and the European Imagination
Pauline Yu
American Council of Learned Societies

Chinese Development in Long-Run Perspective
Kenneth Pomeranz
Chancellor's Professor of History
University of California at Irvine

Chinese Development: A Contemporary Perspective
Dwight H. Perkins
Professor Of Economics
Harvard University


Saturday Morning, November 12

Representing Justice: From Renaissance Iconography to Twenty-First Century Courthouses
Judith Resnik
Arthur Liman Professor of Law
Yale Law School

Dennis E. Curtis
Clinical Professor
Yale Law School

Oceans, Climate, and Health: The Cholera Paradigm
Rita R. Colwell
Distinguished University Professor
University of Maryland/Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

The Contrast between Slave Life in Jamaica and Virginia, 1760-1865
Richard S. Dunn
Co-Executive Officer
American Philosophical Society