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November 2003

Barbara J. Grosz, Ruby B. Lee, Eytan Sheshinski, James E. McClellan III, Piotr Michalowski, Robert McCormick Adams, Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw, Ruth Fine, Joseph P. Vacanti, Brunilde S. Ridgway, Jeffrey Collins, John M. Coffin, Robin A. Weiss, Luis P. Villarreal, Greg Bear

Friday, November 14

Beyond Mice and Menus
Barbara J. Grosz
Higgins Professor of Natural Sciences, Harvard University
Dean of Science, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Architecture for Cyber Security
Ruby B. Lee
Forrest G. Hamrick Professor of Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering
Princeton University

Policy Implications on Bounded Rationality
Eytan Sheshinski
Sir Isaac Wolfson Professor of Public Finance
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Accident, Luck and Serendipity in Historical Research
James E. McClellan III
Professor of History of Science
Stevens Institute of Technology

Ancient Mesopotamia: An Antique Land and a Ravaged Past
Piotr Michalowski
George G. Cameron Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations
University of Michigan

Contexts of Iraqi Looting
Robert McCormick Adams
Adjunct Professor, Department of Anthropology
University of California at San Diego

Portraiture and the Development of African American Identity in the 19th Century
Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw
Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture and of African and African American Studies
Harvard University

Expanding the Mainstream: Romare Bearden Revisited
Ruth Fine
Curator of Special Projects in Modern Art
National Gallery of Art


Saturday, November 15

Henry La Barre Jayne Lecture
Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering
Joseph P. Vacanti
John Homans Professor of Surgery
Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

The Study of Greek Sculpture in the 21st Century
Brunilde S. Ridgway
R. Carpenter Professor of Archaeology Emerita
Bryn Mawr College

Megalithomania: Obelisks and Empire in Papal Rome
Jeffrey Collins
Associate Professor of Art History
University of Washington

Symposium: Virus Paleontology, Disease And Evolution

Edwin Kilbourne, Moderator

Evolution of Retroviruses: Fossils in our DNA
John M. Coffin
Professor of Molecular Biology and Microbiology
Tufts University

Circe, Cassandra and Trojan Pigs: Xenotransplantation
Robin A. Weiss
Professor of Viral Oncology
University College London

Can Persisting Viruses Drive Human Evolution?
Luis P. Villarreal
Director, Center for Virus Research
University of California at Irvine

When Genes Go Walkabout: Viruses in the Blueprint
Greg Bear