The American Philosophical Society, founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1743, proudly bears the title of the nation's oldest learned society.  Our founders participated in the birth of American democracy. It pains us greatly that all these years later, our nation's promise has yet to be fulfilled.  We join all Americans of good will in deploring the senseless murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police. Over these past months the Society has hosted a number of virtual programs.  Even as we now resume our work with the offering of new programs, our attention remains focused on the senseless loss of innocent lives and our commitment to the difficult, necessary conversations and actions we must all take to begin to ensure that such tragedies end. Read more about virtual programming and resources that can be accessed remotely. Read more about the APS response to COVID-19.

April 2014

Harry Gray, David B. Wake, Genevieve Bell, Linda Greenhouse, Charlotte Greenspan, Jerrold Meinwald, Caroline A. Jones, Peter L. Galison, Charles F. Kennel, William Nordhaus, Joseph J. Rishel, Jennifer D. Keene, Ross A. Kennedy, Jonathan Reed Winkler

April 24, 2014

Induction of New Members

The 21st Century Solar Army
Harry Gray
Arnold O. Beckman Professor of Chemistry
California Institute of Technology

Amphibians: Harbingers of a Biodiversity Crisis
David B. Wake
Professor of the Graduate School in Integrative Biology
University of California at Berkeley

Herman Heine Goldstine Lecture

Ducks, Dolls and Robots: Toward a Cartography of Fear and Wonder
Genevieve Bell
Intel Fellow and Director of User Experience Research
Intel Corporation

April 25, 2014


Linda Greenhouse, Moderator

Richard Rodgers Between Two Lyricists
Charlotte Greenspan
Independent Scholar
Ithaca, New York

Looking Backwards: A Half-Century Collaboration with Thomas Eisner
Jerrold Meinwald
Goldwin Smith Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Cornell University

The “Artist Function” and Collaboration in Contemporary Art
Caroline A. Jones
Professor of Art History
History, Theory, Criticism Section of the Department of Architecture
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Collaborating in Time
Peter L. Galison
Joseph Pellegrino University Professor, Department of the History of Science
Director, Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments
Harvard University


The Hiatus in Global Warming
Charles F. Kennel
Director and Distinguished Professor, Emeritus
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Carbon Pricing for Climate Change Policy
William Nordhaus
Sterling Professor of Economics
Yale University

Curtis Institute of Music Students


April 26, 2014

Symposium: 100th Anniversary of World War I

John Singer Sargent: Gas Painting
Joseph J. Rishel
Dennis Alter Senior Curator of European Painting Before 1900
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Experiencing World War I
Jennifer D. Keene
Professor and Chair, Department of History
Chapman University

“A Net of Intrigue and Selfish Rivalry”: Woodrow Wilson and Power Politics During World War I
Ross A. Kennedy
Associate Professor, Department of History
Illinois State University

Telecommunications in World War I
Jonathan Reed Winkler
Associate Professor of History
Wright State University