April 2007

William Noel, Roger L. Easton, Steven W. Squyres, Alan C. Nelson, William G. Bradley, Haile T. Debas, Robert S. Lubar, Barbara Mittler, Daniel K. Richter, Daniel J. Kevles

Thursday, April 26

Infinite Possibilities: Eight Years of Study of the Archimedes Palimpsest
William Noel
Curator of Manuscripts and Rare Books
Walters Art Museum , Baltimore , MD


Roger L. Easton, Jr.
Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science
Rochester Institute of Technology

Imaging Mars
Steven W. Squyres
Goldwin Smith Professor Of Astronomy
Cornell University

Cell-CT: The 3D World of Cancer Cells
Alan C. Nelson
Chairman and CEO, VisionGate, Inc.

Imaging In Medicine
William G. Bradley
Professor and Chairman, Department of Radiology
University of California at San Diego

Challenges and Opportunities in Global Health
Haile T. Debas
Executive Director, Global Health Sciences
University of California at San Francisco

Celebratory Concert In Honor Of Mary Maples Dunn And Richard S. Dunn


Friday, April 27

Barcelona and Modernity: Art and Social Movements in the "City of Bombs"
Robert S. Lubar
Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Institute of Fine Arts , New York University

Popular Propaganda? Art and Culture in Revolutionary China
Barbara Mittler
Chair, Institute of Chinese Studies
Center of East Asian Studies at the University of Heidelberg

Re-Reading William Penn's 1681 Letter to the Kings of the Indians
Daniel K. Richter
Director, McNeil Center for Early American Studies
University of Pennsylvania

Protections, Privileges, and Patents: Intellectual Property in Plants from the Late Nineteenth Century to 1930
Daniel J. Kevles
Stanley Woodward Professor of History, Yale University