April 2005


Thursday, April 28


APS on-line membership directory

Nora Monroe and Nanette Holben


Admission of New Members


Symposium: Discovery And Invention In Contemporary Chemistry


Frank H.T. Rhodes, Vice President, in the Chair


Moderator's Remarks

Jerrold Meinwald


Using Deadly Cone Snails to Understand Nervous Systems

Baldomero (Toto) Olivera

Distinguished Professor of Biology

University of Utah


Nano Toys and Nano Art: How Fun and Beauty Inspire Chemical Creativity

Fraser Stoddart

Fred Kavli Chair in Nanosystems Sciences

University of California at Los Angeles


Discovery of New Compounds in Nature

Jon Clardy

Professor, Harvard Medical School


Inventing Complexity From Molecules to Bubbles

George M. Whitesides

Woodford L. and Ann A. Flowers University Professor

Harvard University


Panel Discussion

Jerrold Meinwald



Friday, April 29


Induction of New Members


20th and 21st Century Climate Change

Warren M. Washington

Senior Scientist

The National Center for Atmospheric Research


Earthquake Prediction: A Gambler's Game

Thomas H. Jordan

University Professor and Director of the Southern California Earthquake Center

University of Southern California


Marvels of Bacterial Behavior

Howard C. Berg

Herchel Smith Professor of Physics and Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Harvard University


Treasure Revealed: 260 Years of Collecting at The American Philosophical Society

Sue Ann Prince

Director, Museum Exhibitions & Collections

The American Philosophical Society


Induction of New Members


Found in Translation: Travels Between Languages

Michael Wood

Professor of English

Princeton University


Mark Twain's Humor - With Examples

Robert Middlekauff

Preston Hotchkiss Professor of American History, Emeritus Department of History

University of California at Berkeley


Identity and the Violence of Illusion

Amartya Sen

Lamont University Professor and Professor of Economics and Philosophy

Harvard University



Saturday, April 30


Induction of New Members


Newtonianism for Ladies: Science in the Mirror of Enlightenment Society

Paula Findlen

Ubaldo Pierotti Professor of Italian History

Stanford University


Life in Common and Russian Ideas About Freedom

Caroline Humphrey

Professor of Asian Anthropology

Cambridge University


Atomic Weapons (November 16, 1945)

J. Robert Oppenheimer

California Institute of Technology


Living with Nuclear Weapons: Fifty Years and Counting

Richard L. Garwin

IBM Fellow Emeritus

T.J. Watson Research Center