The Art of Revolutions Conference Papers

October 2628, 2017

Panel 1: Prints, Performance, and Patriots in the Garden

"The Visual Culture of Commemorative Summerhouses in the Age of Revolutions"
Kerry Dean Carso, State University of New York at New Paltz

"Charles Willson Peale, Nancy Hallam, and Shakespeare's Cymbeline on the Revolutionary Stage"
Amy M. E. Morris, Cambridge University

"The Printer and the Painter: Portraying Print Culture in an Age of Revolution"
Martha J. King, Princeton University

Panel 2: Art in the Age of Atlantic Revolutions

Independentistas: Francis Drexel’s Trans-American Gallery of Latin American Revolutionaries
Katherine Manthorne, City University of New York

The Materiality of the Haitian Revolution in the Atlantic World
Ashli White, University of Miami

The Art of Freedom: Camille Pissarro and the Age of Emancipation
Jon Sensbach, University of Florida

Panel 3: Iconoclasts and Vandals

Kill the King: Revolutionary Iconoclasm in New York and London
Wendy Bellion, University of Delaware

Revolutionary Vandalism Assessed: Destruction and Creation in a Drawing by Hubert Robert
Frédérique Baumgartner, Columbia University

Vandalisme Révolutionnaire and Art Policy during the French Revolution
Nausikaä El-Mecky, Heidelberg School of Education

Panel 4: The Revolutionary Politics of Everyday Art

Paper Chiefs: Sayer & Bennett’s Portraits of American Revolutionaries
Amy Torbert, Harvard Art Museums

Printerly Protest in Revolutionary America
Jennifer Chuong, Harvard University

American Idols: Fashions à l’Americaine in Pre-Revolutionary France
Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell, Independent Scholar

Panel 5: Remembering Revolution in Material Culture

“’Cruelly Murdered’: Gravestones and American Innocence, 1775-6
Caitlin Galante-DeAngelis Hopkins, Harvard University

Diamonds and Democracy: Winterhalter’s Royal Portraits after the Revolutions of 1848
John Webley, Columbia University

“’Revolutionary Penelopes”: Patriotic Seamstresses in 19th-century Italian Art
Isabella Campagnol, Istituto Marangoni, Milan

Panel 6: Performance and Public Displays of Revolution

Parade as Persuasion: Re-Thinking New York’s Federal Procession
Laura Auricchio, The New School

“’What Have We to Do with Rome”: The Politics of Art, Spectacle, and Peale’s Triumphal Arch
Amy Ellison, APS

Visualizing Permanence: Materiality and Politics in Depictions of Public Architecture during the French Revolution, 1789-1794
Camille S. Mathieu, University of Exeter