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Brown Bag Lunches

Check back regularly for schedule updates. Brown Bag lunches are held in the Library Hall Board Room (105 South Fifth Street) from 12-1pm unless otherwise noted. Food is not provided, so bring your sack lunch and join us!

Fall 2019 Calendar

September 10 – History of Science Fellows Flash Talks

Prashant Kumar (University of Pennsylvania/2019-2020 John C. Slater Predoctoral Fellow in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine), "Empire of Space and Time: Data and Cosmography in British India, 1783-1924"

Gina Surita (Princeton University/2019-2020 APS Program in the History of Science Predoctoral Fellow), "The Currency of the Cell: Energy, Metabolism, and Life in Twentieth-Century Biochemistry"

September 17 – Native American Scholars Initiative (NASI) Fellows Flash Talks

Mary Kate Kelly (Tulane University/2019-2020 NASI Predoctoral Fellow), "Speech Carved in Stone: Language Variation Among the Ancient Lowland Mayas"

Timothy Bowers Vasko (Barnard College/2019-2020 NASI Postdoctoral Fellow, "Native Information: Indigenous Subjectivity and Political Autonomy in Early-Modern Colonial Arts of Governance, 1492-1690"

October 1 – Early America(s) Fellows Flash Talks

Megan McDonie (The Pennsylvania State University/2019-2020 Program in the History of Science Predoctoral Fellow), "Explosive Encounters: Volcanic Landscapes, Indigenous Knowledge, and Cultural Exchange in Early Modern Mesoamerica"

Hannah Anderson (University of Pennsylvania/2019-2020 Friends of the APS Predoctoral Fellow in Early American History), "Lived Botany: Households, Ecological Adaptation, and the Origins of Settler Colonialism in Early British North America"

October 8 – Alex Aylward (University of Leeds/2019-2020 Eugene Garfield Fellow), "Lives and Afterlives of R.A. Fisher's The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection"

October 15 – Kelly O'Donnell (Jefferson University/2019-2020 Nancy Halverson Schless Fellow), "Hippocratic Vows: How the Doctor's Wife Transformed American Medicine"

October 29– Tara Bynum (Hampshire College/2019-2020 PAAH Mellon Research Scholar, Library Company of Philadelphia), “Kissing John Marrant; Or, an 18thC Man’s Ways of Knowing”

November 12 – Bruce Spadaccini, Jr. (University of Delaware/2019-2020 Jack Miller Center Fellow), "’To the Best of Your Knowledge and Ability’: North American Ship Captains, Commerce, and the Revolutionary Atlantic, 1763-1812”

November 19 – Chip Badley (University of California, Santa Barbara/2019-2020 Friends of the APS Fellow), “The Practiced Eye: Painting and Queer Personhood in Nineteenth-Century America”

December 3 – Katie Lantz (University of Virginia/2019-2020 Daythal L. Kendall Fellow), "Contested Futures: Anishinaabeg and American Cultures in the Great Lakes, 1790-1840"

December 10 – Isabel Gabel (University of Pennsylvania/2019-2020 Eugene Garfield Fellow), “The Living Past: Biology and History in Midcentury France”

December 17 – Adrianna Link (American Philosophical Society), "Urgent for Whom?: Revisiting the Postcolonial Contexts of Urgent Anthropology"