Alexis Anderson
Director, Friends of the APS
aanderson [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Samantha Andreacchi
Associate Editor
sandreacchi [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Christine Brocco
Executive Assistant for Development and Meetings
cbrocco [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Brian Carpenter
Senior Archivist Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR)
bcarpenter [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Marian Christ
Assistant Librarian and Head Cataloguer
mchrist [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Tracey deJong
Processing Archivist of the Britton Chance Papers
tdejong [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Joseph DiLullo
Library Technical Assistant
jdilullo [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Anne E. Downey
Head of Conservation
adowney [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Stephanie Glass
Associate Librarian for Technical Services & Security
sglass [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Nikolai A. Goripow
Facilities Supervisor
ngoripow [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Charles B. Greifenstein
Associate Librarian & Curator of Manuscripts
cgreifenstein [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Simon Joseph
Membership Assistant
sjoseph [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Andrew Lippert
Processing Archivist
alippert [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Valerie-Anne Lutz
Head of Manuscripts Processing and Library Registrar
vlutz [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Estelle Markel-Joyet
Technical Services
emarkel-joyet [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Merrill Mason
Director, Museum
mmason [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Brunilda Matraku
bmatraku [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Mary C. McDonald
Director of Publications
mmcdonald [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Tara McGowan
Mellon Curatorial Fellow, Museum
tmcgowan [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Bayard Miller
Boas Digitization Project Archivist
bmiller [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Megan Miller
Part-Time Britton Chance Processing Archivist
meganmiller [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Michael P. Miller
Manuscripts Processor
mmiller [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Nora Monroe
Director of Membership and Prizes
nmonroe [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Linda Musumeci
Director of Grants and Fellowships
lmusumeci [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Gigi Naglak
Curator of Museum Education
gnaglak [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Sheila O'Shaughnessy
Communications Officer
soshaughnessy [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Frances Osugi
Conservation Technician
fosugi [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Jibreel Powell
Volunteer, Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR)

Timothy B. Powell
Director of the APS Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR)
tpowell [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Lynnette Regouby
Mellon Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow
lregouby [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Ann Reinhardt
Public Information/Processing Archivist
areinhardt [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Molly Roth
Director of Development
mroth [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Daniel Sanford
Assistant Technical Librarian for Digital Infrastructure
dsanford [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Jeremy Schoenrock
Facilities Assistant / AV Coordinator
jschoenrock [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Todd Schoenrock
Facilities Assistant
tschoenrock [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Bill Severson
Conservation Volunteer

Abby Shelton
Executive Assistant to the Librarian
ashelton [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Hannah Sisk
Curatorial Associate, Museum
hsisk [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Michelle Smiley
Bryn Mawr College McPherson-Ridway Curatorial Fellow
msmiley [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Earle Spamer
Reference Archivist and Library Programs Coordinator
espamer [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Tom Speers
Facilities Manager
tspeers [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Laura Spero
Post-Doctoral Fellow, CNAIR
lspero [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Patrick Spero
Librarian and Director
librarian [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Wendy Spitzer
Assistant to the Controller
wspitzer [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Donna Stumm
Facilities Assistant
dstumm [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Robert Teel
Summer Digital Library Intern

Keith Thomson
Executive Officer
kthomson [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Lydia Vazquez-Rivera
Library Access Officer
lvazquez [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Marilyn Vignola
Executive Assistant
mvignola [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Mary Grace Wahl
Project Director, Collections Care and Management, Museum
mgwahl [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Ann S. Westcott
Director of Meetings and Annual Fund
westcott [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

John Wolfe
Chief Financial Officer
jwolfe [at] amphilsoc [dot] org

Scott Ziegler
​​ Assistant Head of Technology and Web Development Librarian
sziegler [at] amphilsoc [dot] org