Judson Daland Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Investigation

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The $50,000 Judson Daland Prize recognizes outstanding achievement in patient-oriented research. The prize will be awarded at the meeting of the American Philosophical Society in November 2014. The Society reserves the right to award a shared prize.

Nominees must have done their work in an institution in the United States. Nominees need not, however, be citizens of the United States. Nominees should be no more than 15 years beyond receipt of the M.D. degree.

Candidates must be nominated by the chair of a clinical department of a medical school or hospital located in the United States. The nominator must submit an abstract of the work to be honored, together with the CV and bibliography of the nominee; see details below. A letter from the nominator must make clear the patient-oriented nature of the investigation.

Collate materials as follows:

  • Cover page, headed: DALAND PRIZE 2014, nomination submitted on [date]
    • full name of nominee, last name in capital letters
    • address, telephone number, email of nominee
    • date M.D. degree conferred
    • name of institution where work was performed
    • brief title of work; indicate discipline (e.g., pediatrics, internal medicine, etc.)
    • name, address, telephone number of nominator
    • 50-word summary of the major achievements of the nominee
  • Abstract of the work to be honored, not to exceed two typed pages (500 words); last name of nominee in upper-left corner of each page
  • CV and list of ten publications by the nominee; last name in upper-left corner of each page; NO MORE THAN THREE PAGES
  • Letter from nominator, stating the patient-oriented nature of the investigation

THREE ADDITIONAL LETTERS of support for the nominee must be sent separately to the Society. No more than one of these three supporting letters should be from a person at the same institution as the nominee.

Nominations and the additional three letters of support must be received by March 17, 2014.

Send nominations and letters of support to:

Judson Daland Prize Committee
American Philosophical Society
104 South 5th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

or as email attachments to LMusumeci [at] amphilsoc [dot] org.