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Mary C. McDonald, Editor
Susan M. Babbitt, Associate Editor
Celeste Bivings, Editorial Assistant

The Publications Department of the American Philosophical Society continues to maintain the reputation for scholarly excellence that began with Benjamin Franklin and the publication of the first Transactions in 1771. This first series recorded Society activities, elections, deaths, etc., and reported on scholarly research in various disciplines in the humanities and sciences. Early publications included the findings of David Rittenhouse and the Transit of Venus.

Today the Transactions is a highly respected series of monographs, five of which are currently published each year. Titles printed in 2011-2012 include:

  • 101/1— Nancy Vogeley, The Bookrunner: A History of Inter-American Relations—Print, Politics, and Commerce in the United States and Mexico, 1800–1830
  • 101/2—David W. Maxey, Treason on Trial in Revolutionary Pennsylvania: The Case of John Roberts, Miller
  • 101/3—Lionel Gossman, Figuring History
  • 101/4—Peter N. Miller, Peiresc’s History of Provence: Antiquarianism and the Discovery of a Medieval Mediterranean
  • 101/5—Attilio Mastrocinque, Kronos, Shiva, & Asklepios: Studies in Magical Gems and Religions of the Roman Empire
  • 102/1—Estelle Haan, Both English and Latin: Bilingualism and Biculturalism in Milton’s Neo-Latin Writings
  • 102/2—William D. Anderson, Jr. and Phillip C. Heemstra, Review of Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Anthiine Fishes (Teleostei: Perciformes: Serranidae), with Descriptions of Two New Genera
  • 102/3—Flora Kimmich, Johann Gustav Droysen: History of Alexander the Great (translated from the German)
  • 102/4—Robert M. Hill, Pictograph to Alphabet- and Back: Reconstructing the Pictographic Origins of the Xajil Chronicles
  • 102/5—Anthony Aveni, Circling the Square: How the Conquest Altered the Shape of Time in Mesoamerica

A second series of books was started in 1937 with the first volume of the Memoirs, books of various lengths in many scholarly disciplines. Our latest tiles are Astronomy in the Maya Codices, by Harvey M. and Victoria R. Bricker (2011 J. F. Lewis Award winner), and The House of Barnes: The Man, The Collection, The Controversy, by Neil L. Rudenstine.

The Society also publishes a quarterly journal, the Proceedings. The first volume of the Proceedings published in 1838. Articles in the journal include papers read at the Society's biannual meetings, independent essays sent to the APS by outside scholars, and biographical memoirs of Society members. Recent issues are available online on the APS website.

Our print-on-demand Lightning Rod Press series started in 2008. Volume 6 in the series, Climate Crises in Human History, edited by A. Bruce Mainwaring, Robert Giegengack, and Clauio Vita-Finzi, continues to sell very well. The timely monograph considers the response of selected cultures to climate events that have been documented from the archaeological and geological records, and serves as a corrective to dogmatic claims about the future of climate and of mankind. The newest title in the series (Volume 7) is The Life of C. S. Rafinesque, A Man of Uncommon Zeal, by Charles Boewe.

A new series, Biographical Memoirs of Members of the American Philosophical Society, started in 2010 with the reprinting of selected memoirs of Members in a specific field. The memoirs originally appeared in the APS Yearbook and the Proceedings. Book 1 is Biographical Memoirs of Members of the American Philosophical Society: Classics and Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology. Book 2 is Biographical Memoirs of Members of the American Philosophical Society Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Chemical Engineering. Upcoming titles will include memoirs from the Astrology and Astrophysics area.

The APS Yearbook includes a listing of resident and international members, the President's Annual Message, the Report of the Executive Officer, and reports from the departments of the American Philosophical Society. It is not available for sale to the public; it is only available to the Members of the American Philosophical Society on the Members Only website.

Previous volumes of our Transactions and Proceedings are available to scholars through JSTOR, an online library archive ( We are a part of the Arts and Sciences Complement IV group. Volumes are archived with a three- to four-year window; currently titles through 2008 are available on the JSTOR site. Also, several of our more-popular Transactions and Memoirs titles that are out of print are available for on-demand printing. Requests can be made to our fulfillment service, Diane Publishing (orders [at] dianepublishing [dot] net).

Manuscripts may be sent to the Publications Department for review and discussion by the Committee on Publications. The Committee meets three times a year, in February, June, and October. All manuscripts are reviewed by at least two qualified scholars. See the APS stylesheet for further information.

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