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Tours and programs are typically offered Monday-Wednesday. Certain exceptions can apply. 
Tours and programs offered between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
 (reason for visiting, special interests, time constraints, etc.)
Preferred Tour or Program
Grades: Middle school and above. The museum offers personal tours of our annually changing exhibitions, Monday-Wednesday. Tours offer visitors a chance to explore the stories and people behind the APS collections.
Grades: 5-8. Offered Monday-Friday. Explore how early Americans in Philadelphia dealt with the dreaded yellow fever epidemic of 1793 in this interactive, hands-on program. Students will learn about the Wistar-Haines family and about how early American medicine did and did not help protect people from yellow fever.
Grades: 9 and above. What goes into planning a museum exhibition? What are key questions to think of when planning one? Learn from the curators and educators who help put together exhibitions and create your own exhibition in this activity.
Grades: Middle school and above. The APS also offers specialized experiences by working directly with you in constructing programs around what you are currently doing in the classroom. In the past, these have included chats with our Curatorial Fellows, tours of both the Museum and Library followed by debriefs, or combinations of our other programs.
Choose your preferred program for your visit. If unsure, please select "Other" and a Museum Education staff member will discuss the options with you.