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"Dr. Flaschen; force psychique sortant de ses mains,"
(Dr. Flaschen; psychic force emenating from his hands)
carte de visite photo by A. Brittlebank, Aldgate, England

Eugène Rochas Papers, APS
For over 100 years Spiritualists and others in the field of psychic research have tried scientifically to prove that people have souls that live on after death. Spiritualists have often used spirit photography as proof of survival-after-death. Photography itself dates back to the 1840's and has progressed from daguerreotypes to the highly evolved photography that we know today. Amazingly, spirit photography which first appeared in the mid-nineteenth century also continues to evolve and is alive and well in this twenty-first century.

Woman with male spirit,
Carte de visite, ca.1870

Private collection