The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 1982, seeking to increase the scholarly usefulness of our collections and enrich the intellectual life of the Library, made a grant to the American Philosophical Society establishing a fellowship program in bibliography, research scholarship, and staff development. The major thrust of the program is to provide fellowships for younger scholars who will prepare bibliographic studies on topics well-represented in the Library's collections.

Dr. Darwin H. Stapleton, associate professor of the history of science and technology at Case Western Reserve University, was our first Mellon Fellow in Bibliography in 1983-84. It is hoped that his fine bibliographic study will promote scholarly inquiry in not only the history of science, technology, and medicine but also American Studies in general. Dr. Stapleton was uniquely equipped to undertake this descriptive analysis of the Library's collections, having edited The Engineering Drawings of Benjamin Henry Latrobe (1980) and later surveying our holdings in American technology, the report of which appeared in Technology and Culture (July 1982). We would like to acknowledge the generous support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation that made possible this work and those that will follow.

April 1985

Edward C. Carter II
American Philosophical Society


The Library of the American Philosophical Society is a marvelous setting for scholarly work. I was therefore excited as well as honored to be asked by the Librarian, Dr. Edward C. Carter II, to serve as a Mellon Bibliographer for 1983-84. The opportunity to study an immense body of sources for the history of American science and technology proved to be all that I had expected.

The entire staff of the Library aided my researches, but I wish to thank some of them in particular. Roy Goodman, Stephen Catlett, and Beth Carroll guided me to numerous sources which I would not have located otherwise and made numerous helpful suggestions, in addition to providing courteous reader service. Discussions with Murphy Smith, Willman Spawn, John Van Horne, Jeffrey Cohen, and Lisa Robinson were uniformly stimulating and supportive. Geri Vickers provided a variety of thoughtful assistance in addition to typing. Dr. Carter's encouragement and enthusiasm for my study were always appreciated.

Darwin H. Stapleton
Philadelphia, June 1984