Phillips Fund Recipients

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Bliss, Heather, University of Victoria
Deictic Expressions in Blackfoot Personal Narratives

Bloch, Lee, University of Virginia
Muskogee History Making and Living Mound Landscapes in the Eastern United States

Brown, Jennifer K., University of Pennsylvania
Cultural Transformations in a Southeast Alaska Native Tribe After the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971

Cornelius, Samantha, University of Texas at Arlington
Prosodic Phonology in Oklahoma Cherokee

Geliga, Susana, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Dakota Women's Resistance to Colonialism Through Language Retention, 1862–1935

Gish-Hill, Christina, Iowa State University
An Ethnohistory of Indigenous Agriculture in the Upper Midwest

Johnson, Paulina R., University of Western Ontario
Re-Writing Western Canadian History Through Nehiyawak (Plains Cree) Epistemology and Methodology

Kim, Kyumin, University of Ottawa
Animacy in Blackfoot Grammar

King, Farina Noelani, Arizona State University
The Journey of the Dine Students in the Four Directions: Navajo Educational Experiences in the Twentieth Century

Layton, Brandon, University of California, Davis
Children as Intermediaries Between Europeans and the Choctaws and Chickasaws

Manker, Jonathan Taylor, University of California, Berkeley
Prosody and Prominence in Han (Athabascan)

Nicolson, Ryan, University of Victoria
Kwak'waka'wakw Traditional Governance

Roberts, Alaina E., Indiana University, Bloomington
"As Natives, We Are Attached to the People Amongst Whom We Have Been Born and Bred": Chickasaw Freedpeople at the Crossroads of Reconstruction

Roy, Aurelie, Columbia University
Indian Rights Lawyers and the Development of Indian Sovereignty, 1969–1986

Schermerhorn, Seth, Hamilton College
O'odham Walkers and their Staffs: Walking Sticks by Way of Calendar Sticks and Scraping Sticks

Weiss, Joseph J. Z., University of Chicago
Military Presence and Haida Life on Haida Gwaii, 1943–1997

Zimmer, Eric S., University of Iowa
Environment and Sovereignty in Modern Meskwaki History

Akins, Watie, Penobscot Nation
Oral History by Penobscot Elder to Preserve Cultural Knowledge

Allard, Seth, Western Michigan University
Medicine for the People: An Ethnohistorical Study of Youth Suicide in an Ojibwa Community

Anderson, Emma, University of Ottawa
God's Grandmother: Tracing the Cult of Saint Anne

Andrews, Tria, University of California, Berkeley
Education on the Reservation: Extracurricular and Culturally-Relevant Programing, 1886 to the Present Day

Arnold, Laurie, Gonzaga University
A History of Gaming: The First 30 Years of the National Indian Gaming Association

Brucks, Caleb, First Nations University of Canada
Spatial Elements in Upper Tanana Oral Culture

Chan, Amy, Arizona State University
The Sheldon Jackson Collection of Iñupiat Masks: Reconstructing Arctic Traditions of Articulation and Performance

Chee, Melvatha, University of New Mexico
An Introduction to the Acquisition of Navajo Verbs: A Cross-Sectional Study of Children Aged Ten Months Through Ten Years

Dees, Sarah, Indiana University, Bloomington
Restraining the Spirit: The Historical Pathologization of Native American Religious Traditions

Dietrich, Darlynn, Indiana University, Bloomington
Sioux Valley Dakota Nation: Perspectives on Language and Identity

Jagodinsky, Katrina, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Indigenous Women in Imperial Courts: Defending Bodies and Lands in the Sonoran Southwest and Pacific Northwest, 1854-1935

John, Maria, Columbia University
The Seattle Indian Health Board and the History of Urban Indian Health Activism in the United States, 1950-1980

Kasak, Ryan, Yale University
Mandan Documentation: Morphosyntax and Lexicon

McIlwraith, Thomas, University of Guelph
Arthur Nole, Tahltan Hunter and Guide: A Life History

Peach, Steven, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Popular Religion in the Creek Nation, 1867-1909

Sammons, Olivia, University of Alberta
A Multi-Modal Corpus of Spoken Michif

Shriver, Cameron, Ohio State University
Villages to Nations: Rethinking American Indian Political Cultures in the Great Lakes, 1750-1850

Willard, William, Washington State University
San Franciso Bay Area American Indian Relocation and the Indigenous Diaspora

Bauer, Brooke M., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Catawba Indian Women in the Colonial Period

Bell, Katherine, Tulane University
Traditional Language and Ethnic Identity on the Blackfeet Reservation of Montana

Cobb, Daniel M., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Life and Times of Ponca Activist Clyde Warrior (1939–1968)

Hancock, Robert, University of Victoria
Ethnohistory in Two Directions: The Work of Sally M. Weaver

Hill, Montgomery, University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Tuscarora Text Analysis

Huaute, Incamu, University of Arizona
Documenting Naturally Occurring Speech in Cahuilla

Johnson, Khalil A., Yale University
Red, Black, and Brown: Indian Schools and Black Educators After Brown v. Board of Education

Jung, Hyun Kyoung, University of Arizona
The Syntax of Applicatives and Causatives in Hiaki

Kim, Kyumin, University of Calgary
Syntax, Semantics, and Morphology of Non-Agent Subjects

Kruer, Matthew R., University of Pennsylvania
The Susquehannock War: Native Americans, Bacon's Rebellion, and the Forging of the Covenant Chain

Lachler, Jordan, University of Alberta
Alexis Nakota Basic Dictionary and Grammar Sketch

Mack, Dustin, University of Oklahoma
A River of Continuity, Tributaries of Change: The Chickasaw and the Mississippi River, 1736–1836

Manker, Jonathan T., University of California, Berkeley
Systems of Stress in Hän Athabascan

Marr, Alexander B., University of Rochester
Encounter and Exchange at Hopi House, Grand Canyon

Miyashita, Mizuki, University of Montana, Missoula
Documentation and Investigation of Blackfoot Pitch Accent

Nelson, Elaine M., University of Nebraska, Omaha
Dreams and Dust in the Black Hills: Indigenous People, Promised Lands, and National Identity in America, 1868–1968

Redeye, Melanie, University of California, Berkeley
Seneca Language Documentation Project: Seneca Anaphora and the (Semi-)Reflexive Morphemes

Roy, Aurelie A., Columbia University
The Global Indigenous Rights Movement and Its International Historical Context, 1974–Present

Sweet, Jameson R., University of Minnesota
Mixed-Blood Nation: Ethnogenesis, Land, and Nationhood Among Dakota Mixed-Bloods in Nineteenth-Century Minnesota

Toosarvandani, Maziar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tense and Temporal Interpretation in Northern Paiute

Wiens, Jeanette R., First Nations University of Canada
Code Switching in Dëne Suliné (Athabaskan) Conversation

Willig, Timothy D., Indiana University, South Bend
A Path of Honor: The Tumultuous Life and Career of Major John Norton, Adopted Mohawk Leader at the Grand River Reserve

Zuyderhoudt, Lea M., Leiden University, Institute for Cultural Anthropology (CAOS)
Culture Change in Blackfoot Oral Traditions on the Use of Natural Resources

Atkins, Ashley L., College of William and Mary
Changing in Order to Stay the Same: Pamunkey Indian Participation in the Market Economy During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Arndt, Grant P., Iowa State University
"Indian News": Ho-Chunk Media Activism as Ethnohistorical Resource

Bliss, Heather, University of British Columbia
The Syntax of Nominal Expressions in Blackfoot

Button, Emily, Brown University
Homeward Bound: Reimagining Native Communities in the Commercial Whaling Era

Emmons, Nichlas, Ball State University
Adaptation and Sustainability: A Comparative Study of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians of Michigan and the Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

Fortney, Jeffrey L., University of Oklahoma
Race, Identity, and Power in the Choctaw Nation

Haynes, Joshua S., University of Georgia
Theft and Violence on the Creek-Georgia Frontier, 1763–1812

Hinzo, Angel M., University of California, Davis
One People, Two Nations: A Comprehensive History of the Winnebago/Ho-Chunk Peoples

Hutchinson, Corinne, Georgetown University
The Morphosyntax of Child Code-Mixing: Evidence from Bilingual Navajo-English Speakers

Lappas, Thomas J., Nazareth College (New York)
Temperance Movements Among the Haudenosaunee, 1830–1930

Lyon, John, University of British Columbia
Copular Predication in Okanagan Salish

Manzano-Munguia, Maria C., Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
Economic and Social Experiences of Indigenous “Forced Transnationalism” Across Borderlands: Mexico and the United States

Martin, Alexandra G., College of William and Mary
“Teâno wonck nippée am, I will be here by and by again”: Memory and Movement on the Narragansett Landscape

Merriot, Ivy, Montana State University
The History of Indigenous Astronomy (Sky-Earth) Pedagogies Associated with the Big Horn Medicine Wheel and the A'aninin (Gros Ventres) of Montana

Miller, Douglas K., University of Oklahoma
Urban Relocation and American Indian Initiative, 1940s–1960s

Moss, Meredith, Arizona State University
Miss Navajo Nation's English: Variation and Ideology in Heritage Language Role Models and Advocates

Pollak, Margaret E., University of Wisconsin, Madison
An Ethnohistorical Study of Diabetes in an Urban American Indian Community

Rosen, Bryan, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Semantic and Grammatical Relations of Ojibwe Verb Stems

Silverman, David J., George Washington University
Firearms and the Transformation of Native America

Smith, Tash B., St. Gregory's University
“Capture These Indians for the Lord”: The Development of Christianity Among Kiowa and Comanche Communities in Western Oklahoma in the Early Twentieth Century

Smyth, Edward G., University of California, Santa Cruz
The Natchez Diaspora: A History of Indigenous Displacement and Survival in the Atlantic World

Trueman, Alexandra, University of Arizona
Compounding Verbs in Arizona Hiaki

Uchihara, Hiroto, University at Buffalo, State University of New York
A Study of Cherokee Tones

Whalen, Kevin, University of California, Riverside
Beyond School Walls: Indian Education in Southern California, 1902-1946

Wilner, Isaiah, Yale University
The Broken Coast: A Journey to the Edge of Thought

Atkins, Ashley L., College of William and Mary
Changing in Order to Stay the Same: Pamunkey Indian Participation in the Market Economy During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Bowes, John P., Eastern Kentucky University
Northern Indian Removal: An Unfamiliar History

Bruchac, Margaret M., University of Connecticut
At Wood's Edge: Documenting Wampum Loss and Recovery

Butler, Christopher N., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Initiated Into the West: Modernity and Secrecy in American Indian Freemasonry

Carpentier, Michael R., Cornell University
Representations of Authenticity: At the Intersection of Language Ideologies and Orthographies

Fisher, Andrew, College of William and Mary
Strongheart: The Life and Times of a Hollywood Indian

Giabiconi, Julie, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
Buffalo River Dene Nation and Treaty No. 10: Ethnohistory of a Neglected Treaty

Guekguezian, Peter A., California State University, Fresno
Verbal Morphophonology in Chukchansi Yokuts

Hilton-Hagemann, Brandi L., University of Oklahoma
Agents of Sovereignty: A Political History of Wind River Indian Reservation Inhabitants, 1868–1982

Horsethief, Christopher, Gonzaga University
Researching Change in the Ktunaxa Language: Exploring Exogenous Factors and Identifying Endogenous Responses to Ktunaxa Ethnohistory

Johnson, Meredith, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Syntax of Potawatomi

Kisin, Eugenia, New York University
Indigenous Sovereignties, Non-Secular Modernities: The Market for Northwest Coast First Nations Art in Vancouver

Schlosser, Kolson, Clarkson University
Perspectives on Cultural Change and Diamond Mining Amongst the Inuit of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Smyth, Edward G., University of California, Santa Cruz
The Natchez Indians, 1682–1830s: A Native American Diaspora

Teasdale, Guillaume, University of Ottawa
The Detroit Indian Deeds of the Post-New France Era and the Growth of the Local French Agricultural Settlements

Toosarvandani, Maziar, University of California, Los Angeles
Nominalization and Temporal Relations in Northern Paiute

Wood, Rebecca J., University of Montana
Language Socialization and the Ideological Dilemmas Among the Salish

Bahar, Matthew, University of Oklahoma
The People of the Dawnland and Their Atlantic World

Bilodeau, Christopher J., Dickinson College
Violence, Religion, and the Wabanaki Confederacy in the Northeast Borderlands, 1600–1765

Bochnak, M. Ryan, University of Chicago
Aspects of Morphosyntax and Semantics in Washo

Bunn-Marcuse, Kathryn B., University of Washington
Fieldnotes from Fort Rupert: Studies of Kwakiutl Song, Dance, and Movement by Franz Boas

Decoster, Jonathan, Brandeis University
Native Rivalry and Imperial Competition in the Colonial Southeast, 1564–1614

Delucia, Christine, Yale University
Making Past and Place in the Northeast After King Philip's War

Elliott, Jennifer, University of Virginia
Architecture, Material Culture, and Hybrid Identities in the American South, 1780–1830

Gordon, Sarah, Indiana University
Health, Healing, and the Stories of the Sahtuot'ine

Harper, Mattie, University of California, Berkeley
The Minnesota Ojibwe Warrior Identity and the U.S. Military

Hasselbacher, Stephanie R., College of William and Mary
Linguistic Ethnohistory of the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana

Joy, Natalie I., Georgia State University
Indian Removal and the Problem of Slavery

Kiel, Doug, University of Wisconsin, Madison
The Oneida Resurgence: Modern Indian Renewal in the Heart of America

Lovick, Olga, First Nations University
Conversation in Upper Tanana Athabascan

Mancini, Jason R., University of Connecticut
Indians, Maritime Labor, and Indigenous Intersections

Morse, Stephanie, University of California, Santa Barbara
Documenting Plant Names and Plant Terminology in Odawa

Mosteller, Kelli, University of Texas, Austin
Negotiating Allotment and Citizenship for the Citizen Potawatomi, 1861–1891

Quinn, Conor M., University of Nizwa
Under-Documented Minor Genres of Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Speech

Tone-Pah-Hote, Jenny E., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Kiowa Expressive Culture, 1875–1939

Bliss, Heather, University of British Columbia
Investigating Dialectal Variation in Blackfoot

Campbell, William J., California State University, Chico
The Stanwix Treaties, the Haudenosaunee, and the End of Crown Patronage

Conley, K. Jack, McMaster University
Environmentally Protected Areas and the Missanabie Cree First Nation

Conrad, Paul, University of Texas, Austin
Displaced Apache Indians and the Boundaries of Slavery in the Southwest Borderlands, 1600–1886

Donohoe, Felicity, University of Glasgow
Native North American Women and European Men in the Eighteenth Century

Evans, Katherine L.Y., University of Texas, Austin
Native American Performance Between 1880 and 1940

Flaherty, Daniel, University of Oklahoma
Chickasaw Diplomacy and Political Development in the Early American Republic

Gooding, Erik, Minnesota State University, Moorhead
Meskwaki Men’s Fancy Dancing, 1926–1981

Johnson, C. Miranda L., University of Michigan
Decolonization, Indigeneity, and the Problem of History in Settler Societies

Laluk, Nicholas, University of Arizona
Historical-Period Apache Occupation of the Dragoon and Chiricahua Mountains

Loucks, Bryan, University of Western Ontario
Three Fires Midewiwin Eastern Door Music Project II

Nash, Alice, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
The Illegal Detribalization of the Narragansett, 1880

Nicolson, Marianne, University of Victoria
Spatial and Temporal Conceptual Parallelism as Expressed in the Kwak'wala Language

Redix, Erik, University of Minnesota
Sovereignty, Violence, Colonialism, and the Creation of the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation

Reed, Julie, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Cherokee Social Services, 1835–1907

Reis Silva, Amelia, University of British Columbia
Encoding Modality in Blackfoot

Rosenblum, Daisy, University of California, Santa Barbara
A Multimedia Corpus of Kwak'wala Interactive Speech

Saltanaviciute, Jurgita, Great Plains Art Institute
Lakota Documentaries

Welch, Nicholas, University of Calgary
Temporal Instability in Tlicho Yatii

Berez, Andrea, University of California, Santa Barbara
Documenting the Discourse Structure of Ahtna

Cox, Michael L. , University of California, Riverside
The Sandusky Wyandots: A Persistent People, 1795–1843

Deal, Amy R. , University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Semantics of Verbal Inflection in Nez Perce

Garner, Sandra, Ohio State University
Roads to and From Sun Dance: Reclamations and Revitalization of an Indigenous Religious Ritual

Holden, Joshua, University of Montreal
Lexical Relations in an Athabaskan Language

Jordan, Michael, University of Oklahoma
Descendents' Organizations and Historical Consciousness in Kiowa Society

Kaufman, David, University of Kansas
Reconstructing Mohegan Through Penobscot

Leonard, Janet, University of Victoria
The Interaction of Morphology and Phonology in SENCOTEN

Miguel, Phillip, Prescott College
Audio and Video Documentation of Tohono O'odham Genres

Oakley, Christopher A. , East Carolina University
The Pursuit of Tribal Self-Sufficiency: Economic Development and the Eastern Band of Cherokees

Obermeyer, Brice M. , Emporia State University
Federal Acknowledgement and the San Juan Southern Paiute: A Study of Culture Change in a Formerly Indian Tribe

Patterson, Carol, Mesa State College
Northern Ute Ethnohistory, 1882 to 1934

Pierre, Tracey L. , Queen’s College, Cambridge University
The Southern Athapaskan Migration: A Reanalysis Based on mtDNA

Plane, Ann M., University of California, Santa Barbara
Colonialism and the Cultural Meaning of Dreams in Seventeenth-Century New England

Prevost, Hugues, School of Oriental and African Studies
An Analysis of Inversion in Western Abenaki

Reiser, Christine N., Brown University
Community Keeping and Movement in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Native Southern New England

Rice, Alanna, Queen's University
Algonquians, Christianity, and Missions: A Case for Creolization in Colonial America

Riley Sousa, Ashley, Yale University
Indian Labor in Nineteenth-Century California: The Case of New Helvetia

Shoemaker, Scott M., University of Minnesota
Kiilaahkwaliaminciki They Speak to Us: Reinterpreting the Meanings of Miami Objects

Tomblin, David, Virginia Tech
The Role of Ecological Restoration in the Political Revitalization of the White Mountain Apache Tribe, 1933–2000

Trechter, Sara, California State University, Chico
Nominalization, Relative Clauses in Mandan Text

Turner, Claire K., University of Surrey
Representing Events and Participants in SENCOTEN

Armoskaite, Solveiga, University of British Columbia
Syntax of Past Temporal Expressions in Blackfoot (Algonquin)

Bisha, Tim, University of Western Ontario
Re-Locating Women on the Detroit Frontier, 1783-1837

Bradley, Matthew, Indian University-Bloomington
The Cultural Landscape of the Nineteenth-Century Quallatown Cherokee

Fisher, Linford, Harvard University
Joseph Johnson and the Pan-Indian Migration to Brotherton, NY, 1775-1785

Glass, Aaron, University of British Columbia
Documenting the Jacobsen Collection in Berlin and Beyond

Goude, Nicole, University of California, Riverside
A Tlingit Photographer's Record of Tribal Life

Greci Green, Adriana, Michigan State University
Documenting Collections of Quiltwork on Birchbark from Michigan and Ontario

Hahn, Steven, St. Olaf College
Mary Musgrave: A Life on the Southern Frontier (Monograph/Biography)

Jacob, Michelle, University of San Diego
Ethnohistorical Approach to Understand Food Changes Among the Yakama: 1879-1903

Kaufman, David, University of Kansas
A Dictionary of the Biloxi Language

Keenan, Laura, University of Pennsylvania
The Shawnees in the Colonial Atlantic World

Long Feather, Cheryl, United Tribes Technical College
A Lakota/Nakota/Dakota Model of Oratory

Loucks, Bryan, University of Western Ontario
Three Fires Midewiwin Eastern Door Music Project

Lyon, John Michael, University of British Columbia
A Comparative Analysis of Lawrence Nicodemus's Coeur d'Alene File Cards (1910-2004)

McNaughton, Laticia, University of Oklahoma
To What Extent Does the Religious Identity Impact the Cultural Identity of the Contemporary Tuscarora Nation?

Merriam, Kathryn, University of Massachusetts
J. N. B. Hewitt at the Bureau of American Ethnology

Miller, Amy, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Correcting the Costanoan Database for Proto-Utian Reconstruction

Miyashita, Mizuki, University of Montana
Blackfoot Prosody

Morgan, Nancy, University of Pennsylvania Museum, Center for Native Studies
A Multimedia Archive of Cherokee History

Peace, Thomas, York University
Conquest and Communities: Aboriginal-Habitant Relations During Periods of Regime Change

Reid, Josh, University of California, Davis
The Maritime World of the Makah

Roberts, Strother, Northwestern University
Surviving the Ecological Revolution: Native Americans in the Connecticut River Valley, 1630-1775

Rosier, Paul C. , Villanova University
Race, Place, and Patriotism in Cold War America

Webster, Anthony, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Navajo Poets and Their Lingual-Biographies: Collecting Language Life Histories

Wilhelm, Andrea, University of Victoria
Dene Suline Contemporary Texts

Aplin, Thomas C., University of California, Los Angeles
Southwest Ceremonialism, Identity, and Experience in the Southern Plains

Arnold, Laurie, The Newberry Library
Identity and Politics on the Colville Reservation, 1953-1972

Blackburn Morrow, Jesse, University of Oregon
Linguistic Restructuring of Umatilla Sahaptin

Brown, Jason, University of British Columbia
Phonological Variation in Gitksan

Cain, Shawna, University of Arkansas
Will West Long-Ga-Du-Gi Project

Carpenter, Kristen A., University of Denver College of Law
Cherokee Land and Language in Treaty Interpretation

Duval, Kathleen, University of North Carolina
The Gulf Coast and the War for America

Hancock, Robert L. A., University of Victoria
Anthropology and Indigenous Resistance to Mega-Project Developments in the Canadian North, 1970-1980

Johannsdottir, Kristin M., University of British Columbia
Tense and Aspect in Gitksan

Kan, Sergei, Dartmouth College
The Vincent Soboleff Photograph Collection and the Ethnohistory of Killisnoo, a Native Alaskan Community, 1890s-1920s

Lindsay, Brendan, University of California, Riverside California's Indian Genocide, 1846-1900

Miranda, Deborah, Washington and Lee University
The Light from Carissa Plains

Muller, Kathryn V., Queen's University
Wampum Relationships as Manifestations of Enduring Cultural Ethics

Murray, Sarah E., Rutgers University
Encoding Point of View: Evidentiality in Cheyenne

Palmer, Jr., Gus, University of Oklahoma
Kiowa Dictionary Project

Snyder, Christina N., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Identity, Race, and Power in the Contested American South

Walker, Jessica A., University of Oklahoma
Native Christianity Among the Absentee Shawnee

Willmott, Cory C., Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Great Lakes Algonquian Dress in Intercultural Relations, 1760-1930

Ainsworth, Cynthea L., Gakona, Alaska
First Contact Changes in Nineteenth-Century Ahtna Housetypes

Berndt, Christina G., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Northern Cheyenne Response to the Nation-State

Devlin, Meg, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Native American Women Activists

Grandjean, Katherine A., Harvard University
Native Knowledge and Meaning in Eastern Connecticut, 1660-1740

Killsback, Leo K., University of Arizona
The Northern Cheyenne Trek through Kansas, 1878

McCollum, Timothy J., Indiana University, Bloomington
Thakiwaki (Sauk/Sak) Sociocultural Organization, 1870s-2005

McCoy, Ronald T., Emporia State University
Lakota Winter Counts, 1851-1890

Montgomery-Anderson, Bradley, University of Kansas
A Comprehensive Cherokee Grammar

Muehlbauer, Jeffrey T., University of British Columbia
Generic Nouns in Plains Cree and Blackfoot

Naranjo, Jr., Reuben V., University of Arizona
Meeting the Needs of Southern Arizona and Northern Sonora, Mexico, 1890-1920

Rinehart, Melissa A., Michigan State University
Language Ideologies and Their Effects on Miami Indian Language Revitalization

Ryan, Luke C., University of Arizona
Paths of Disunion in the Making of Kansas, 1825-1865

Stephens, Christianne V., McMaster University
Water Quality and Health at Walpole Island First Nation, Canada

Saul, Gwendolyn W., University of New Mexico
Historical Consciousness and Sense of Place in Fort Defiance, Arizona

Wood, William, University of California, Los Angeles
California Mission Indian Land Title

Zuyderhoudt, Lea M., Leiden University
Dynamics in the Praxis of Blackfoot Historical Narrative

Akins, Damon B., University of Oklahoma
Dispossession, Reclamation and Identity in the Southwest, 1848-1928

Armoskaite, Solveiga, University of British Columbia
Morphological Properties of Nehiyawewin Intransitive Predicates

Bender, Margaret C., Wake Forest University
Fatherhood among Oklahoma Kiowas, Comanches, Apaches and Chickasaws

Birdwell, Tracey A., University of Delaware
Cherokee and Christianity in the Early National Period

Bisha, Tim, University of Western Ontario
Power in First Nations Discourse

Branam, Kelly M., Indiana University
Political Change in Crow Country, 1948 to the Present

Brown, Jason, University of British Columbia
Tonal Phonology of Upriver Halkomelem

Gills, Bradley J., Arizona State University
American Indians in the Lumber Industry of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, 1850-1950

Hahn, Milanne S., University of Texas
The Studio Style of American Indian Painting

Hele, Karl S., University of Winnipeg
Sault Ste. Marie Borderlands, 1783-1883

Hyman, Colette, Winona State University
Surviving Relocation: Dakota Women at Santee, Nebraska

Kiyosawa, Kaoru, Simon Fraser University
Semantics of Halkomelem Relationals

Leibowitz, Rachel, University of Illinois
Landscape Legacy of the New Deal in the Navajo Nation Capital

Leman, Wayne, University of Oregon
Cheyenne Dictionary

Lin, Vivian, University of Wisconsin
Syntax of Questions in Menominee

Milne, George E., University of Oklahoma
Evolution of French and Indian Relations in the Lower Mississippi, 1700-1743

Nicholas, Mark A., Lehigh University
Seneca Quests for Power, 1780-1855

Norcini, Marilyn J., University of Pennsylvania
Oral Histories of the Santa Clara Pueblo Constitution

Parmenter, Jon W., Cornell University
Iroquois Politics and Society, 1675-1775

Peterson, Tyler, University of British Columbia
The Morphosyntax of Gitksan

Pulley-Hudson, Angela, Yale University
Indians, Slaves and Surveyors in the Alabama Borderlands, 1790-1820

Reid, Gerald F., Sacred Heart University
The Immigration Case of Paul Kanento Diabo, 1925

Rivaya-Martinez, Joaquin, University of California, Los Angeles
Captivity and Adoption among the Comanche, 1700-1875

Robertson, Leslie A., University of British Columbia
Communal Memory in Alert Bay, British Columbia

Rushforth, Brett, Omohundro Institute
Indian Slavery and Alliance in New France

Stern, Jessica R., Johns Hopkins University
Southeastern American Indian and Anglo-American Trade

Treuer, Anton S., Bemidji State University
Stillday Oral History Project

Wetzel, Christopher D., University of California, Berkeley
Potawatomi Bands and Imagining the Nation, 1830-2004

Wojdak, Rachel, University of British Columbia
Argument Structure of Nuu-chah-nulth Predicates

Woo, Florence F., University of California, Santa Cruz
Clause Structure in Nuuchahnulth

Ainsworth, Cynthea L., Gakona, AK
First Contact Changes in Twentieth-century Ahtna Housetypes

Brooks, Joanna M., University of Texas, Austin
Samson Occom, Mohegan: Collected Writings

Davidson, Matthew, State University of New York, Buffalo
Mowachaht-Muchalaht Nuuchahnulth Vocabulary and Modal Paradigms

Dinwoodie, David, University of New Mexico
Land and Language in Chilcotin Ethnohistory

Eden, Jason, University of Minnesota
New England Indians in Southeastern Massachusetts and Bermuda, 1620-1750

Feldhousen, Kristy J., University of Oklahoma
Five Tribes Freedmen: Identity and Tribal Relations, 1860-1936

Herman, Daniel J., Central Washington University
The Tontos Return to the Rim Country, 1890-1930

Herndon, Ruth W., University of Toledo
Narragansett New England in the Seventeenth Century

Hieb, Louis A., University of Washington
Ethnologists among the Hopi, 1879-1894

Jackson, Eric M., and Smith, Marcus A.,University of California, Los Angeles
Aspects of the Grammar of Pima

Lehnert, Heike, University at Buffalo
Onondaga Accent

Lookingbill, Brad D., Columbia College of Missouri
The Education of Native Americans, 1875-1878

Luna-Firebaugh, Eileen M., University of Arizona
History and Development of American Indian Tribal Law Enforcement

Marrero, Karen L., Yale University
The Native American Family in Eighteenth-century Detroit

McNulty, Rebecca A., University of Illinois
Education in the Cherokee Nation from Removal to 1860

Means, Jeffrey D., University of Oklahoma
Buffalo to Beeves: Transformation of Oglala Lakota Culture, 1868-1917

Merlet, Rachel, University of Lyon
Use of the Cedar Canoe among the Suquamish of the Central Northwest Coast

Mixco, Mauricio J., University of Utah
Northwestern Shoshone Grammar Project

Olsen, Caroledith, University of Minnesota
Phonetic Variation in Rainy River Ojibwe

Pawling, Micah A., University of Maine
Tradition among Wabanaki in the Nineteenth Century

Rivaya-Martinez, Joaquin, University of California, Los Angeles
Captivity and Adoption among the Comanche

Rosenthal, Nicholas G., University of California, Los Angeles
American Indians and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Sherfy, Michael J., University of Illinois
Black Hawk: A Native American Historical Subject, 1832-2002

Silverman, David J., George Washington University
Brothertown: Indian Racial Consciousness in the Early American Northeast

Slotta, James, University of Chicago
Case-Marking in North Baffin Inuit

Stremlau, Rosemarie N., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Cherokee Families during the Era of Allotment, 1882-1934

Voggesser, Garrit A., University of Oklahoma
Natural Resources on the Blackfeet, Flathead, and Fort Peck Reservations, 1880-1940

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