Lewis and Clark Fund Scholars

Agee, Elizabeth A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Hydraulic Resilience of the Amazon Rainforest Stand Under Changing Climate, Brazil

Bergey, Christina, New York University
Population Genomics of Tsetse Flies (Glossina sp.), the Vector of Sleeping Sickness, in Zambia

Bond, Matthew, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Intraspecific Medicinal Plant Selection in North Malaita, Solomon Islands

Cepero, Laurel C., University of Denver
Effects of Fire-Generated Disturbance on Multi-Trophic Interactions in Colorado and Montana

Chuang, Angela, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Invasion of the Colonial Spiders: Comparisons of Behavioral Phenotypic Diversity and Composition in Native South African and Introduced American Populations

Comstock, Aaron, Ohio State University
Becoming Villagers: A Late Woodland/Fort Ancient Case Study in Southwest Ohio

Contreras, Dori L., University of California, Berkeley
Investigating the Functional Evolution of Tropical Forests: Analysis of the Late Cretaceous Jose Creek Flora, McRae Formation, New Mexico

Correa-Garhwal, Sandra M., University of California, Riverside
Reinvasion of Aquatic Habitats: Silk Adaptations of New Zealand Spiders to Life Under Seawater

Coverdale, Tyler C., Princeton University
Rapidly Induced Defenses: Plant Responses to Ungulate Grazing in a Kenyan Savanna

Cramb, Justin E., University of Georgia
Prehistoric (ca. 1000BP to ca. 200BP) Resource Management and the Long-Term Population Stability of a Marginal Atoll System in the Northern Cook Islands of Central Polynesia

Crifo, Camilla, University of Washington
Herbaceousness Versus Arborescence: Inferring the Growth Habit and Ecology of Early Flowering Plants in Costa Rica Using Leaf Morphological and Physiological Traits

Diaz-Martin, Zoe, Tulane University
Consequences of Non-Random Seed Dispersal for Seedling Establishment in a Biodiversity Hotspot in Northwestern Ecuador

Dibble, Connor D., University of California, Davis
Biophysical Processes Regulating Intertidal Community Structure Along the Upwelling California Coast

Giese, Alexandra L., Dartmouth College
Current and Future Meltwater Contributions from Debris-Covered Glaciers in the Khumbu Himalaya, Nepal

Gildner, Theresa, University of Oregon
Associations Between Testosterone Level, Ecological Variation, and Intestinal Parasite Load in an Indigenous Ecuadorian Population

Hammer, Tobin, University of Colorado at Boulder
Charting Undescribed Microbial Diversity in the Guts of Neotropical Caterpillars in Costa Rica

Henry, Edward R., Washington University in St. Louis
Building a Chronology of Adena Earthen Enclosures in Kentucky

Johnson, Melissa A., Claremont Graduate University
Pacific Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae) in Fiji and Samoa as a Model of Species Radiation Decoupled From Ecological Diversification

Keen, Eric M., University of California, San Diego
Foraging Strategy, Habitat Use and Conservation of Large Inland Whales in the Kitimat Fjord System, British Columbia

Kielsmeier-Cook, Joshua, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Diverse Ascomycete Wood-Decay Fungi of Yasuni­ National Park, Ecuador, a Threatened Biodiversity Hotspot

Lanoe, François, University of Arizona
Exploring the Settlement of Eastern Beringia During the Late Pleistocene at the Sites of Keystone Dune and Cook, Central Alaska

Lee, Katharine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Physical Activity Levels in Rural Polish Women of Reproductive Age

Marting, Peter, Arizona State University
Causes of Collective Personality in Azteca Ants and Its Effect on Their Cecropia Tree Hosts in the Panamanian Rainforest

Montano Centellas, Flavia A., University of Florida
Disentangling Forces That Drive Avian Community Assembly Along Elevational Gradients in the Tropical Andes of Bolivia

Orzechowski, Emily, University of California, Berkeley
Reconstructing the Paleoclimate of Coastal Marine Environments During the Last Interglacial Period (~120,000 Years Ago) in California

Paez-Vacas, Monica I., Colorado State University
Behavioral Isolation as a Mechanism of Speciation in a Poison Frog in the Ecuadorian Andes

Rubel, Meagan, University of Pennsylvania
Gut Microbiomes of Cameroon Hunter-Gatherers: Roles of Diet and Helminths

Sandor, Manette, University of Connecticut
Uncovering Climate Change Impacts on Frugivory and Seed Dispersal Networks in a Biodiversity Hotspot, Sierra Nevada, California

Solari, Katherine A., Stanford University
Hypoxia-Induced Plasticity in Gene Regulation: An Experimental Study on the Asian Pika, Ochotona dauurica, at the Minnesota Zoo

Steele, Marla L., University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Migration and Habitat Ecology of Pallas's Fish Eagle in Mongolia

Suh, Yeon Jee, University of Cincinnati
Evaluating the Role of Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations on Early Cenozoic Plant Carbon Isotope Fractionation in Colorado and Wyoming

Taylor, David S., Oregon State University
Assessing the Correspondence Between the Past and Present Isotopic Niche Breadth of U.S. Great Basin Small Mammals Within the Context of the Local Resource Base

Titus, Benjamin M., Ohio State University
Linking Patterns of Cryptic Genetic Diversity With Ecosystem Function in Ecologically Important Cleaner Shrimps on Caribbean Coral Reefs

Welklin, Joseph, Cornell University
The Influence of Pre-Breeding Social Environment on Androgens, Sexual Trait Expression, and Reproductive Success in the Austrialian Red-Backed Fairy-Wren

Whitaker, James A., Tulane University
Continuity and Perdurance in the History of Makushi Society, Guyana, 1814–Present

Card, Daren, University of Texas at Arlington
Population Structure and Species Evolution of Burmese Pythons in Southeast Asia

Chapman, James, University of Arizona
Impact of the Growth of the Pamir Mountains on the Aridification and Faunal Evolution of Central Asia in the Paleogene

Chavez Balderas, Ximena, Tulane University
Human and Faunal Sacrifice at the Sacred Precinct of Tenochtitlan, 1469–1521

Clark, Julia, University of Pittsburgh
Archaeological Investigations of Early Pastoral Adaptations in Northern Mongolia: National Identity Formation and Land Use Patterns

Concepcion, Camille, West Virginia University
Movement Ecology of Philippine Birds of Prey

Delia, Jesse, Boston University
Social Dynamics of Female Choice, Communal Nests, and Embryo Strategies in a Panamanian Glassfrog with Male Care

Drummond, Chloe, University of Wisconsin, Madison
An Integrative Approach to the Biogeography of Western North America-Great Lakes Disjuncts

Flood, Liza, University of Virginia
Negotiating Class Categories Through Expressive Culture: Amateur Country Music Performance in Asheville, North Carolina, and East Tennessee

Forrester, Nicole, University of Pittsburgh
Uncovering the Mechanisms That Influence the Success of Polyploid Plants in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia

Freimuth, Erika, University of Cincinnati
Quantifying Drivers of the Isotopic Composition of Wisconsin Leaf Wax Lipids for Interpretation of the Quaternary Sedimentary Record

Heffter, Eric, University of Arizona
Archaeological Dowsing: Locating Upper Paleolithic Open-Air Sites in the Morava Valley of Central and Southern Serbia Using Soil and Landform Data

Johannesdottir, Frida, Cornell University
Altitudinal Analysis of the Thermal Tolerance in the American Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) in Alaska

Johnson, Jena, California Institute of Technology
Manganese and the Oxygenation of the Earth, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

Johnson, McKenzie, Duke University
Natural Resources and Peacebuilding in Conflict-Affected Contexts, Sierra Leone

Koll, Rebecca, University of Florida
Paleoecologic Reconstruction of Early and Middle Permian Gigantopterid Seed Plants in Western Pangea, New Mexico, and Texas

Leung, Jacqueline, Princeton University
The Impact of Anthelmintic Treatment on the Incidence of Diarrheal Disease in Schoolchildren in Southern Vietnam

Lin, Sam, University of Pennsylvania
Mobility and Behavioral Modernity in the Middle Stone Age of Western Cape, South Africa

Morton, Dana, Missouri State University
The Ecology of Parasites in Kelp Forests: Biodiversity and Influence on Food Web Structure, Santa Barbara Channel, California

Muscente, Anthony, Virginia Tech
Investigating the Preservation of Soft-Bodied Fossil Assemblages in Guizhou Province, China for Insights Into the Cambrian Explosion

Phillips, Carly, University of Georgia
Do Plant-Soil Feedbacks Influence Carbon Storage in Arctic Alaska?

Phuong, Mark, University of California, Los Angeles
Evolvability and Diversification: Testing Evolutionary Predictions in Indonesian Cone Snails

Riggio, Jason, University of California, Davis
Large Mammal Corridors in Savannah Africa

Rosen, Gail, University of Wisconsin, Madison
The Value of Forest Fragments for Mitigating Pathogens in Surface Water in Rural Uganda

Sabbi, Kristin, University of New Mexico
Development of Sex Differences in Aggressive Behaviors in the Kayawara Community of Chimpanzees at Kibale National Park, Uganda

Smith, Stephanie, University of Washington
Evidence from Northeastern Montana of Mammalian Faunal Recovery Following the Cretaceous-Paleogene Mass Extinction

Socolar, Samuel, Princeton University
Avian Diversity Loss in the Hyper-Diverse Forest Mosaic of Peruvian Amazonia

Tong, Eric, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Multispecies Connectivity of Coral Reefs in the Society Islands, French Polynesia

Wigmore, Oliver, Ohio State University
Assessing Variability in Pro-Glacial Soil Moisture: Linking Processes and Scale, Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Yardumian, Aram, University of Pennsylvania
Genetic History of Western Georgia: Implications for the Prehistory of the South Caucasus

Barton, Scott A., New York University
Food for the Gods: Sacred Nagô Culinary Religious Culture in Northeastern Brazil

Calede, Jonathan J., University of Washington
Taphonomy and Paleoecology of the Oligo-Miocene Cabbage Patch Fauna of Montana (29.5–23.5 Ma)

Deskaj, Sylvia, Michigan State University
Assessing Change and Continuity: Intra- and Inter-Regional Interaction During the Bronze-Iron Age in Northern Albania

DuBay, Shane G., University of Chicago
The Role of Climatic Gradients in Shaping Avian Diversity in the Hengduan Mountains of China

Dyrdahl, Eric R., Pennsylvania State University
Investigating Obsidian Procurement at the Source in Highland Northern Ecuador

Ennis, Katherine K., University of California, Santa Cruz
Seasonal Effects on the Biological Control of a Global Coffee Pest in Mexico

Faherty, Sheena L., Duke University
Unlocking the Genetic Code of Hibernation: An Investigation of Free-Ranging Dwarf Lemurs in the High-Altitude Rainforests of Central-Eastern Madagascar

Girard, Madeline B., University of California, Berkeley
Evolution of Complex Communication in Australian Peacock Spiders: Understanding How the Ecological and Social Environments Drive Diversity

Gottscho, Andrew D., San Diego State University
Comparative Phylogeography of Lizards (Phrynosomatidae) of Baja California and Islands in the Sea of Cortez

Griffin, Eric A., University of Pittsburgh
Diversity and Impact of Foliar Bacteria on Arboreal Species Within a Tropical Forest Understory, Barro Colorado Island, Panama

Guzman, Crystal, University of Illinois at Chicago
Tree Seedling Regeneration in a Degraded Tropical Landscape: Barriers to Tropical Pasture Restoration in Los Tuxtlas, Mexico

Katin, Nicole, Tulane University
Ethnobotany of Rural Populations in the Atlantic Coastal Forest Reserves of Southeastern Brazil

Koch, Rachel A., Purdue University
Uncovering the Evolutionary Significance of a Novel Fungal-Insect Mutualism in the Tropical Rainforests of Guyana

LeCroy, Kathryn A., University of Pittsburgh
Assessing the Uncoupling of Pollination by Climate Change in the Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems of California

Louthan, Allison, University of Wyoming
Interacting Effects of Aridity, Overstory Plants, and Herbivores on Understory Plant Distribution Patterns in Kenya

Mallott, Elizabeth K., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Influence of Insect Availability on Diet and Social Network Dynamics in White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus capucinus) in Costa Rica

Ryan, Mason J., University of New Mexico
In Search of Missing Frog Species in Costa Rica: Rediscovering Critically Endangered Species in a Time of Extinction

Seeholzer, Glenn F., Louisiana State University
Avian Biogeography of Andean Dry Forests, the Rio Cotacajes Valley, Bolivia

Smit, Douglas K., University of Illinois at Chicago
The Costs of Colonialism: Markets, Mining, and Labor in the Colonial Andes

Tessin, Allyson C., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Constraining the Relationship Between Climate, Sea Level, and Organic Carbon Burial During Oceanic Anoxic Event III in the Late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway in the United States and Southern Canada

Tilker, Andrew, University of Texas at Austin
Using Leech-based Surveys to Study Ungulate Occupancy in the Central Annamite Mountains of Vietnam

Tucci, Serena, University of Ferrara/University of California, Santa Cruz
The Lost World of Flores: Genetic Interrogation of the Indonesian Pygmies Genomes in Search of Signatures of Archaic Admixture

Weglarz, Kathryn M., Utah State University
Collection of Adelgid and Plant Samples in the United States and Canada to Catalyze Research in Plant-Symbiont Interactions

Wolfhagen, Jesse L., Stony Brook University, State University of New York
Investigating Neolithic Herding Practices Through Strontium Stable Isotopic Characterization of the Southwestern Cypriot Landscape

Wood, Stephen, Columbia University
Impact of the African Green Revolution on Soil Microbial Diversity and Ecosystem Functioning: A Case Study in the Microbial Mechanisms of Soil Organic Matter Dynamics in Western Kenya

Barrow, Lisa N., Florida State University
The Influence of Plio-Pleistocene Climate Change and Contemporary Landscape Features on the Genetic Structure of Co-Distributed Frogs in the Southeastern United States

Beaulieu, Wesley T., Indiana University, Bloomington
Hereditary Fungal Symbiosis in the Convolvulaceae: Population Variation in Ergot Alkaloids and Resistance to Bruchid Beetle Parasitism in the Central United States

Bridges, Nora C., University of Pittsburgh
Kichwa Hybrid Remedies in the Upper Amazon of Ecuador

Chapin, Kenneth J., University of California, Los Angeles
How Do Cave Habitats Cause Whip Spiders of Puerto Rican Rainforests to Become Social?

Dahlberg, Britt, University of Pennsylvania
The Politics of Knowledge Production in Environmental Risk Research in the Contemporary United States

Donop, Mark C., University of Florida,
New Light on Dark Earth: 5000 Years of Indigenous Agriculture at Hitia, Guyana

Farallo, Vincent R., Ohio University
The Role of Micro-Habitat in Shaping the Evolutionary Ecology of Plethodontid Salamanders of the Eastern United States

Grant, Christopher M., University of Chicago
Economies in Ruins? Buccaneers and Smuggling: Archaeological Investigations on Île de la Tortue (Tortuga Island), Haiti, ca.1600–1750

Gupta-Agarwal, Sonali, University of California, Los Angeles
Late Roman Period (Karanis) and Modern Potters of Nazla in Fayum and Ballas in Upper Egypt

Gutierrez, Leticia A., University of Missouri, St. Louis,
The Effects of a Complex Trophic Structure of Mammalian Host Species on the Ecology of Emerging Infectious Diseases at the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Haas, William R., University of Arizona
Late Archaic Period Settlement Hierarchy in the Lake Titicaca Basin, Peru

Harvey, Michael, Louisiana State University
Avian Biogeography of an Amazonian Headwater, the Rio Vaupés

Holt, Haley B., Tulane University
Archaeological Investigations of a Classic-Period Zapotec Enclave in Hidalgo, Mexico

Hyne, Amy L., University of Texas at Austin
Cultural Constructions of Mental Illness With Respect to Religious Practices: A Study of Unmada in North India

Janzen, Anneke, University of California, Santa Cruz
Mobility and Herd Management Strategies of Early Pastoralists in the Central Rift Valley and Athi Plains, Kenya, 3000–1200 BP

Kemp, Melissa E., Stanford University
Extinction and Diversification Dynamics in Insular Lizard Communities in the French West Indies

Levin, Erik, University of Chicago
Grammaticized Epistemology and Productions of Knowledge in Amawaka Shamanic Discourses, San Juan de Inuya, Peru

Miller, Jennifer R., Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Predicting the Kill: Ecological Drivers of Tiger and Leopard Livestock Depredation in Kanha Tiger Reserve, India

Quinn, Colin P., University of Michigan
Metal Production and the Origins of Social Inequality in Bronze Age Transylvania

Ritterbush, Kathleen A., University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Sea Floors Ruled by Sponges: Examining Ecology and Geochemistry in Peru’s Record of Biotic Recovery From the Triassic/Jurassic Mass Extinction

Shortlidge, Erin E., Portland State University
Biotic and Abiotic Factors Influencing Sexual Reproduction and Genetic Diversity in a Model Geothermal Moss System Living Near the Limits of Thermal Plant Life, Lassen Volcanic National Park, California

Tsang, Susan M., City College of New York, City University of New York
Phylogeography of Pteropus Flying Foxes in Indonesia

Tune, Jesse W., Texas A&M University
Archaeological Excavations at the Coats-Hines Site, Williamson County, Tennessee

Vieira Neto, Ernane Henrique M., University of Florida
Are Roads Conduits for the Expansion of Native Keystone and Agricultural Pest Species in the Brazilian Cerrado?

Wagner, Maggie R., Duke University
Evolution of Plant Defense Against Herbivores in the Northern Rocky Mountains

Andrews, Margaret M., University of Pennsylvania
Down in the Valley: A Topographical Study of the Subura in Rome from Caesar to Charlemagne

Armitage, David, University of California, Berkeley
Functional Aspects of Food Web Assembly in Pitcher Plant Inquiline Communities in Northern California and Southern Oregon

Avila Segura, Laura M., University of Florida
Stingless Bee-Native Flowering Plants Interaction Network in Southern Costa Rica: The Effect of Coffee Blooming

Beer, Thomas, Institute for Biology, University Halle
Exploring the Kryptic Life Cycle and the Community of Snow Algae from Lassen Volcanic Park, California

Brandão, Ana Paula, University of Texas at Austin
A Reference Grammar of Paresi-Haliti (Arawak), Mato Grosso, Brazil

Buffen, Aron M., Brown University
Establishing a New High-Elevation Ice Core Record of Climate Change From the Isotopic Composition of Nitrate in a Peruvian Glacier

Forrestel, Elisabeth J., Yale University
Merging Functional Ecology and Comparative Phylogenetics to Predict Ecosystem and Community-Level Responses to Differential Biogeographic Histories in Grasslands of Australia, South Africa, and North America

Goodwin, Sarah E., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Comparative Evaluation and Mate Attraction in Chipping Sparrows of the Northeastern United States

Hesed, Kyle M., University of Maryland
Dispersal and Social Relationships in the Maryland Red-Backed Salamander

Hickman, Kristin G., University of Chicago
Losing Nichane, Losing Darija? Transformations and Uncertain Futures of Written Colloquial Arabic, Casablanca, Morocco

Kennedy, Jason R., Binghamton University
The Organization of Labor at Prehistoric Yenice Yani 1 and Kenan Tepe, Southeastern Turkey: Use-Wear Analysis of Terminal Ubaid Ceramics

Kurnick, Sarah, University of Pennsylvania
Political Authority Among the Ancient Maya: A Case Study from Callar Creek, Belize

Madden, Anne A., Tufts University
Is It Who You Are or Where You Live That Matters? Location and Host Species Effects on Microbial Biogeography of Communities Associated With a Native and Invasive Paper Wasp in Massachusetts

Mortensen, Jennifer, Tufts University
The Role of Social Behavior in Buffering Populations From Extinction: The Persistence of an Endangered, Cooperatively Breeding Caribbean Passerine

Myers, Edward A., City University of New York
Linking Ecological Opportunity to Niche Evolution in an Adaptive Radiation, Central Panama

Nah, Hyejin, New York University
Linguistic Sovereignty of a Virtual Nation: Urban Mapuche in Twenty-First Century Santiago, Chile

Phelps, Kendra, Texas Tech University
Cave Bats in Crisis: Impact of Anthropogenic Disturbances on Cave-Dependent Bats in the Philippines

Porter, Amy M., University of California, Davis
Cooperation and Conflict in Two Socially Monogamous Primates: Red Titi Monkeys (Callicebus discolor) and Equatorial Saki Monkeys (Pithecia aequatorialis) in Eastern Ecuador

Powell, Luke L., Louisiana State University
Using Home Range Estimates and Thirty Years of Mist-Net Captures to Determine the Effect of Land Use History on Dispersal of Understory Birds Near Manaus, Brazil

Putsavage, Kathryn J., University of Colorado, Boulder
The Black Mountain Archaeological Project: An Investigation of the Black Mountain Phase (AD 1130 to 1250) in the Lower Mimbres Valley of Southern New Mexico

Rudolph, Kathleen, University of Florida
Enslaved, Ejected, or Cannibalized: The Spoils of War in African Acacia Ants

Schaming, Taza, Cornell University
The Impact of Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) Mortality on Clark's Nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana) Demography and Habitat Use in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Sorger, Daniela M., North Carolina State University
Phenotypic Dvergence Within Bornean Ant Species: Responses to Altitude and Climate

Tenggardjaja, Kimberly, University of California, Santa Cruz
A Genetic Comparison of Endemic and Non-Endemic Damselfishes in the Hawaiian Archipelago

Trentin, Summer R., University of Iowa
Pompeian Peristyles: Space, Function, and Meaning

Venti, Alyson M., University of Miami
Seasonal and Diurnal Analysis of Present-Day Coral Growth Rates Across the Natural pH Gradient Found on the Bermuda Reef Platform

Wiewel, Adam, University of Arkansas
Geophysical Investigations of the Nineteenth-Century Mandan-Arikara Village at the Fort Clark State Historic Site, North Dakota

Womack, Ann M., University of Oregon
Biodiversity in the Amazonian Atmosphere: Linking Atmospheric Conditions With Active Airborne Microbial Diversity

Anderson, Shelby L., University of Washington
Late Prehistoric Social Change in Northwest Alaska: A Study of Ceramic Procurement, Production, and Distribution in the Arctic

Bechtoldt, Catherine L., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Improving Predictions of Bird Species Distributions in the Central Amazonian Lowlands: Implications for Conservation Planning and Evolutionary Ecology

Bell, Rayna C., Cornell University
Evaluating the Pleistocene Forest Refuge Hypothesis in Hyperolius Tree Frogs of Central Africa

Chen, Ming-Chu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Tectonic, Climatic, and Anthropogenic Influences on the Ultra-High Rate of Bedrock Incision in the Ta-An River Gorge, Taiwan

Coyle, Lauren, University of Chicago
Community Rights and the Ambivalence of Authority: Timber, Gold, and the Violent Fashioning of the Artisan in Ghana

Deas, Jr., Joseph B., University of Arizona
Trade-offs Between Reproduction and Survival in an Egg-Stacking Seed Beetle

Del Toro, Israel, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Biogeographical Patterns of Ant Communities Along Elevational and Latitudinal Gradients in the Eastern United States

Demos, Terrence, Queens College, City University of New York
Comparative Phylogeography of Small Mammals in Montane Africa: Integrating Climatic History and Genetic Variation

DeVore, Jonathan D., University of Michigan
Cultivating Hopes: Struggles over Land and Land Reform in Southern Bahia, Brazil

Dolan, Jessica M., McGill University
Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Cultural Relations with Environment, Land, and Place

Dunn, Stacy M., Tulane University
Artifact Analysis from a Chancay Culture, Late Intermediate Period (1100–1435 AD) Site in the Huaura Valley, Peru

Ericksen, Annika, University of Arizona
Responsible Herding in Mongolia: Changing Strategies and Politics of Managing Winter Risk

Guerra, Monica, University of Texas, Austin
Choosy Female Frogs Create New Species in the Amazon

Gulley, Jason D., University of Florida
Can Flow in Subglacial Conduits be Distinguished from Flow in Distributed Systems? Evaluating Recharge Rate to Conduits as a Control on Proglacial Data, Svalbard, Norway

Halfen, Alan F., University of Kansas
Holocene Megadroughts of the Central Great Plains

Hanna, Cause, University of California, Berkeley
Invasion Dynamics and Management of a Social Predator in Hawaii

Henningsen, Justin, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
How Do Signal Size and Performance Capacity Interact to Determine Reproductive Success in Male Green Anole Lizards in South Carolina?

Herrera, Fabiany A., University of Florida
Paleocene and Eocene Neotropical Floras: Understanding the Earliest Rainforests in Northern South America

Hosner, Peter A., University o Kansas
Filling a Critical Knowledge Gap in Andean Biogeography: An Ornithological Expedition to Remote Montane Forests in Ayacucho, Peru

Johnson, Scott A., Tulane University
Late and Terminal Classic Power Shifts in Central Yucatan: The View from Popola

Johnson, Stefan E., Michigan State University
Anishinaabeg Rock Paintings of the Rainy Lake Region in Northwestern Ontario: Place and Meaning on the Rocks

Jones, Michael R., Texas A&M University
Design, Possible Origin, and Economic Context of a Middle Byzantine Merchant Vessel from the Theodosian Harbor of Constantinople

Kessler, Sharon, Arizona State University
Modeling the Origins of Primate Sociality: Kin Recognition in Madagascar Mouse Lemurs

Koltz, Amanda, Duke University
Effects of Climate-Induced Vegetation Changes on Arctic Food Web Dynamics in Northern Alaska

Lanzillotti, Ian T., Ohio State University
Ethno-Nationalism and Interethnic Relations in the North Caucasus: Kabardino-Balkaria, 1858–1991

Legg, Teresa, University of Colorado
The Role of Microbial Communities in Groundwater Arsenic Mobilization, Bangladesh

Lindsey, Emily L., University of California, Berkeley
Causes, Dynamics and Ecological Consequences of Late-Quaternary Extinctions, Tanque Loma, Ecuador

Makino, Kaoru, Boston University
Paleoethnobotanical Research at the Banten Lama Archaeological Complex, Java, Indonesia: Investigation of Food Consumption and Foodways at a Seventeenth-Century Spice Trading Hub

McCracken, Chelsea, Rice University
A Grammar of Pulu Belep [yly], New Caledonia

Moen, Daniel S., Stony Brook University
Evolutionary History and Adaptation of Ecological Performance in Colombian Frogs

Orkin, Joseph D., Washington University, St. Louis
Landscape Genetics of Gibbons and Leaf Monkeys in China

Rademaker, Kurt M., University of Maine
Early Human Exploration of the High Andes, Southern Peru

Roddy, Adam, University of California, Berkeley
Climate-Mediated Impacts of Reproductive Phenology on Resource Cycling by Tropical Trees, Panama

Rodrigues, Michelle A., Ohio State University
Stress and Sociality in a Patrilocal Primate in Costa Rica: Do Female Spider Monkeys Tend-and-Befriend?

Schmidt, Isabel B., University of Hawaii, Manoa
Assessing and Promoting Ecological Sustainability of a Non-timber Forest Product (NTFP) from the Brazilian Savanna (Cerrado)

Schonthal, Benjamin, University of Chicago
Regulating Religion: Buddhism, Pluralism and the State in Post-Independence Sri Lanka

Sedio, Brian E., University of Michigan
Do Plant Defenses Influence the Specialization of Insect Herbivores of Co-Occurring, Closely Related Plants in Tropical Forests (Barro Colorado Island, Panama)?

Shackelford, Julie L., University College London
World Heritage in the Old City: How Damascus Negotiates its Past and Present

Shah, Seema, University of California, Los Angeles
Intra-Ethnic Electoral Violence in Divided Societies: The Case of Sri Lanka

Snyder, Sara L., Columbia University
Sovereignty, Christianity, and the Politics of Expression in Eastern Cherokee Language Revitalization

Stahlschmidt, Zachary R., Arizona State University, Tempe
Dynamics of Egg-Brooding Behavior in Free-Ranging Female Water Pythons (Liasis fuscus), Australia

Starkel, William A., Washington State University
Geologic Mapping of the SW Caldera Margin of the McDermitt Caldera Center, Northern Nevada, USA

Taylor, Sarah R., State University of New York, Albany
To Plant or Protect: Land Use, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and Tourism

Tsukamoto, Kenichiro, University of Arizona
Retrieving the Ancient History of Intermediate Elites: An Exploration of the Guzmán Hieroglyphic Stairway at El Palmar, Campeche, Mexico

Tyler, Carrie L., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
A Test of the Validity of Repair Scars as Estimators of Predation Intensity, San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Worthington, Nancy, Columbia University
Healing Hearts and Training Minds in El Salvador: Pediatric Heart Surgery Missions and Globally Circulating Biotechnologies

Worthington, Steven, New York University
Early Human Origins: A View from the Miocene

Allington, Ginger, Saint Louis University
Grazing Impacts on Soil Properties and Vegetation Recovery in Desertified Rangelands of the American Southwest

Aragon, Carolina C., University of Utah
Documentation and Description of the Akuntsú Language: An Endangered Language in Brazil

Bacon, Christine D., Colorado State University
Species Delimitation and Ecological Niche Modeling of Hawaiian Pritchardia (Palmae: arecaceae)

Becker, Carlos G., Cornell University
Can’t Win for Losing: Disease, Habitat Split, and Amphibian Declines in Panama

Blaimer, Bonnie B., University of California, Davis
Canopy Ant Diversity: Breaching an Unprobed Frontier in Malagasy Forests

Boukili, Vanessa K., University of Connecticut
Using Plant Functional Traits to Understand Patterns of Community Assembly in Naturally Regenerating Costa RicanRain Forests

Chacaltana, Sofia, University of Illinois at Chicago
Mechanics of Empire and Integration: The Role of Inca Tambos in the Colesuyo Region of Southern Peru

Chenoweth, John M., University of California, Berkeley
Quaker Religious Practice and Slavery: A Case Study from the Eighteenth-Century Caribbean

Crothers, Laura, University of Texas at Austin
Assessing Male Contributions to Aposematic Polymorphism in the Strawberry Poison Frog of Bocas del Toro, Panama

Dangremond, Emily M., University of California, Berkeley
Seed Predation of the Rare Mangrove Pelliciera, Punta Galta, Panama

Datoo, Sabrina, University of Chicago
Medicine, Morality, and Muslim Nationalism: Yunani Tibb in Colonial India

Ederer, Shana L., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Estimation of Bryophyte-Cyanobactial Nitrogen Fixation Across a Substrate-Age Gradient, Door County, Wisconsin

Farrell, Michelle L., Georgetown University
Venezuela's Cultural Mission: Redefining Venezuelan National Identities Through Cinema

Gage, JoAnn R., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Real-Time Monitoring of Rock Deformation Underground, Homestake Gold Mine, South Dakota

Gittinger, Megan, University of Florida
Relaxation of Plant Defenses in Acacias Following Long-Term Exclusion of Herbivores in a Semi-Arid Savanna, Kenya

Grady, Ben R., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Patterns of Soil Endemism in Eriogonum (Polygonaceae)in the Western United States: Combining Classical and Modern Techniques

Groner, Maya, University of Pittsburgh
Effects of Host Assemblage on the Prevalence and Virulence of a Fungal Amphibian Pathogen (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) in the Sierra Nevadas

Grossman, Kathryn M., University of Chicago
Re-centering the Ninevite 5 Economy: Archaeological Investigations at Hamoukar, Syria

Gusick, Amy E., University of California, Santa Barbara
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Art as an Investment: The Financial Geography of the Art Market, England

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Documentation of Mocho': Speakers and Dialects, Mexico

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Direct Investigation of Glacier Caves in the High Artic, Svalbard, Norway

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Disease Ecology and Reproductive Health of a Southern African Agro-Pastoral Community, Namibia

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Classifying the Tasha-Sili Language of Bhutan

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Regional Morphological Variation in Venerid and Arcid Bivalves in the Southeast Gulf Coastal Plain

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Archeal Biomaker Profile of the Eastern South Pacific Oxigen Minimum Zone

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Association Costs in the Female Variable Field Cricket, California

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Ichthyological Exploration of Cameroonian Crater Lakes

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Impact of the Cochise Filter Barrier on Continental Biogeography in Arizona and New Mexico

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Evaluating Management Practices in the Buffer Zones of Selected Protected Areas in Bangladesh

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The Mass Exodus of a Honey Bee Swarm From Its Nest: Who Produces the Signals That Induce a Synchronized Departure?

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Testing Hypotheses for the Origin of Biodiversity on Venezuelan Tepuis

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Biological Mechanisms Linking Litter Chemistry with Decomposition Rate in an Alaska Boreal Forest

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The Cochineal Insects: Revealing Pre-Columbian Trade and Ancient Biogeography in Peru

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Dusky Dolphin Prey Herding: A Comparison Between Argentina and New Zealand

Watt, Kelly , University of Louisville
How Elite Emulation in Spanish Architecture Contributed to the Transformation of Territorial Expansion Into Reconquista

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Molecular Systematics, Phylogeography, and Conservation of Wild Onions in North America

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Case Study in Early Augustan Temple Design at the Temple of Appollo Palatinus, Rome

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The Effects of Nitrogen on Plant-Pollinator Mutualisms, Rocky Mountain Biological Lab, Colorado

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Collection, Species Identification, and Cultural Practices Surrounding the Use of Leaf Beetles as Poisons, Namibia

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Saint Veneration in Upper Egypt

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Linking Lakes to Land: Understanding Spatial Aspects of Allochthonous Subsidies in Northern Iceland

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Beyond the "Two Worlds" Conundrum: Native American and African American Scholars' Experience

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Physical Volcanology of Silicic Super-Eruptions in the Snake River Plain, Idaho

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The Bones of Shompole Conservation Area, Kenya: The Application of Bone Survey as an Ecological Monitoring Technique

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Geographic and Adaptive Consequences of Past Climate Warming for Douglas-Fir in Mexico

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Fieldwork on Late Oligocene Fossils of Kenya

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Mortuary Practice, Biological Variation, and Social Organization in Ancient Peru

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Evaluating Ecosytem Recovery Following Invasive Species Removal, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

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Warfare and State Formation in Ancient Vietnam

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Rites of Passage, Rights-of-Way in Northern Rockies Transportation Corridors

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Ecology of Model-Mimic Coexistence and Butterfly Mimicry Rings in Northeastern and Southern India

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Knowledge, Networks, and Capital: Adapting to Change in a Small-Scale Mexican Fishery

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Evolutionary Relationships and Biogeography on the Island of Sulawesi, Indonesia

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The Colors of Ancient Persepolis, Iran

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Biogeography and Evolution of the Solidago simplex (Asteraceae) Species Complex in Western North America

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Evolutional Ecology of the Asexual Fungus-Gardening Ant Mycocepurus smithii, Brazil

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Drivers of Bushmeat Hunting in Western Serengeti, Kenya, Ecosystem: Protein Consumption and Socio-Economic Factors

Schwartz, Lauren E., University of California, Riverside
Investigations of Household Vernacular Architecture, Naco Valley, Northwestern Honduras

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The Role of Temperature in Setting the Distribution of Species of Dung Beetles in Ecuador

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Early Colonial Relations on the Upper James River, Hopewell, Virginia

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Ocean Chemistry Changes and Biomineralization at the Base of the Cambrian in Namibia, Siberia, and the Great Basin, USA

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Biodiversity, Behavior, Population Dynamics, and Zoonotic Disease Transmission in Panamanian Vampire Bats

Swamy, Varun, Duke University
Peccaries, Palms, Poaching, and Plant Recruitment in the Peruvian Amazon

Tripathy, Alka, Arizona State University
Detrial Mineral Thermochronology of the Indus Molasse, Northwestern Indian Himalaya

Wander, Katherine, University of Washington
Infectious Disease History, Micronutrient Status, and Skin Test Reactivity Among Children in Tanzania

Warren, Andrew D., Florida Museum of Natural History
Taxonomic and Biogeographic Studies of the Butterflies of Northern Mexico (Lepidoptera)

Werlin, Steven, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Examining Unpublished Finds from the Synagogues of Ancient Palestine

Wieland, Michelle, University of Minnesota
Perceptions and Use of a Protected Congolese Environment, Republic of Congo

Winternitz, Jamie, University of Georgia
Interactions Between Host Sociality and Infectious Disease Dynamics in the Southeastern United States

Wood, Hannah, University of California, Berkeley
Assassin Spiders of Australia

Woods, Nathan, City University of New York
Pacific Coast U.S. Professional Networks and Scientific Regionalism in the Environmental Sciences

Yan, Caie, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Social Interactions and Kinship Among a Multi-Level Society of Rhinopithecus roxellana in China

Adjemian, Jennifer Zipser, University of California, Davis
The Dynamics and Ecology of Environmental Reservoirs of Plague in the Western United States

Allan, Brian, Washington University, St. Louis
Identification of Zoonotic Reservoirs for Tick-Borne Diseases of the Midwestern United States Using Molecular Techniques

Allen, Julie, University of Florida
Through the Eyes of Lice: What Parasites Can Tell Us About Host Population Interactions, Uganda

Arendt, Beatrix, University of Virginia
An Archaeological Reconnaissance of the Hebron Mission in Labrador, Canada

Arnold, Bryan, University of Maryland, College Park
Low Frequency Social Calls as a Mechanism for Conspecific Recruitment During Roost Site Relocation in the Pallid Bat, Fossil, Oregon

Barrett, Autumn, College of William and Mary
History and Identity in Brazil

Chang, Cynthia, Yale University
Role of Diversity at the Genetic and Community Levels in Kansas Native Tallgrass Prairie Under Invasion by Caucasian Bluestem

Chatterjee, Ipsita, Clark University
A Case Study of Hindu-Muslim Conflict in India

Contreras, Daniel, Stanford University
Sociopolitical and Geomorphologic Dynamics at Chavin de Huantar, Peru

Csiki, Shane, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
The Effects of Run-of-River Dams on Stream Morphology in Central and Northeastern Illinois

de la Sancha, Noe, Texas Tech University
Effects of Human-Induced Fragmentation on the Structure of Small Mammal Assemblages in the Atlantic Forest, Paraguay

Dexter, Kyle, Duke University
Influence of Dispersal on Tropical Tree Community Composition, Madre de Dios, Peru

Esselstyn, Jacob, University of Kansas
Testing Hypotheses of Historical Biogeography in a Complex Phillipine Archipelago

Ferretti, Valentina, Cornell University
Disentangling Breeding Synchrony from Extra-Pair Paternity in Swallows

Gifford, Matthew, Washington University, St. Louis
Evolutionary Relationships between Habitat Use, Morphology, and Performance Among Populations of Lizard from Hispanola

Green, David J., George Washington University
Ileret Excavations, Koobi Fora, Kenya

Guayasamin, Juan, University of Kansas
Evolutionary Relationships, Biogeography, and Conservation of Glass Frogs in Venezuela

Harvey, Rachel, University of Florida
Township Tours: Assessing Cape Town's Cultural Tourism

Havran, John Christopher, Ohio University
Adaptive Radiation of the Hawaiian Violets

Hughey, Myra, Boston University
Consequences of Interactions Among Red-Eyed Treefrog Egg Consumers, Gamboa, Panama: Flies, Fungi, Wasps

Jacobsen, Anna, Washington University, St. Louis
Remembering Somalia: Individual and Social Processes of Rebuilding in Kenya

Jones, Holly, Yale University
Evaluating Ecosystem Recovery Following Invasive Species Removal, New Zealand

Jones, Natalie, Western Kentucky University
Community-Based Wildlife Conservation in Southeastern Kenya

Koopman, Margaret, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Exploration of Evolution and Pollination Ecology of Malagasy Endemic Plant Genus Megistostegium

Kraatz, Brian, University of California, Berkeley
Precise Timing of Major Faunal Transition in Asia Near the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary

Kushnir, Hadas, University of Minnesota
Human-Lion Conflict in Southeastern Tanzania: Analysis of Causes to Develop Solutions

Lombard, Carol, University of South Africa
A Spirit of Remembrance: Investigating the Mnemonic Nature of Niitsitapi Personal Names

Mattison, Siobhan, University of Washington
The Behavioral Ecology of Sex-Biased Parental Favoritism Among the Ethnic Na (Moso) of Southwest China

Meyer, Matthew, University of Virginia
The Influence of Globalization on an Amazonian Ayahuasca Church

O'Neill, Eric, Utah State University
Evolutionary Potential and Penotypic Plasticity of a Frog in Its Native (Puerto Rico) and Introduced (Hawaii) Ranges

Palardy, James, Brown University
A Stage-Based Population Model for a Non-Symbiotic Coral in the Galapagos and Implications for Conservation

Papageorgiou, Sophia, University of California, Davis
Impact of Forest Changes in the Emergence of Tick-Borne Diseases in Inner Mongolia

Park, Indrek, Indiana University
The Sound Patterns of Hidatsa, a Siouan Language Spoken in North Dakota

Ruck, Elizabeth, University of Texas, Austin
Diatoms of Ancient Lakes Ohrid and Prespa, Macedonia

Sousa, Bridget, University of Kentucky, Lexington
Major Histocompatability Complex, Ornaments, and Mate Choice in the Kansas Dickcissel

Tripp, Erin, Duke University
Systematics and Pollination Syndrome Transitions in the Mexican Form of the Species-Rich Genus Ruellia

Tsai, Howard, University of Michigan
Archaeological Survey of the Quebrada Del Caracol in the Jequetepeque Valley, Peru

Urbani, Bernardo, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Study of the Spatial Memory and Foraging Strategies of Capuchins (Costa Rica)

Vary, Laura, University of California, Irvine
Factors Promoting the Maintenance of Monoecy in the Malagasy Sapindaceae

Vinueza, Luis, Oregon State University
Conservation Ecology of Galapagos Rocky Shores in the Face of Human Disturbance and Climate Change

Whitfield, Steven, Florida International University
Spatial Scale, Determinants of Abundance, and Demography in a Collapsing Tropical Herpetofauna, Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Wise, Erika, University of Arizona
Investigation of a Unique Hydroclimatic Transition Zone in Wyoming

Young, Kristin, University of California, Irvine
Facilitation of Succession in Tropical Pasture by an Al Hyper-Accumulator in Costa Rica

Zacher, Melanie, University of Illinois, Chicago
Violent Transformations in the Late Iron Age of Western Kenya

Cannariato, Kevin, University of Southern California
Thai Stalagmites and Regional Rainfall Prediction and Hypotheses of Future Global Climate Change

Choo, Juanita, University of Texas at Austin
Tritophic Interactions Between Humans, Palms, and Weevils with the Hoti Peple of the Venezuelan Amazon

de la Sancha, Noé, Texas Tech University
Study of the effects of habitat fragmentation on small marsupials (Didelphidae) in Paraguay

Dominy, Nathaniel, University of California, Santa Cruz
Characterization of the stable isotopes and mechanical properties of putative hominin foods through a sampling of a variety of plant underground storage organs, such as tubers, roots, rhizomes, and corms

Endonino, John, University of Florida and SEARCH, Inc.
Reconnaissance survey and test excavations within the Lake Monroe Conservation Area, St. Johns River, FL, to understand the relationship between, and integration of, what might be the earliest burial mounds in the Southeastern U.S. and the places of everyday habitation of the hunter-gatherers who built them between 4000-2000 B.C.

Fichtner, Elizabeth, University of California, Davis
Investigation of ecophysiological factors mediating pathogen survival in forests infested with Sudden Oak Death in Sonoma County, California

Fisher, Carolyn, City University of New York
Growers' Views of the Fair Trade Coffee Commodity Chain

Glaser, Amelia, University of Pennsylvania
Study of rural markets in the Ukraine and interviews about changes in the markets during the Soviet period as part of a study of the cultural significance of local marketplaces to historical relations between Jews, Russians, Ukrainians, and Poles

Grace, Tony, Kansas State University
A worldwide study of the population genetics and breeding structure of the Indian meal moth to provide information on genetic variability, gene flow, and migration patterns within the United States and across continents

Guo, Zibin, University of Tennessee
Interviews with local historians, Asian American scholars, and community leaders in selected cities to gain an in-depth understanding of the social and cultural development of six Asian American populations and their contributions to the social, economic, cultural, and political landscapes of the American West

Hale Gallardo, Jennifer, University of Florida
Exploration of transformations in indigenous healing modalities and the emergence of new forms of expertise at an intercultural hospital in Cuetzalan, Puebla, Mexico

Hock, Andrew N., University of California, Los Angeles
The Physical and Chemical Nature of Three Lakes in Bolivia as a Proxy for Ancient Mars

Janz, Lisa, University of Arizona
Initial archaeological survey of sub-sites at Bayan Dzak in the Gobi Desert-one of the most significant sites in Mongolia, containing artifacts from occupations ranging from 5 to 15,000 years ago-using a GPS and a topographic base map

Mahdi, Leena, University of Hawaii, Manoa
First Fungi and Yeast Samples from Several Hawaiian Islands

Miles, William, Northeastern University
Gathering of oral testimony from elderly informants and community leaders in Southeast Asia along the Upper Mekong River dividing Laos from Burma to study the contemporary implications of French versus British colonialism for partitioned peoples

Nelson, Stewart, Project Nautilus
Documentation of the world's first Arctic submarine, the Nautilus, scuttled in 1,100 feet of water near Bergen, Norway, using a manned submersible

Riihimaki, Catherine, Bryn Mawr College
Pilot study in Glacier National Park to look at environmental change near Grinnell Glacier by collecting and analyzing several lake sediment cores, which record changes in ecology and climate over hundreds to thousands of years

Russello, Michael, Yale University
Exploratory study to examine ecological, behavioral, and genetic mechanisms underlying the successful invasion of North America by the Monk Parakeet; observational and non-invasive genetic data will be collected to study breeding biology, behavior, an social structure within and among colony nests

Tamir, Orit, New Mexico Highlands University
Study of the rise and spread of the Navajo Sun Dance, in the context of social-cultural changes

Vanden Brooks, John, Yale University
Collection of 500 alligator eggs from Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana for an examination of the effects of varying the partial pressure of oxygen on their development

Watson, Adam, University of Virginia
Analysis of faunal remains and a pilot study of Outram's fracture freshness index at the Neolithic village site of Catalhoyuk, Turkey

Zaspel, Jennifer, University of Florida
Investigation of the evolution of blood feeding and disease transmission potential in the vampire moths of Nepal(Lepidoptera: Catocalidae)