The John Hope Franklin Dissertation Fellowship

Last updated July 2015

The John Hope Franklin Dissertation Fellowship, named in honor of a distinguished member of the American Philosophical Society, is designed to support an outstanding doctoral student at an American university or an exceptional American doctoral student abroad who is completing the dissertation.

John Hope Franklin Fellows

Sanchez, Alisa C.
, University of California, Berkeley
A Preoccupation With Modernity: Geopolitics of Knowledge in Colombian Reproduction Policies, 1936–2006

Square, Jonathan M.
, New York University
Double Jeopardy: Slavery, Imprisonment, and the Fragility of Freedom in Imperial Rio de Janeiro, 1808–1888

Gonzalez Jimenez, Alejandra
, University of Toronto
Volkswagen de Mexico: The Car as National Fetish

Stokes, Adam O.
, Princeton Theological Seminary
Capturing Leviathan: Job 40–41 in the History of Christian Interpretation

Rosales, Rocio, University of California, Los Angeles
Hidden Economies in Public Spaces: Fruit Vendors in Los Angeles

Elliott, Chiyuma, University of Texas, Austin
The Rural New Negro: Blackness and Literary Modernity in the 1920s

Oyogoa, Francisca, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Black Workers and Employers' Racial Ideology in the Pullman Railroad Company and Southern Textile Industry, 1865–1964

Harper Charleston, Sherri, University of Michigan
The Fruits of Citizenship: African Americans, Military Service, and the Cause of Cuba Libre, 1898–1914

Ghartey-Tagoe, Amma, New York University
"Three " ‘Warring Ideals’ ”: The Battle (be)For(e) the Souls of Black Folk at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition"

Stuckey, Melissa, Yale University
The Challenge of Black Progressivism on the Oklahoma Frontier, 1889–1930