The collection of Charles Coleman Sellers (1903-1980) contains copious and detailed documentation of the art of Charles Willson Peale and his family. It consists of working files for Sellers's numerous publications, including his Portraits and Miniatures by Charles Willson Peale (1952); Charles Willson Peale with Patron and Populace (1969); C. W. Peale's Portraits of Washington (1951); Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture (1962); Mr. Peale's Museum (1980).

Most files include photographs of the art work, notes on the piece, and correspondence with authorities or owners. Other series include one relating to the paintings of various other Peales, including Anna C., James, Mary Jane, Raphaelle, Rembrandt, Rubens, and Sarah Miriam, and a miscellaneous artist file, which includes the same type of material and information on many eighteenth- and nineteenth-century artists, including Thomas Eakins, George Healy, Robert Edge Pine, William Rush, Thomas Sully, Benjamin West, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, etc. There is a separate Sellers collection at Dickinson College, primarily personal in nature.

Background note

Charles Coleman Sellers (1903-1980) was a noted historian of early America, best known for his numerous works on the life and artistic production of the family of his own great-grandfather, Charles Willson Peale. Born in Overbrook, Pa., in 1903, Sellers attended Haverford College (1925) and Harvard (MA 1926), before taking a position as librarian at Wesleyan College (1937-1949) and, later, Dickinson College (1956-1968). For several years in the late 1940s, Sellers worked at the American Philosophical Society as Research Associate.

Sellers's numerous books and articles focused largely on the voluminous artistic output of the Peale family and on the Peale Museum, an important site in the early Republic for presenting natural history to the general public. Sellers also conducted research on Benjamin Franklin and others among the Peales' contemporaries. He was awarded the Bancroft Prize in 1970 for his work on Peale and was elected to membership in the APS in 1979. He died in 1980 while on a visit to Australia.

Scope and content

The Sellers Collection consists of the working file of the historian, Charles Coleman Sellers, pertaining to his research on the artistic oevre of Charles Willson Peale and his family. The Collection is organized in seven series, corresponding roughly to Sellers's publications on the subject, plus a series containing general notes on other contemporary artists and a small miscellaneous correspondence file.

Series I Charles Willson Peale Portraits and Miniatures 7 linear feet
Series II Mr. Peale's Museum 3 linear feet
Series III Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture 0.5 linear feet
Series IV Washington Portraits 1 linear foot
Series V Paintings by the Peales 4 linear feet
Series VI Artist File 1 linear foot
Series VII Correspondence 1 linear foot
Series VIII Miscellaneous materials 19 items; 2.5 linear feet

Native American Images Note : Reprinted black and white photographs from the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard of Native American artifacts once held by Charles Willson Peale’s Philadelphia Museum. Some of the items include Plains and Northwestern Indian utensils, clothes and canoes of the early 1800s. Of note, Thomas Jefferson’s Indian collection including a peace pipe, a painted buffalo robe, Cree Indian dresses and an Indian hunting shirt worn by Captain Cook. Some later dated images, ca. 1840s, depict native Hawaiian and Caribbean objects. Primarily housed in Series II.

Collection information


Restrictions on Use:

Photographs of portraits owned privately or owned by other institutions can not be reproduced.


Gift of the estate of Charles Coleman Sellers, 1980 (accession number 1980-276ms).

Preferred citation

Cite as: Charles Coleman Sellers Collection, American Philosophical Society.

Related material

Several collections of papers pertaining to the Peale Family are housed at the APS, and these have been issued as a microfiche set, Lillian B. Miller, ed., The Collected Papers of Charles Willson Peale and His Family (Millwood, N.Y.: Kraus Microform, 1980).

There is a Sellers collection at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., primarily personal in nature.


Sellers, Charles Coleman, "Charles Willson Peale's Portraits of Washington," Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin (February 1951). Call no.: 920 Pam. 133.

Sellers, Charles Coleman, Portraits and Miniatures by Charles Willson Peale, APS Transactions 42 (1952). Call no.: 506.73 Am4t

Sellers, Charles Coleman, Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture (New Haven: Yale, 1962). Call no.: B F85se.

Sellers, Charles Coleman, Charles Willson Peale with Patron and Populace, APS Transactions 59 (1969). Call no.: 506.73 Am4t

Sellers, Charles Coleman, Mr. Peale's Museum (N.Y.: Norton, 1980). Call no.: B P31se

Indexing Terms

Family Name(s)

  • Peale family


  • Gelatin silver prints
  • Photographs

Personal Name(s)

  • Eakins, Thomas, 1844-1916
  • Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790
  • Healy, George Peter Alexander, 1813-1894
  • Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826
  • Peale, Anna Claypoole, 1791-1878
  • Peale, Charles Willson, 1741-1827
  • Peale, James,1749-1831.
  • Peale, Mary Jane, 1827-1902
  • Peale, Raphaelle, 1774-1825
  • Peale, Rembrandt, 1778-1860
  • Peale, Rubens, 1784-1865
  • Peale, Sarah Miriam, 1800-1885
  • Pine, Robert Edge, 1730?-1788
  • Rush, William, 1756-1833
  • Sellers, Charles Coleman, 1903-1980
  • Sully, Thomas, 1783-1872
  • West, Benjamin, 1738-1820
  • Whistler, James McNeill, 1834-1903


  • Anishinaabe
  • Art
  • Artists
  • Comanche Indians
  • Cree Indians
  • Crow Indians
  • Dakota Indians
  • Eastern Woodlands Indians
  • Indians of North America--Great Lakes (North America)
  • Indians of North America--Oklahoma
  • Indians of North America--Pacific Coast
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806)
  • Mandan Indians
  • Northwest Coast Indians
  • Ojibwa Indians
  • Ojibwe people
  • Painters--United States
  • Plains Indians
  • Tlingit Indians
  • Washington, George, 1732-1799--Portraits, caricatures, etc
Collection overview
  Box 1-14
  Box 15-20
  Box 21

All folders are marked: Franklin in Portraiture

  Box 22-23

These folders are marked as C.C.Sellers marked them originally.

  Box 24-31
  Box 32-33
  Box 34-35

The correspondence pertaining to artistic subjects has been kept as arranged by Charles Coleman Sellers. Larger blocks of correspondence pertaining to a single subject have been listed separately.


Detailed Inventory
Series I. Charles Willson Peale Portraits & Miniatures
  Box 1-14
Abercrombie, Mrs. James. (Minature)
Adams, John
Aitken, Robert, and wife
Adlum, John
Arbuckle, James, family
Armand, Gen. Armstrong, William
Bailey, Francis, and wife
Baker, Hilary
Baldwin, William
Baltimore, Lord
Barlow, Joel
Barney, Joshua
Barry, John (James Peale?)
Barton, Benjamin Smith
Barton, William
Barton, Sarah Benezet
Bartram, John
Bartram, William
Bassett, Col. Burwell
Bayard, John, and wife
Baylor, George
Bedford, Gunning
Belestre, François Marie
Bendiner minatures
Benezet, Elizabeth. See: Horsfield, Elizabeth Benezet
Benezet, Mary [Wood-Pitmore]
Benjamin, Col. Eyres
Bentalou, Paul
Berrett, Robert, and Lydia
Berryhill, John, and Elizabeth
Beveridge, David, and Mary Emlen
Biddle, Clement
Biddle, James
Biddle, Nicholas
Bingham, William
Birchall, James [C.W.Peale?]
Blake, Robert
Bland, Theodorick
Blaney, (Sully?)
Bloomfield, Joseph, and Mary McIlvaine
Blount, John Gray
Blount, William
Bogert, Cornelius J
Boller, Catharine
Bonapartes in Bordentown, New Jersey
Bordley, Elizabeth
Bordley, Henrietta Maria
Bordley, John Beale
Bordley, John Beale, artile, Pharos
Bordley, John Beale, Frederick Moore materials
Bordley, John Beale, landscape
Bordley, Thomas, and Matthias
Boudinot, Elias
Bourne, Sylvanus
Boy in kilts
Boy with flute - pastel
Bradford, Richard H
Bradford, William
Brent, Daniel Carroll (?)
Brewer, [baby]
Brewer, Mrs. Eleanor Maccubin
Brewer, Nicholas
Brewer, Nicholas (Sutherland)
Brice, Mrs.John
Brodhead, Daniel
Brown, Jacob
Brunot, Felix, and daughter, Louisa
Buckland, William
Buckley, Daniel
Burd, Edward
Burns, Mrs. G
Butler, Anthony
Cadwalader, John
Cadwalader, Lambert
Caldwell, Susanna (Mrs. McCutcheon)
Calhoun, John C
Callahan, John
Calvert, Charles
Cambray-Digny, Louis Antoine Jean Baptiste
Carré, Charles, and Jean-Thomas Carré
(Carroll, Charles?) - unknown
Carroll children
Carroll, Charles (barrister)
Carroll, Mrs. Charles
Carroll, James
Carroll, Nicholas
Carson, John
Carter children
Carey, Richard
Caton, Richard (?)
Charlton, Mrs. Francis M
Charlton, Richard
Chase, Mrs. Jeremiah Townley (Hester Baldwin)
Chase, Samuel
Chase, Mrs. Anne Baldwin
Clark, William
Clarke, Elijah (Wren)
Clarkson, Mrs. Catherine Floyd
Clarkson, Joseph (Du Simitiere?)
Clay, Henry
Claypoole, James
Claypoole, Mary Chambers
Clerc, Laurent
Clymer, George
Cochran, John
Cockey, John
Coddington, Elizabeth Fitz-Randolph

( see: Fitz-Randolph, Elizabeth)

Columbus, Christopher
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, Virginia
Corbin, Mrs. Richard
Court of Death (copy)
Courtenay, Edward
Covington, Leonard
Cox, John, and Esther
Coxe, John R
Craig, Mrs. Margaret M
Craik, James
Crawford, James, family
Crawford, William H
Crayon (Magazine)
Cropper, John
Cunningham, James
Custis, J P
Daffin, Mrs. Elinor Ennalls
Dagworthy, Mrs. Martha Cadwalader
Dalzell, Jane Loudon
Davie, William Richardson
Dean, Joseph
Dearborn, Henry
DeButts, John
Decatur, Stephen
De Haas, John Philip
Delozier, Daniel
Dent, John, and Sarah Marshall Dent, and Ann Herbert Dent
De Peyster,
De Peyster, Abraham B
De Peyster, Anna
De Peyster, James, and Anna
De Peyster, John
De Peyster, John, and Elizabeth Haring De Peyster
De Peyster, Mrs.Margaret
De Peyster, William, Sr., and Margareta Roosevelt De Peyster (copies)
De Peyster, William, Jr., and Christiana Dally De Peyster
De Peyster, William, Jr. (minature)
De Peyster family
Dickinson, John
Dickinson, John, and Mary Norris Dickinson
Dixon, John, and Mrs. Rosanna Dixon and daughter
Donaldson, Andrew
Donaldson, Joseph
Dorsey, Nathan
Annapolis from tower 1788 - Creek and trees.
Belfield sketches
Blackberry tour sketch book
Columbian Magazine
Columbian Magazine 1789 frontispiece
Diary sketches
c. 1785-1795 
Ferry 3 miles below Bristol
Hudson River
in letters
Lewis and Clark items
c. 1803 
Page monument
Nov.-Dec. 1809 
1813 sketch book
Skull of bison?
Skulls. Published
Universal Asylum vignette.
Duer, Lady Catherine
Duffield, Benjamin
Dunlop, John (Rembrandt Peale)
Duportail, Louis Lebeque
Eakin, Samuel
Early still life
Eden, Robert
Edwards, Jonathan
Elisha restoring to life the Shunammite's son, after Benjamin West
Ellicott, Louisa McFadden
Elliott, Thomas
Accident in Lombard Street
Ewing, John
Ewing, Maskell, and Jane Hunter Ewing
Falls of Schuylkill
Family (early painting?)
Febiger, Christian
Fell, William
Ferguson, Thomas Ladsom
Findley, William (Rembrandt Peale)
First paintings
Fishbourne, Benjamin
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fitzhugh, William
Fitz-Randolph, Elizabeth [Mrs. Coddington?]
Fitzsimmons, Christopher, and Catherine Pritchard Fitzsimmons
Flower, Benjamin
Floyd, Miss
Forman, David, and wife, Elizabeth Lee
Forrest, Thomas
Forsyth, Robert
Fox, George
Francis, Emma (James Peale "Household")
Francis, Katherine

See also: Francis, Emma [no Emma Francis exists]

Francis, Mrs. Anne Willing
Franklin, Benjamin
Franks, David Salisbury
Frisby, Mr. and Mrs.
Fullerton, Robert, and wife Mary Hall
Fulton, Robert (Rembrandt Peale)
Gadsden, Christopher (Rembrandt Peale)
Galbraith, Mrs.
Gano, Stephen
Gano miscellany
Gassaway, John
Gates, Horatio
Gelston, David, and wife
Gerard de Rayneval, Conrad Alexandre
Gibbs, Caleb
Gibbs, Richard and wife, Margery Harrison
Gignilliant, James, and wife, Charlotte Pepper
Gilmor, Robert, and wife
Girl with toy horse
Gist, Mordicai, and wife
Gittings, James, and wife, Elizabeth Buchanan
Glenn, James
Glentworth, George
Goldsborough, Mrs. Henrietta Maria Tilghman
Goldsborough, Mary Ann Turbot
Goldsborough, Robert, and family
Goldsborough, William
Goldsbury (Goldsborough), Samuel
Gorham, Nathaniel
Graeme, Thomas
De Grasse,
Green, Ashbel
Green, Mrs. Anne Catherine
Green, Mrs. Anne Catherine Hoof
Green, Jonas, and wife
Greene, Nathanael

See also: Washington

Grubb, Sarah
Grundy, Mrs.Mary Carr
Habersham, Joseph
Hackett, (not C.W.Peale)
Hake, Mrs. Eva Margareta Elizabeth De Peyster
Haley, Nathan (Vanderlyn)
Hall, Elihu, and wife Catherine Orrick
Hall, Mrs. Josias
Hall, Elizabeth and Catherine
Hallam, Nancy (Sarah)
Hamilton, Alexander
Hampton, Wade
Hancock, George, and wife, Margaret Strother
Hancock, John
Hanson, Alexander Contee
Hanson, John
Hare, Robert (Rembrandt Peale)
Harleston, John
Harris, David (Pine)
Harris, Thomas, and wife, Eleanor Davidson
Harrison, Benjamin, of Berkeley, and wife, Elizabeth Page
Harrison, Benjamin, Jr.
Harvey, Miss
Harwood, Mrs. Thomas (Margaret Strachan)
Haskins, Mrs. Sarah Barclay
Hay, George
Hazlehurst, Robert
Head of a child
Head of a man (C.C.S.)
Heston, Mrs. John
Hewes, Joseph
Heyward, Thomas, Jr.
Hiester, Daniel
Hiester, Joseph
Hindman, Charles, and Mrs. Maria Campbell Ridgely
History of sources for C.W.Peale items
Hopkinson, Francis, and wife
Horsfield, Elizabeth Benezet
Howard, Charles
Howard, Hannah Few
Howard, John Eager
Howard, Mrs. Peggy Oswald Chew
Howell, Asher Mott (Rembrandt Peale?)
Howell, Joseph, Jr.
Hughes, Christopher
Humboldt, Alexander von
Hunt, Memucan, and wife ( not C.W.Peale)
Huntington, Samuel
Hutchinson, James
Hutson, Richard
Hutton, John Strangeways
Independent Club
Ingersoll, Jared
Inglis, John
Innis, Mrs. Rebecca Lewis
Innskeep, John (Rembrandt Peale)
Irvine, James
Irwin, Charles C (Benjamin Trott)
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Mrs. Hannah Tracy
Jackson, William
James, Charles C
Jay, John
Jay, John (James Peale?)
Jay, Peter Augustus
Jefferson, Thomas
Jenings, Edmund, III
Jennings, Thomas
Jessup, August E
Johnson, John, and brother
Johnson, Rinaldo
Johnson, Thomas, family
Johnson, Thomas (minature)
Johnson, Thomas, and wife
Jones, Gabriel (C.W.Peale?)
Jones, John Paul
Jones, Noble Wimberly
Josiah, James
Kalb, Baron de
Kauffman, Angelica
Keener, Melchior
Kerr, David, and wife, Mrs. Rachel Leeds Bozeman
Key, Philip, II
Key, Francis Scott
Kilby, William (Rembrandt Peale)
King, Rufus
King, William (C.W.Peale?)
Knox, Henry
Knox, Robert, and wife, Mrs. Sarah Hollingshead
Krebs, George Michael
Lady (Allis)
Lady (minature) John Elwyn Stone. (James Mease)
Laming, Benjamin, and wife, Mrs. Eleanor Ridgely
Lansdale, William Moylan (Bass Otis)
Belfield (Parkinson-Levin
Moore House
Wayne (drawing)
"White House" Wilmer
Latimer, George
Latimer, James
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry
Laurens, Henry
Laurens, John
Lear, Tobias
Lee, Arthur
Lee, Billy

See: Yarrow Mamout

Lee, Henry
Lee, Henry (Rembrandt Peale)
Lee,Richard Bland
Lee, Richard Henry
Legeré, Solomon (C.W.Peale?)
Lehman, Mrs. W E (J. Peale?)
Leiper, Mrs. Elizabeth Coultas Gray
Lesueur, Charles Alexandre
Levy, Moses and wife, Mrs. Mary Pearce Levy
Lewis, Addison
Lewis, John
Lewis, Meriwether
Lincoln, Benjamin
Linn, William (Jarvis)
List of portraits
List of portraits
Livingston, Philip (??) Not C.W.Peale. (Del Drago)
Livingston, Robert
Livingston, Robert R
Lloyd, Edward
Lloyd, Richard
Lloyd, Richard Bennett
Lloyd family portraits (article)
Logan, Mrs. Deboarh Norris
Long, Stephen Harriman
Longueuil, Joseph Dominique Emmanuel Le Moyne de
Lotbiniere, Eustache Gaspard, sieur de
Lovett notes
Lowell, John
Lowndes, Christopher, and Mrs. Elizabeth Tasker
Lukens, Isaiah
Luzerne, Anne César de la
Lynn, David, and wife Mrs. Mary Galloway
McAllister, Mrs. John, Jr.
McClenachan, Blair
McComb, Eleazer
McElderry, Mr. and Mrs. (Eichholtz?)
McHenry, James, and wife Mrs. Margaret Caldwell
McIlvaine, Ferguson
McIntosh, Lachlan
Mackall, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin
McKean, Thomas
Mackenzie, Thomas
Mackubbin, Charles Carroll
Mackubbin, Mrs. Charles Carroll
Mackubin, Mrs. James
McLane, Allan
Macpherson, Capt. and Mrs. John
Madison, James
Magellan, Fernando
(c. 1470-1521) 
Maitland, Mrs. Susanna Poythress
Mamout, Yarrow

See: Billy Lee

Man. American Art Association


Man. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Man with a cane
Man with cane
Marshall, John (Ball Hughes)
Maryland Lady and man
Mason, George (Hesselius
Matlack, Timothy
Maynard, Miss (James Peale)
Meade, George
Mease, James (Rembrandt Peale?)
Medford, Marmaduke
Meigs, Return Jonathan
Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unidentified portrait
Mifflin, Samuel, and wife Mrs. Rebecca Edghill
Mifflin, Thomas ( not C.W.Peale)
Miles, Samuel
Milledollar, Philip (James Peale and C.W.Peale?) and wife Mrs. Susan Benson
Miller, Elizabeth
Milligan, Mrs.
Monroe, James
Montgomery, Mrs. James
Montgomery, Richard
Moore, Mrs. David (Rembrandt Peale?)
Moore, Frederick

See: John Beale Bordley-Frederick Moore materials

Moore, Philip or James
Moore, Richard
Moore, William
Morgen, Daniel
Morris, Anthony
Morris, Gouverneur, and Robert
Morris, Mrs. Mary White
Morris, Olivia Simes (James Peale)
Morris, Phoebe Pemberton
Morris, Mrs. Rachel
Morris, Robert
Mosloy, Comte de
Moultrie, William
Muhlenberg, Frederick Augustus Conrad
Muhlenberg, Gotthilf Henry Ernest
Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior
Murray, Misses
Murray, William L
The Muse
The Muse
Music - Black box
Music illustrations
Music -"Lass of Richmond Hill" "Hush Ev'ry Breeze"
Music - Tobacco box
National Portrait Gallery Project
Nelson, Judith Page: Mrs. Hugh Nelson: and, Jane B. Nelson
Nevins, David (Rembrandt Peale)
Newell, Elisha
Nicholas, Samuel
Nichols, Francis
Nicholson, John
Nicholson, Joseph
Nicholson, Thomas
Nixon, John
1819 Oct. 25-Dec. 11 
North, William
Norvell, John
Nutz, Margaretha Keyser
O'Donnell, Mary
O'Donnell, Mrs.Sarah Chew Elliott
Ogle, Mrs. Benjamin
Onion, Thomas Bond, and wife
Paca, William
Page, John
Page, John, of Pagebrook
Paine, Thomas
Patten, John
Patten, Mr. and Mrs. William
Patterson Sister (Rembrandt Peale?)
Patterson, Mrs. Robert
Patterson, Mrs. Elizabeth De Peyster Peale
Peale, (photo)
Peale, (daughter of James Peale)
Peale, Charles Linnaeus, and wife
Peale, Charles Willson and Angelica and Rephaelle
Peale, Charles Willson
Artist in his museum
Grave - St. Peters
Miscellaneous portraits
Self-portrait in uniform
Self-portrait (Lewis)
Self-portrait owned formerly by A.R.Peale
Self-portrait (Colton)
Self-portrait (R.P.B. Patterson)
Self-portrait (staircase
by James Peale
by Rembrandt Peale
by Benjamin West
and Hannah ( not by C.W.Peale)
Walk...Philadelphia Museum
Peale, Mrs. Elizabeth De Peyster
Peale, Mrs. Elizabeth De Peyster(?) Valdenuil
Peale, Mrs. Hannah Moore
Peale, Mrs. Hannah Moore
Peale, Charles Willson (son of Rubens)
Peale, Mrs. Edmund
Peale, Mrs. Franklin
Peale, James
Peale, James, family
Peale, James (Pratt)
Peale, James 1822 Lamplight
Peale, James, and son
Peale, Mrs. Margaret Triggs
Peale, Mrs. Mary Claypoole
Peale, Rachel Brewer
Peale, Raphaelle, and Titian Ramsay (staircase)
Peale, Raphaelle
Peale, Rembrandt (photos)
Peale, Rembrandt
Peale, Rubens (by Rembrandt Peale, A.C.Peale, etc.)
Peale, Mrs.Rubens
Peale, St. George
Peale, Sophonisba and Linnaeus
Peale, Titian Ramsay II
Peale family
Pell, Charlotte Adams
Pendleton, Edmund
Pendleton, Mrs. Edmund (by??)
Penn, Sir William
Perkins, Jacob
Perry, Mr.
Perry, Oliver Hazard
Peters, Richard
Pettit, Charles
Physick, Edmund
Pickering, Timothy
Pillmore, Joseph
Pinckney, William
Pitt, William
Pitt, William (mezzotint)
Plater, George
Poe, Edgar Allen (by Rembrandt Peale?)
Polk, Elizabeth Digby Peale
Polk, Ruth Ellison
Polk, William
Porter, Andrew
Porter, David
Potts,Joseph (C.W. Peale??)
Poulson, Zachariah, and Susannah
Preble, Edward
Proctor, Ann, and Mary
Greer pair (Raphael?)
Knox minatures (Raphael? Rembrandt?)
Kugler, George (Raphaelle?)
Peale, C. W. [!]
Peale, Rubens. (Raphaelle?)
Smith,William R J.Peale
Putnam, David, Sr.
Rachel weeping
Rachael weeping. Berger, Arthur
Rachel weeping - Restoration
Ramsay, David
Ramsay, Nathaniel
Ramsburgh, Polly (Mrs. Gilbert Middleton)
Randall, John
Randolph, Peyton
Randolph, Thomas Jefferson
Rawlins, Joseph Jr., and wife
Réal, Count
Red Jacket ( not C.W.Peale)
Reed, Mrs.Esther de Berdt
Reed, George Washington (Rembrandt)
Reed, Joseph
Reed, Seth
Richmond, Christopher
Ridgely, Mrs. Mary Wynkoop
Ridout, John
Riehlé, Margaretta
Rigauville, Jean Baptiste de Bergères
Ringgold, Thomas
Rittenhouse, David (U.of Pa.)
Rittenhouse, David (minature)
Rittenhouse, David
Rittenhouse, David (Trumbull)
Robinson, Alexander, and wife, Mrs. Angelica Peale
Roberts, Mrs. Mary Tilghman
Robinson, Mrs. Angelica Peale (Didier)
Robinson, Mrs. Angelica Peale
Robinson, Mrs. Angelica Peale and convalescent child
Robinson, Mrs.Anthony?
Robinson, Thomas
Rodgers, John
Rodney, Caesar
Rogers, Joseph (by?)
Rogers, Nicholas
Rogers, Mrs. Rebecca
Rolfe, Charles (Rembrandt Peale?]
Rovin, John, and wife Mrs. Sarah
Rudulph, Michael
Rush, Anne Emily
Rush, Benjamin (copied from Sully)
Rush, Mrs. Mary Wrench
Russell, James
Russell, Thomas, and wife Mrs. Ann
Russell, William
Saint Clair, Arthur
Sansom, Joseph
Schaeffer, Frederick David, and his wife, Rosina Rosemiller
Screven, Mrs. Sarah Anne Proctor
American Art Journal
Anatomical models
Museum mountings
Wax: Lewis Meriwether
Wax figures
Sellers, Coleman, and Sophonisba Anguiscola Peale
Sellers, Nathan
Sellers, Mrs. Elizabeth Coleman
Sellman, Jonathan
Sergeant, Jonathan Dickinson
Sergeant, Mrs. Margaret Spencer
Sergeant, Thomas, and Henry
Sevier, John
Shewell, Mrs. Mary Shields
Shippen, Mrs.Edward
Shoemaker, Samuel (by Duché)
Shubrick, Jacob
Silhouettes (Fake)
Silhouettes Gurney
Simond, Isaac
Singleton, John
Smallwood, William
Smith, Mrs. James, and Son
Smith, John (CWPeale? Charles Peale Polk?)
Smith, Jonathan Bayard
Smith, Richard H
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Mrs. Letitia van Deren
Smith, William, and grandson
Smith, William Thomas
Spear, William (artist?)
Spencer, Oliver
Sprigg, Mrs. Richard
Stagg, John, and wife
Staughton, William (2 portraits by?? James Peale? A.C.Peale?)
Sterett, Samuel
Stevens, Catherine Smith (C.W.Peale?)
Stevenson, Henry (C.W.Peale?)
Stevenson, William
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, Walter
Stoddert children
Stone, John Wilmer
Stone, Joshua Hoskins (Rembrandt Peale)
Stone, Thomas (Pine)
Stone, Thomas (minature: C.W.Peale or James Peale)
Stone, William
Stone, William Murray
Strachan, Mrs.William
Stuart, Gilbert
Sturman, Mrs. John
Sully, Thomas (Rembrandt Peale)
Summer, Andrew and wife, Mrs. Sybilla Peale
Sumpter, Thomas
Sutten, George, and wife Mrs. Rachel Bolitho
Sykes, James (A.C.Peale)
Symmes, John Cleves
Taney, Roger Brooke (Rembrandt Peale?)
Taylor, Bayard
Ten Eyck, Mrs.Susanna Barr Stewart
Ternant, Jean Baptiste de (Rembrandt Peale)
Thomas, Richard (by???)
Thompson, (Henderson)
Thompson, Mrs. John Wallace (James Peale)
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. (by King)
Thomson, Charles
Tilghman (?) man and woman Davidson
Tilghman, Mrs. Anne Francis
Tilghman, Elizabeth
Tilghman, James (not C.W.Peale)
Tilghman, Richard, and wife
Tilghman, Richard (not C.W.Peale)
Tilghman, William (by Rembrandt and C.W.Peale)
Tompkins, Daniel D
Arch of Triumph
Federal procession. James Wilson's Speech. Gray's Ferry. Columbian Mag. pp.391-400
Louisiana. Flag
New Years
Yorktown - Return of Washington
Trenchard, James
Turner, Mrs. Sarah Wally, and son
Tyson, Hannah Yerkes
United States Magazine
Unknown Corey?
Unknown Man - minature
Valette, Elie, family group
Van Berckel, Pieter Johan
Van Wyck, William, and wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Livingston Rowlins
Vaughan, John
Waggaman, Henry
Ward, Artemas
Warren, Joseph ( not C.W.Peale)
Washington, Bushrod
Washington, Mary Ball (Jones)
Washington, William
Waterton, Charles
Watkins, Nicholas J
Watmough, James Horation and wife Mrs. Anna Carmich (Rembrandt Peale)
Watts, David (?)
Wayne, Anthony
Wayne, Anthony (James Peale?)
Webb, Samuel B
Weems, Mrs. Mary Dorsey
Wendell, Evert, and wife
"Wesley"(?), John
West, Benjamin ( not C.W.Peale)
West, Francis
West, John
Wharton, Robert
Wharton, Thomas
Whetcroft, William (now at Yale)
White, B. A. (by?) and Mrs. Abraham White

(by Joshua Johnson)

White, John (by James Peale) and wife Mrs. Rebecca White (by C.W.Peale)
White, Thomas (C.W.Peale?)
White, William
Wilkinson, James
Willcox, Thomas
Williams, Eli
Williams, Elizabeth Alston
Williams, Enion
Williams, Ephraim (by?)
Williams, Otho H
Williams, Robert Smith
Williamson, James
Willing, Mrs. Anne Shippen
Willing, Thomas
Wilmer, Simon
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Ann Stuart
Wilson, Margaret Custis
Winchester, William, and George
Wirt, William
Witherspoon, John
Woodford, William
Woodhouse, James
Worthington, Thomas
Wythe, George
Yarrow Mamout
Yates, Joseph ( not C.W.Peale)
Yeatman, Mrs. Angelica Charlotte Thompson

( not C.W.Peale)

Young, Mrs. James
Young, Thomas (no portrait)
Zantzinger, Mrs. Esther Barton
Zortan, Petratch
Series. II. Mr. Peale's Museum
  Box 15-20
Albany museums. Peale's gallery
American Philosophical Society
Amerind - Correspondence
Audubon, John James
Australian - New Zealand correspondence
Barnum - New York - Philadelphia
Barra Foundation
Boston Museum
Chambers, Harmon A
Colton, Harold
Collections - General
Drake, Daniel
Dunn, Nathan
Gallery (American Pantheon)
Grant expenses and reports
Historical relics

Native American images note: 10 black and white gelatin silver prints, 3 photocopies, and 1 negative. (folders # 2, 4, 5)

Illustrations - Miscellaneous
Illustrations - Not used

Native American images note: 23 black and white gelatin silver prints. (folders # 1-4)

Illustrations Peabody Museum

Native American images note: 8 black and white gelatin silver prints. (folder # 1,2)


Native American images note: 13 color illustrations, 4 photocopies. (folders #1,2)

Indians Red Pole and Blue Jacket

Native American images note: 2 photocopies, 1 negative, 2 black and white silver gelatin prints, 1 color postcard. (folders # 2,3)

Jefferson Papers - L.C.
Lamarck to C.W.Peale;
Lever, Sir Ashton
Lewis and Clark
Long Expedition
Kendall Whaling Museum
McGuigan, William
McNeil, Robert L, Jr.
Mastodon skeleton
Miscellaneous collections and museums
Mitchill, Samuel Latham
Museum Accession File
Museum - Miscellaneous
National Institute - Xeroxes
New Museum idea
New York
Nicholson papers
Palisot de Beauvois
Peabody Museum

Native American images note: 28 black and white silver gelatin prints.

Peale, Franklin. Collections. Amerind, Swiss, etc.
Peale, Rubens - Memoranda
Peale, Titian Ramsay, Collection: fabrics, Samoa, Hawaii, etc.
Peale, Titian Ramsay, Collection: Pacific, etc.
Peale, Titian Ramsay. Manager's reports
Peale's Musuem
Correspondence A - Z
Burcher, Linda
Ewan, Joseph
Harvard University - Pea-body Museum
Lakari, David J
Sterling, Keir
Philadelphia Museum Company
Reading - Library
Richman, Irwin
Smithsonian Institution - Joseph Henry
Sornberger, Jewell David
Accession book,etc.
Boston Museum - Birds
Philadelphia notes, manuscript
Philadelphia notes, printed
State House
Wagner Free Institute of Science
Washington, George, relics
Wilkes collections
Wilkes expedition
Wilson, Alexander
Series III. Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture
  Box 21

All folders are marked: Franklin in Portraiture

American Philosophical Society
British Research
Childs Gallery
Filleul (Parsons)
History of project
Yale-American Philosophical Society
Series IV. Washington Portraits
  Box 22-23

These folders are marked as C.C.Sellers marked them originally.

Peale, Anna. Washington
Peale, C. W. Washington
  3 folders
Peale, Washington. Copies at Natchez
Peale, Washington. Edmund L. R. Smith, Washington and Lee: Historical Society of Penna.
Peale, Washington. Diary
Peale, Washington minatures
Peale, Washington. Herreshoff
Peale, Washington in France. Copies
Peale, Washington. Miscellaneous correspondence: Antiques,etc.
Peale, Washington. Lord James Butler
Peale, Washington. Original. Brooklyn
Peale, Washington. Prints (copied from Peale. George and Martha)
Peale, Washington. (Samuel King?)
Peale, Washington. Trumbull copy
Peale, Washington. Amherst
Peale, Washington. Nordell Correspondence
Peale, Washington. Chastellux
Peale, Washington. Metropolitan Museum of New York
Peale, Washington. Miscellaneous
Peale, Washington. Original
Peale, Washington
1779 October 8 
Peale, Washington French gentleman. D'Eschambault, Lejeune, etc.
Peale, Washington. Oklahoma Art League
Peale, Washington. Ortem Estates, London
Peale, Washington. St. Aubin
Peale, Washington. Seligman. From France
Peale, Washington. Shirley-Williamsburg
Peale, Washington. Versailles
Peale, Washington. (for B. Franklin) Neufville
Peale, Washington. Kirby-Yale
Peale, Washington
Peale, Washington. Mezzotint
Peale, Washington. (original) New York Historical Society
Peale, Washington, George
Peale, Washington, George (Balch, England)
Peale, Washington, (Blair)
Peale, Washington, (Cleveland)
Peale, Washington, Columbia Museum of Art, South Carolina)
Peale, Washington, copy by Samuel King (Robbins)
Peale, Washington, Dublin 3/4.
Peale, Washington, French gentleman correspondence
Peale, Washington, Goldsborough
Peale, Washington, (Huntington)
Peale, Washington, In Eisen
Peale, Washington, (McFaden)
Peale, Washington, minatures
Peale, Washington, Miscellaneous, new
Peale, Washington, (Mount Vernon)
Peale, C. W. Washington, George (ordered by Virginia)
Peale, Washington, Peabody Institute
Peale, Washington, (Penet-Pliarne)
Peale, Washington, profile
Peale, Washington, (Rochambeau)
Peale, C. W. Washington (Small)
Peale, Washington, and Nathanael Greene
Peale, Washington, (Wilson Museum, Princeton)
Peale, Washington, Martha
Peale, Washington, (Laurens
Peale, Washington, Minature
Peale, James. Washington, George (2)
Peale, Washington, (J.P.Polk?)
Peale, Washington, Minature
Peale, Washington, (Alsop)
Peale, Washington, (Da Ponte)
Peale, Washington, (Paca)
Peale, Washington, and his Generals at Yorktown
Peale, Washington, without ribbon. Metropolitan Museum
Peale, Raphaelle. Washington in uniform
Peale, Rembrandt. Washington. 1779-cum Stuart
Peale, 1795 type (2)
Peale, 1795 type (Decatur)
Peale, (after Stuart)
Peale, Washington and Diogenes
Peale, Washington Apotheosis.
Feb. 1800 
Peale, Washington at Yorktown
Peale, Washington - drawing
Peale, Washington equestrian. Mount Vernon & Annapolis
Peale, Washington Hamlin 1795 type
Peale, Washington (Honolulu)
Peale, Washington later
Peale, Washington lecture
Peale, Washington (Lucas)
Peale, Washington (Lyndhurst)
Peale, Washington "Military, in two colors"
Peale, Washington Peabody - 1795 type after C.W.Peale
Peale, Washington (Porthole) Cofer
Peale, Washington Daniel Fox
Peale, (by C.W.P.)
Peale, Washington (Sturtz)
Peale, Washington (Tilghman-Lockwood)
Peale, Washington type
Peale, (West Chester)

See also C. P. Polk (Goodell)

Peale, portraits
Peale, Washington, Martha
Polk, C. P. Washington
Polk, Washington (Donohue)
Polk, Washington after 1795 type
Polk, Washington (Elgin Academy)
Polk, Washington (Straus)
Polk, Washington (Swift-Patten)
Washington at Fort Cumberland (James Peale? Klemmelmyer?)
Washington bust (R. Gilmor?)
Washington - Miscellany
Washington - Prints
Washington, Martha by???
Series V. Paintings by the Peales
  Box 24-31
Archer, John, by??
Beatty, Ekurius by CWP???
Bowers, Mrs. Dorothy. Young Clergyman.
Chambers, Mary??
Cohen, Jacobs by CWP??
Cone, Spencer?
Davidge, Francis Hathorn
Den, Deborah?
Egleston, portraits, by???
Erlacker, Heins. Peale min. A.C.Peale
Ewing, Phebe, b.
Ferguson, Ebenezer
Foxall, Henry. not CWP.
Frazer, William Clark
Gardner, Charles K by??
Grundill, Mary Ann, by??
Hall, Charles, by??
Hall, John
Harrison, Anne, not C.W.Peale
Harrison, Collis. Polk?
Henderson, Thomas (C.W.Peale?)
Howe, Richard
Hughes, Charles. Watercolor. Peale?
Hutchinson, Mahlon
Imlay, John
Jewell, Kenneth Raphael? Rembrandt?
Johns, George
Kite, Isaac
Krips, Jacob
Leaming, Mrs.
Lee & Putnam - Engravings
Lincoln, Benjamin. C.W.Peale?
McCarty, Sarah Mason. Not C.W.Peale.
McCorkel, James
Marshall, Lucy C.W.Peale?
Maryland Historical Society. Peale Exhibition
Meacum, (Trump) C.W.Peale?
Miscellaneous prints, etc.
Montresor &c.
Montresor &c. Soldier, ship and fort
Murphy, Thomas Not C. W. Peale
Not Peale
Not Peale British officer
Not Peale Child (Glaser)
Not Peale "Rachel Jackson?"
Not Peale "Virginia Polk"
Parker, Daniel
Parker, Josiah. Miniature
Peale, Anna Claypoole
Coleman Brien and wife
Copied from other sources
Mrs. Samuel Hoffman
Mrs. J. J. Nicholson
by James Peale: also, (self-portrait?) Minature
Self portrait
Mr. and Mrs. James Peale
Ellen Henrietta Phelps
Mrs. Samuel Poultney
(Dr. James Staughton) Key, John Ross - sketch by Rembrant Peale
Mrs. Julia Rush Williams
Mrs. Mifflin Wistar
Peale, Harriet Cany
Peale, James (painted by a daughter)
Peale, James
John Ansley,
Josiah Hewes Anthony (minature)
Miss Bakewell
Battle of Princeton
Sebastian Baumann
Paul Beck, Jr.
Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte
James Canby and wife Elizabeth Roberts Canby
William Cobbett
Joshua Coit
Leonard Covington
Moses Cox. Middendorf
Thomas Humphrey Cushing
Ebenezer Denny
Reuben Etting and Frances Gratz Etting
Fort Moultrie
Elizabeth Foulke
Mrs. A. Gamble
Horatio Gates
Hester Craig Green
William Haines and wife [David Haines?]
Alexander Hamilton (minature)
Dr. and Mrs. Harris
Nicholas Harwood
Mrs. Hay
Anne Howard
Mrs. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Blaighwaite Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Gibb Jones
Lady (minature)
Lady (Tolman)
Landscape (3)
Meriwether Lewis
Robert Lewis
Benjamin Lincoln
Herman Joseph Lombaert
Allen McLane and the British Dragoons
Louis McLane
Man (2)
Man and lady. Mrs. Montgomery
Marbury, William
Mr. and Mrs. John Mark
Lucy Marshall
William Mercer: Battle of Princeton
Minature (2)
Andrew Moore
Old Gallery
John and Olivia Morris
Roger Nelson
Lewis Nicola
Paul Oliver
On making Prussian Blue: Washing old paintings
Peter Osborne
Mary Britton Palmer and Ann Britton Cook
D. A. Parker
Anna Claypoole Peale
Mrs. Elizabeth De Peyster Peale
Jane and James Peale, Jr.
Jane Ramsay Peale
Margaretta Angelica Peale
Margaretta and Sarah Peale
Pleasure party at the mill
Mr. and Mrs. Zachariah Poulson
Susan Coren Powers
Ramsay-Polk Family Group
John Henry Remsen
George Richards
Thomas Robinson
John Ross
Catherine S. Shober
Mary Jane and Edgar Simes
Pontius Delave Stelle
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Summers
Washington Gardner Taylor
Chew Thomas
Col. Richard Thomas
Thompson, Mrs. John [UNK]

(See Series 1)

Mr. and Mrs. James Trimble
and Francis Hopkinson. The Varied landscape
Abraham Bedford Venable
Thomas Walker
James Patriot Wilson
William Young
Peale, James, Jr.
Peale, Margaretta
Angelica James Peale
Peale, Mary Jane
Peale, Mary Jane
Alice Burt
Negro woman
Self portrait
Portrait of a child (C.W.Peale)
Peale, Michael Angelo
Peale, Raphaelle
After the bath
B, J
Berrett, Robert, and wife
Bogart, James.
Betsy Bond (by Raphaelle?). Minature
A deception
Ellicott, Andrew
Fruit (2)
Gibson, John. Minature
Godwin, Anne Gray. Minature
Heerman, Ralph
Jones, Absalom
Latrobe, B.H.
Moore, Henry
Oliphant, Robert
Orange and book
Peale, Mrs. Raphaelle
Peale, Rubens
Peale, Titian Ramsay I
Peale, Titian Ramsay II
Physick, Philip
Seecamp, Mrs. Mary Kimmel
Sprigg, Samuel, and wife
Two children. Watermelon
Peale, Rembrandt
  5 boxes
Apotheosis of Washington
(This is the (read) Rembrandt. - Rembrandt van Rijn 1606-1669 Folder [UNK] to No. 6)
Appold, Mrs. George
Arnold, Elizabeth R
Bates, Barnabas
Blacksmith shop
Bloomfield, Robert
Boerstler, Christian
Boorman, Robert H
Boudinot, Elias
Burd, Edward Shippen
John C. Calhoun
Carroll, Bishop Charles (?)
Carroll, Charles, of Carrolltown
Children, from Corregio
Clark, Gerardus
Clark, John
Classical group (Wiltshire)
Clay, Henry
Cooke, Mrs. T. J
Corner, Solomon
Court of Death
Crim sale
Dearborn, Benjamin
Dennison, Elizabeth Brown
Dickason's book
Dixon (Katherine Douglas, or, Eliza). Minature
Du Comb, Rose Ribaud
Du Pont (de Nemours), Pierre Samuel
Duval, James S., and wife
Ecstasy, after Greuze
Fancy head (R. D. Schwartz)
Fancy pieces
Peale, Rembrandt.?? (Ferguson)
Fiske, Elmira
Fitzhugh, George
Freeman, William H
Frick, Peter
Gaither, Henry C
Galaher, Rembrandt
Gallatin, Albert
Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, Etienne
Gilbert, William
Gillon, Alexander??
Godefroy, Max
Godman, John Davidson (Angelica Peale?, daughter of Rembrandt)
Guyton de Morveau
Hall, John Bishop
Harmer, John
Harrison, William H
Harrold, Alfred
Harryman, George, and wife
Hughes, Mrs. Thomas William
Haughey, Richard
Henry, Patrick
Hone, Philip
Hornor, Mrs. Charles Lancaster
Hosack, David (Sully)
Houdon, Jean Antoine
Hull, David
Humboldt, Alexander von
Hunt, Augusta
Jackson, Andrew
Jefferson, Thomas
Jefferson, Thomas (Greve)
Jefferson, Thomas (Manufacturers Trust Company)
Jefferson, Thomas
Jones, Senator George??
Kirkbride, Richard (Raphaelle??)
Koch, Jacob Gerard, and wife, Jane Griffith Koch
Lady in a lace hat
Landscape (Niagara Falls)
Lee, Thomas Jefferson
Madonna, after Murillo
Man (minature)
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry
Legaré, Hugh Swinton
Lewis, Joseph Saunders??
Lukens, Mrs., and daughter
MacDougal, Peter
McKim, Isaac
McPherson, Mrs. John
Magarge, Charles
Marbury, William
Markoe, Peter
Matlack, Timothy
Meer, John
Miller, John
Moore, Thomas Lloyd
New York Lawyer (Levy)
Nicholas, Samuel
Nolan portraits
Old master copies
Patterson, Robert
Peale, Benjamin Franklin
Peale, Eleanor Short
Peale, Harriet Cany
Peers, Benjamin Orr, and wife, Eleanor Orr Peers
Powers boys
Pratt, Charlotte
Raborg, William
Reed, Franklin
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis
"Roman Daughter."
Roset, John Jacob and [UNK] Ann Laning Roset
Ross, John
Rush, William
St. Pierre, Bernardin de
Sayen, Ann
Schaeffer, Frederick Christian, and wife
Sellers, Coleman
Sellers children
Seward, Louisa Cornelia
Short, William
Sibyl (Amies)
Smith, William Rudolph
Stratton, Nathan Leake
Stryker, Mr. and Mrs. Fenwick
Studies and sketches
Sumpter, Thomas
Thomson, John Paul
Three figures in a storm (Vose)
Tilden, Samuel Jones
Toby, Thomas
Townsend, Elisha?
Turner, Mrs. Joseph??
Twining, William Lee
Venable, Abraham Bedford
Warren, Mrs. Ann Turner
Warrington, Lewis
Washington and his portraits
Weeks, Samuel??
Wells, Charlotte Fowler
(Wereat, John?)
Wistar, Bartholomew
Woman's head (La Salle)
Wood, Mrs.
Wynkoop, Henry
Wilson, Mrs. Thomas
Peale, Rubens
List of pictures
Miscellaneous works
Old museum - Fruit
Partridge piece
Still life (Kennedy)
Peale, Mrs. Saint George